Daimler Trucks at the IAA 2018

Sep 19, 2018

World premiere: the new Mercedes-Benz Actros – the most efficient, safest and best connected heavy-duty truck

  • Enhanced safety: automated driving starts here
  • Reduced costs: up to three percent less fuel on motorways, up to five percent overland, more efficient working for drivers and fleets
  • Maximum availability: real-time monitoring of the vehicle's technical condition thanks to connectivity
  • Increased comfort: the first digital driver's workplace
  • Innovation for construction sites: Actros innovations also for the Arocs

World premiere at the IAA for the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, a truck filled with pioneering innovations that pay instant dividends. The new Actros elevates the efficiency for operators, the ease of operation for drivers and the safety for all road users to a new level. This is made possible by the first steps in automated driving, by digitisation and connectivity as well as by aerodynamic-enhancement measures such as the MirrorCam replacing the outside mirrors as standard: Depending on the type of operation, the fuel consumption and with it the CO2 emissions drop by up to five percent. New, further advanced and interconnected assistance systems enhance the safety. The driver is given a fully connected workplace with colour displays in a Multimedia Cockpit with intuitive operation. In concert, all these components result in a unique and revolutionary truck.

New: Active Drive Assist is where semi-automated driving starts – for greater safety and to ease the burden on the driver in stressful situations

The new Actros also expands its role as a safety pioneer. The most important and spectacular new feature is the new Active Drive Assist. This gives the driver access to semi-automated driving at all speeds for the first time in a series production truck.

Active Drive Assist builds on the proven Proximity Control system with stop-and-go function in conjunction with the Lane Keeping Assist. New: Active Drive Assist not only brakes the truck if it gets too close to a vehicle driving in front and accelerates it again until a set speed is reached, but also actively keeps the vehicle in lane. The distance to the vehicle ahead can be set in several stages.

Within the system limits, Active Drive Assist uses steering movements to keep the truck in lane independently at all speeds. For lane guidance, the system uses the road markings at both sides of the road for orientation with the help of a camera. Active lane guidance remains operational even if the driver has deactivated Active Drive Assist. If the vehicle is leaving its lane unintentionally, Active Drive Assist intervenes and independently steers the vehicle back into its lane.

Innovative and perfectly aligned: close interaction between different assistance systems and technologies in the new Actros

When steering independently in lane, Active Drive Assist uses the also new Servotwin steering system with electro-hydraulic assist. When needed – for example, while manoeuvring – it increases the steering torque and thereby improves the handling.

All the assistance systems on the new Actros work hand in hand: For example, Active Drive Assist always takes the parameters of the improved Predictive Powertrain Control system into consideration.Beyond that, when detecting traffic in front Active Drive Assist uses the same enhanced radar and camera technology as new Active Brake Assist 5.

Unique: new Active Brake Assist 5 with further improved pedestrian detection

The new Active Brake Assist 5 and its unrivalled features are an enhancement of Active Brake Assist 4. New here is the way the radar and camera systems interact. The system is now, for instance, able to react to people in the speed range up to 50 km/h. Within system limits, Active Brake Assist 5 can execute an emergency stop to respond to a person crossing the road, coming towards the vehicle, walking in the same lane or frozen in shock.

If Active Brake Assist 5 detects a risk of collision with a vehicle travelling ahead, a stationary obstacle or a person, the driver is alerted to the danger by a three-stage escalating warning system. If the driver does not take action, a visual and audible warning is given first. After that, partial braking is initiated. If the driver still doesn't react, the system executes an emergency stop and at speeds below 50 km/h activates the hazard warning lights to warn the traffic behind. Finally, once the vehicle has come to a stop, the new electronic parking brake is engaged automatically.

Equally exclusive from Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Sideguard Assist with pedestrian detection to warn the driver in dangerous situations

Just like Active Brake Assist 5, Sideguard Assist – introduced as a world premiere by Mercedes-Benz Trucks in 2016 – can detect both persons as well as moving or stationary objects. It protects primarily the most vulnerable road users. The system monitors the co-driver's side and helps drivers turning right to prevent potential collisions with bicyclists, pedestrians or stationary obstacles such as traffic lights, road signs or lamp posts by providing early warnings.

In case a moving or stationary object is detected in the monitoring zone on the co-drivers' side, the driver initially receives a visual warning. A warning triangle lights up in the MirrorCam display on the co-driver's side. If there is a risk of collision, an additional visual and audible warning is triggered: The display flashes red multiple times and then appears permanently red after two seconds. In addition, a warning tone sounds simultaneously on the co-driver's side.

Centrepiece of Sideguard Assist are two short-range radar sensors at the frame in front of the truck's rear axle on the co-driver's side. The system is configured to cover the length of the whole tractor/trailer combination, plus two metres in front of the vehicle and up to one metre behind it. It works for solo trucks as well as for complete tractor/trailer combinations up to 18.75 metres in length.

Other safety highlights: Traffic Sign Assist, electronic parking brake and Stability Control Assist

Besides MirrorCam and Active Brake Assist 5, there are further innovative systems making the new Actros even safer. Traffic Sign Assist is able to detect speed limits, the beginning and end of no-overtaking zones as well as other warning signs, and shows them on the display. The system issues a warning when the driver violates the rules of the road.

The new, electronic parking brake with HOLD function combines easy handling and a higher level of safety. It is automatically activated when the engine is switched off. The integrated HOLD function is activated by pressing the brake pedal when the vehicle is stationary. It is released as soon as the accelerator is pushed again. The system is also very helpful when starting off uphill thanks to the integrated Hill-Holder starting aid.

Safety on the new Actros is further increased thanks to new Stability Control Assist for semi-trailers and trailers. Whether it's a tractor/semi-trailer combination or drawbar combination – in critical situations the system applies the brakes to the towing vehicle and trailer as a precaution and thus stabilises the vehicle combination.

Distinctive exterior: new light signature, LED daytime running lights and Intelligent Light for greater safety

Light means safety, too. The new curved light signature at the top edge of the headlamps makes the new Actros distinctive at night. By day, the new LED daytime running lights fitted as standard equipment make the Actros easily identifiable.The new Intelligent Light System represents a major step forward. Besides the LED daytime running lights, it also includes automatic switching between dipped beam and main beam, as well as an automatic cornering light and front fog lamps.

Cost reduction: up to five percent less fuel consumption due to improved aerodynamics and other measures

Compared to its predecessor, the new Actros consumes up to three percent less fuel on motorways and expressways. When travelling on rural routes, the savings can be up to five percent, as here the effect of the improved Predictive Powertrain Control system is even more significant than before.

A number of additional measures have been instrumental in achieving the reduction in fuel consumption. They include improvements to the aerodynamics: The new MirrorCam replaces the conventional outside mirrors and helps to reduce wind resistance considerably due to its streamlined shape and smaller dimensions. The new, concave-shaped cab side deflectors also improve aerodynamics, as the optimized design of the roof spoiler does.

On motorways as in the city: Predictive Powertrain Control takes fuel-saving driving to a new level

Major advances in reducing fuel consumption on rural routes have been attained predominantly by enhancing the functionality of the intelligent cruise control system, Predictive Powertrain Control. In addition to using a satellite-based location system, the new generation uses accurate digital maps and data about topography, bends, the geometric properties of junctions and roundabouts, as well as traffic signs. The system thereby optimises the driving style to take uphill and downhill gradients into account, as well as winding rural routes where the use of a cruise control system was previously not ideal. The primary goal here is moving the truck as fuel-efficiently as possible, giving optimal support to the driver when it comes to driving.

In addition, fuel efficiency is improved by the interaction between Predictive Powertrain Control and Proximity Control. For this, Proximity Control provides information about vehicles in front, so the intelligent cruise control system can arrange the ideal shift operations and speed.

Predictive Powertrain Control in the new Actros also benefits from the new Economy+ driving mode offered by the PowerShift3 automatic transmission, which is designed for an even more fuel efficient driving style. The drive modes Standard/Eco/Power continue to be part of the standard equipment.

Also new is the improved Predictive Powertrain Control, which becomes available for heavy-duty transports up to 120 tonnes, all-wheel-drive vehicles and vehicles equipped with Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive or turbo retarder clutch.

"Leading in Efficiency": new rear axle ratio for Actros models with the OM 471 engine – more efficient on the road thanks to intelligent technology

The new standard final-drive ratio of i = 2.412 instead of i = 2.533 at the weight-optimised rear axle is also a factor in the reduction in diesel fuel consumption. Accordingly, the engine speed drops by almost five percent. The new final-drive ratio is installed in all new Actros trucks with the OM 471 inline six-cylinder engine and 315/70 R 22.5 tyres.

Sensational world premiere: MirrorCam as standard for better all-round visibility and optimised aerodynamics

For the first time ever, the conventional outside mirrors of the new Actros are replaced by a camera system, the MirrorCam. The system works entirely with digital cameras and displays. The cameras are attached to the right and left of the roof frame. Their images are shown on two 15-inch displays mounted to the A-pillars inside the cab. The MirrorCam offers a significantly improved all-round view. One positive side effect of this is that the driver now has a good diagonal view past the A-pillars, which enlarges the field of view and so adds to safety.

The MirrorCam has multiple functions helping the driver: On tractor units, the image on the display on the inside of the bend is panned while cornering to provide an optimal view of the entire trailer. Furthermore, distance lines help to provide a clearer appraisal of the traffic behind. There is also an additional line that can be individually set, e.g. to show the end of the trailer, thereby making precision manoeuvring even easier. At dusk, the system switches to a night vision mode.

Moreover, the MirrorCam features a special manoeuvring view when reversing. The upper part of the display shows the area close to the vehicle and the lower part of the display shows the area away from the vehicle with a certain degree of overlap. If Sideguard Assist is installed the MirrorCam displays warnings in critical driving conditions.

The brightness of the displays can be adjusted manually. As with conventional mirror adjustment, the field of vision can also be modified via the door-mounted control panel. The camera system is heated as well.

The MirrorCam is also highly beneficial when the driver is resting or sleeping: A switch by the bed activates the system for two minutes at a time. This allows the driver to check the area around the vehicle at any time via the displays.

Revolution in the human-machine interface (HMI): the new Multimedia Cockpit is intuitive to operate and offers innovative functionalities

Anyone getting on board the new Actros will immediately notice the new Multimedia Cockpit. Two colour displays are at the heart of this newly developed interface between driver and vehicle, each with a screen size of 10 inches. The classic instrument cluster with speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge is replaced by the primary colour display with high-resolution flat screen design. It provides clearly arranged and unambiguous information about all driving and operating statuses as well as about the actions of Active Drive Assist and Predictive Powertrain Control, and can be configured individually.

The second screen, the secondary display, is designed as a touchscreen. Most of the truck's functions can be conveniently controlled from this screen. Important functions such as light, heating, air conditioning or telephony can be selected directly via hot keys. Beyond this, drivers can have the vehicle status, such as tyre pressures or axle loads, displayed at any time. Numerous connection options for mobile devices further enhance the working and operating comfort in the Multimedia Cockpit. Up to six driver profiles can be stored using the conventional DTCO digital tachograph or Fleetboard driver card in the Multimedia Cockpit.

The primary colour display and the secondary touch display can also be controlled via the new multifunction steering wheel with its touch control pads, also known as finger navigation pads. The vehicle systems are operated and information is accessed by swiping and pressing the touch control pads.

Even bigger, even more individual, even more functions: Multimedia Cockpit interactive

As an expansion stage of the Multimedia Cockpit, Mercedes-Benz offers the Multimedia Cockpit interactive for the new Actros with even more connectivity features and functionalities. At 12 inches, its primary display is significantly larger. The driver has the choice of two screen designs: Classic and Advanced. The "Classic" display style is similar to the display of the Multimedia Cockpit and can be selected manually by the driver. "Advanced" enables an individual and variable presentation of content in three clusters: The speedometer with driving information is displayed centrally as a large round dial, on the left vehicle-related information such as brake pressure, operating temperatures, fuel levels, etc. are displayed, whereas on the right driver-related content such as driving and rest times, phone book, and audio settings can be shown. Additionally, when Active Drive Assist or Proximity Control Assist are activated, the display changes to driver assistance graphics optimised for automated driving. It supports the driver optimally in monitoring the traffic.

The new comfort or remote control key makes working more convenient. With this feature, the driver can lock or unlock his truck conveniently from a distance of up to 50 metres. The radio remote control features direction-independent operation and does not need to be aimed directly at the vehicle. To start the engine with the start-stop button, the key simply has to be located inside the vehicle. This means that it can stay in the driver's trouser or jacket pocket.

The Truck Data Centre is the basis for all connectivity solutions in the new Actros. It receives data from the truck's sensors, cameras, etc. and analyses this information for different applications. As the interface for all connectivity services, it is also responsible for the truck's external communications. This connectivity module is the basis of Mercedes-Benz Uptime and all FleetBoard services. Consequently, the truck is permanently connected to the cloud and becomes part of the Internet of Things.

Drive, work, live – the new Actros provides an attractive workspace with a unique level of comfort for the driver

With the new Actros, customers can choose from several design and equipment lines. The top model equipped with the OM 473, the most powerful engine, is available with a special Beauty package coming with a carbon-fibre look and a special model plate.

However, the focal point of the new Actros are its inner values. For example, its developers also took findings from research on the effects of light into consideration. The new interior lighting concept delivers optimal illumination of the cab in basically any situation and comes in three different versions. The standard version can illuminate the entire cab and comes with two reading lights in warm white. It also includes a subtle blue night light to help drivers find their way around the cab while on the move. The new optionally available LED ambient lighting provides even cosier illumination of the interior. For example, there is an additional ambient night light, which illuminates the legroom and cockpit in blue. An amber light in the living area creates a cosy atmosphere. The associated light alarm boosts comfort levels even more.

Innovation for construction transport: the key product highlights for the new Actros are optionally also available for the Arocs

The Arocs is the heavy-duty construction truck from Mercedes-Benz Trucks, which is recognisable at first glance due to its striking radiator grille with bucket-teeth look. In the course of developing the new Actros, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz Trucks also extensively redesigned the Arocs. Almost all the innovations of the new Actros are also available for the Arocs, because low costs, a high level of safety and maximum availability are also crucial competitive factors for the construction sector. This is true, for instance, of MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5, the Multimedia Cockpit and the enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control. The sole difference: whereas, as a rule, the new features form part of the standard specification for the Actros, the Arocs is most often individually configured.

Strong showing: introduction of the "Edition 1" special model for the presentation of the new Actros

  • Mercedes-Benz celebrates the start of production of the new Actros with the "Edition 1" special model limited to 400 vehicles
  • Unique way of driving, working and living – a host of optional extras gives the "Edition 1" unmistakable character and impressively demonstrates the market leadership of Mercedes-Benz Trucks
  • In terms of efficiency, the new Actros sets the standard with low total cost of ownership, highest possible level of safety, and maximum vehicle availability
  • Active Drive Assist, MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5, Multimedia Cockpit and improved Predictive Powertrain Control are the highlights out of more than 60 innovations

The new Actros delivers pioneering innovations that pay instant dividends. Both company owners and drivers will profit from an unparalleled level of efficiency and comfort. Mercedes-Benz celebrates the presentation of the new flagship at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover with the "Edition 1" special model limited to 400 vehicles. Its numerous optional extras deliver a maximum level of comfort and safety for the driver. In addition, there are selected design elements, which give the vehicle high recognition value.

The "Edition 1“ comes with outstanding safety features, including MirrorCam and Active Brake Assist 5. The Active Drive Assist, which makes semi-automated driving possible, makes a noticeably contribution, too. The further advanced Predictive Powertrain Control system not only saves a significant amount of fuel, but now also relieves the driver on overland routes. And as in the standard specification vehicle, the new Multimedia Cockpit with intuitive operation brings innovative functionalities into the cab.

Seven packages included

Besides the nearly 60 innovations of the standard specification of the new Actros, the "Edition 1" adds numerous special equipment items geared to the driver. This includes seven packages alone:

  • Safety Package, for example, with Active Brake Assist 5, airbag, Proximity Control
  • Driving Package with electric roller sun visor, leather steering wheel and more
  • Comfort Package with Night & Day ambience lighting, shaving mirror, refrigerator, etc.
  • Media Package with sound system, notebook bracket, extra socket 12 V/15
  • Stowage Package including table, shelving system, drawer under the instrument panel and more
  • Sight Package, which includes bi-xenon headlamps and LED tail lamps, for example
  • Extra Line with LED position lamps in MC, indicators in LED, and welcome light

High recognition value

Inside and out, an extensive complement of optional extras ensure high recognition value. For example, the "Edition 1" logo in the sun visor and below the model plate. Or the four additional LED main-beam headlamps as well as the exclusive paint finish on the maintenance door and front-end flap. The delivery scope also includes the illuminated Mercedes-Benz star with black surround and six grille trim applications, while the headlamp surround is darkened. The MirrorCam in chrome optionally replaces the conventional outside mirrors, which are also available for the "Edition 1".

Striking from the sides are the stainless steel steps. On semi-trailer tractors, stainless-steel gills adorn the side panelling. The rear axle flaps or pots are also stainless steel, as are the wheel nut protective caps at the front and rear axles.

Classy interior appointments

When getting in, the leather door handles with contrasting topstitching, the leather steering wheel, the cockpit trimmed with black leather as well as the exclusive floor mats stand out immediately. Looking up reveals the roof hatch with ambience lighting in eight colours. The upper bed comes with a duvet cover and in tractor units measures a record-breaking 900 mm in width. A wrap-around curtain – almond beige on the inside, black on the outside – provides privacy in stylish fashion. As does the curtain sporting the Mercedes-Benz star across the front of the bed. On the co-driver's side, another "Edition 1" logo in polished and brushed aluminium documents the serial number as one of the 400 vehicles.

The "Edition 1" underscores the leading position of the new Actros among the competition with its unique design. It is available for all two-axle and three-axle models of the new Actros with GigaSpace and BigSpace cab as an LHD or RHD vehicle. The cab paintwork is freely selectable and can be adapted to the customer's particular company colours.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs: construction specialist with new innovative high-tech components

  • Arocs: highly specialised and yet an all-rounder
  • Tremendous variety of cabs, engines and all-wheel-drive systems
  • New: MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5, Multimedia Cockpit, expanded Predictive Powertrain Control

It is as individual as the diverse tasks performed by operators in the construction sector: the Mercedes-Benz Arocs is a specialist covering the entire repertoire of construction transport. The broad range of cabs, engines, drive variants and wheel configurations ensures it is able to cope with all types of deployment. Tipper, materials transport or heavy-duty tractor unit – the Arocs fits the bill every time. And now the new Arocs is even better at it, because it benefits from new developments such as MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5, Multimedia Cockpit and the expanded Predictive Powertrain Control. They make the Arocs even safer, more efficient and more professional to operate.

Arocs: highly specialised and yet an all-rounder

It is the out-and-out pro for construction transport: the Arocs from Mercedes-Benz is a dedicated model series of heavy-duty trucks for the construction industry. It comes in every conceivable wheel configuration - 4x2 and 4x4, three-axle 6x2 with trailing or leading axle, 6x4 and 6x6. Four-axle versions are available as 8x2 trucks with trailing axle, 8x4, 8x4 with trailing axle, 8x6 and 8x8. The scope of equipment and variants covers steel and air suspension, frames designed for on-road or off-road operations, numerous wheelbases, cabs and engines, three all-wheel-drive systems, platform trucks, tippers, concrete mixer chassis, heavy-duty tractor units and special-purpose vehicles.

Ready-for-use specialists make the choice easier. The Arocs Loader is systematically configured for a low kerb weight and high payload as a two-axle tractor unit or as a concrete mixer chassis. The Arocs Grounder is an extremely robust specialist for particularly tough applications. The range culminates in the Arocs SLT heavy-duty tractor unit with gross combination weights of up to 250 t, with three, four and - with docking axle - even with five axles, two drive axles or all-wheel drive.

The diversity and individuality of the Arocs – as exemplified by the cabs

Radiator grille with striking bucket-tooth look, rippled outside mirror housing, pivoting step, three-part bumpers with steel corners – the Arocs is immediately recognisable as a robust truck for heavy-duty construction transport. Two cab widths, three lengths, two transmission tunnel heights and a level floor add up to nine different basic cabs. From the compact ClassicSpace S cab to the spacious BigSpace L cab, the Arocs covers every requirement, including special features such as cabs with a lowered roof. All the available options together result in around two dozen different variants.

Anyone wishing to refine their Arocs can choose between the two optional design and equipment lines Trend Line and Style Line for the 2.5 m wide cab, or even indulge in the SoloStar Concept with its spacious rest area for predominant on-road operations with a cab width of 2.5 metres.

Engines: choice of four engines in 18 output levels

There is a huge range of engines to match. State-of-the-art inline six-cylinder engines with displacements of 7.7 litres, 10.7 litres, 12.8 litres and 15.6 litres cover all requirements. There are 18 output levels to choose from in all, closely staggered from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp).

The engine, transmission and axle of the Arocs all bear the Mercedes star and are perfectly matched. As standard, fully automated transmissions of the Mercedes PowerShift3 model series handle the power transmission with eight, twelve or optionally 16 gears. A direct shift mechanism from first to reverse gear facilitates rapid manoeuvring. The "Offroad" or "Power" as well as the new "Economy" drive programs each have various drive modes and adapt to the given individual type of operation. Additional functions support the driver. Manual gear shifts are also available optionally. Anyone having to move off particularly sensitively and wear-free with high weights can choose the turbo retarder clutch (TRC). It combines a hydraulic start-up clutch and a water retarder in a single component. This ensures high braking power also at low speeds.

Three all-wheel drive systems for the most diverse operating conditions

For off-road operations, Mercedes-Benz offers different all-wheel drive variants. If the payload and fuel consumption are to the fore, the on-demand all-wheel drive is the right choice. If maximum traction is called for, the solution is permanent all-wheel drive plus a low-range ratio.

The third variant is the starting aid "Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive" (HAD). With on-demand wheel hub motors at the front axle, HAD covers road-oriented operations with occasional increased traction requirements. The driver engages HAD by pressing a button. The necessary slip-sensitive power transmission is then efficiently and continuously controlled. The advantages of the hydraulic drive are the comparatively low added weight, benefits in terms of fuel consumption and emissions, and great versatility in configuring the vehicle.

Innovation for construction transport: MirrorCam, Active Brake Assist 5, Multimedia Cockpit, expanded Predictive Powertrain Control

In the course of developing the new Actros, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz Trucks also extensively redesigned the Arocs. Almost all the innovations in the new Actros are also available for the Arocs.

For the first time ever, the conventional outside mirrors of the new Actros can be replaced by a camera system, the MirrorCam. The system works entirely with digital cameras and displays. The cameras are attached to the right and left of the roof frame. Their images are shown on two 15-inch displays mounted to the A-pillars inside the cab. The MirrorCam offers a significantly improved all-round view. One pleasant side effect of this is that the driver has a good diagonal view to the front past the A-pillars.

The MirrorCam has auxiliary functions that help the driver: On tractor units, the image on the display on the inside of the bend is panned while cornering to provide an optimal view. Visualisations of merging zones, distance lines, a line at the end of the trailer and a night-view mode facilitate the operation. When manoeuvring on construction sites, drivers benefit from the special manoeuvring view during reversing. To this end, the zoom range of the wide-angle segment is modified.

The new Active Brake Assist 5 and its unrivalled features are an advancement of Active Brake Assist 4. New here is the way the radar and camera systems interact. The system is now, for instance, able to react to people in the speed range up to 50 km/h. Within system limits, Active Brake Assist 5 can execute an emergency stop to respond to a person crossing the road, coming towards the vehicle, walking in the same lane or frozen in shock. . This applies to two-axle and three-axle trucks with front underride guard.

The first thing to notice in the cab of the new Arocs is the new Multimedia Cockpit. At its core are two centrally positioned colour displays each with a screen diagonal of ten inches. The classic instrument cluster with speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge is replaced by the primary colour display. It provides clearly arranged and unambiguous information about all driving and operating statuses.

The conventional control panel is replaced by a second screen, the secondary display. Most of the truck's functions can be conveniently controlled from this touchscreen. What's more, drivers can have the vehicle status, such as tyre pressures or axle loads, visualised to them at any time. The primary colour display and the secondary touch display can also be controlled via the new multifunction steering wheel with touchpad. Only the four-axle vehicles with Servotwin steering system are precluded from being equipped with the new Multimedia Cockpit.

Construction vehicles often operate on overland routes. Thanks to the expanded functions of the intelligent Predictive Powertrain Control cruise control, the fuel consumption of the new Arocs Mercedes PowerShift3 transmission here drops noticeably. In addition to using a satellite-based location system, the new generation draws on accurate digital maps and data about topography, bends, the geometric properties of junctions and roundabouts, as well as traffic signs. The system optimises the driving style to take into account uphill and downhill gradients, as well as winding rural routes where the use of a cruise control system was previously not ideal. This all takes place with the aim of operating the truck as fuel-efficiently as possible and providing optimal support to the driver.

Actros and Arocs: cutting-edge technology for growth markets

At the same time, with the current generation of heavy-duty trucks from Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Trucks is introducing cutting-edge technology to the growth markets in the Near and Middle East as well as in Africa. Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs are now being launched in more than 40 additional markets in the Near and Middle East, northern Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Since the launch of the current generation of the Actros and Arocs in 2011, Mercedes-Benz has been the clear leader in the heavy-duty truck sector in Europe. Daimler Trucks now aims to continue this success story in the growth markets in the Near and Middle East as well as in Africa. In this context, the Actros represents a reliable and efficient solution for long-distance and distribution haulage. Mercedes-Benz is also offering the Arocs to meet the more extreme challenges at construction sites or in off-road use.

The trucks sporting the Mercedes star are configured for extreme conditions involving intense heat and humidity, difficult terrain, dust, and for extra-heavy loads. Inline engines spanning an output range from 240 kW (326 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp), automated PowerShift3 transmissions, reinforced frames, robust planetary axles, optimised filter and cooling systems and latest-generation safety and assistance systems are the order of the day – the trucks are exceptionally robust and equipped with state-of-the-art yet proven technology. To this end they have been put through their paces in the most rigorous test programme ever conducted at the company for trucks. The market launch is being staged by Daimler's regional centres for commercial vehicles in Dubai and Nairobi.

Mercedes-Benz Atego: the light-duty truck for big jobs is celebrating a birthday

  • 20 years of the Atego, 20 years of experience in distribution and construction transport
  • One for all: large selection of cabs, cockpits and powertrains
  • Atego for construction transport: two all-wheel-drive variants to choose from

Distribution or construction transport: The Mercedes-Benz Atego has the right answer to any request for a light-duty or medium-duty truck from 6.5 to 16 t gross vehicle weight rating. The highly economical and functional Atego benefits from its experience in this regard: Mercedes-Benz has been producing it for 20 years, now in its second generation.

One for all: large selection of cabs, cockpits and powertrains

The tremendous individuality of the Atego starts with the cab. Typical for distribution transport is the ClassicSpace S-cab, also in extended specification. The ClassicSpace and BigSpace L-cabs with their spaciousness and a bed are ideal for operations that exceed one day. All cabs are 2300 mm wide. Customers can choose from three different cockpits, from the functional Standard Cockpit and the versatile Classic Cockpit to the Comfort Cockpit with a particularly large amount of stowage space.

The workplace of the Atego is characterised by a convenient, low entrance, the versatile instrument cluster in two variants, a multifunction steering wheel, and outstanding ergonomics.

The engine line-up with four- and six-cylinder inline engines is as versatile as the jobs of the Atego. They produce outputs between 115 kW (156 hp) and 220 kW (299 hp) from displacements of 5.1 and 7.7 litres. The seven output levels in all are closely spaced. Power is transmitted by the fully automated Mercedes PowerShift3 transmission as standard; optionally by a manual gearbox. Two drive programmes, each with four drive modes, adapt the Atego to the particular job.

The wheelbases of the Atego with up to 12 variants are equally adaptable.

Atego for construction transport: two all-wheel-drive variants to choose from

The range of the Atego for construction transport spans from 7.5 to 16 t gross vehicle weight rating. The same is true for the choice between S-cab and extended S-cab for the tippers. However, due to the driven front axle, the vehicle width increases from 2.3 to 2.5 metres on the 4x4 variants. The instruments and operation are identical to the Atego for distribution transport. The same also applies to the choice of engines and transmissions. However, a highlight of the construction vehicles is the special off-road drive mode for operations off the road with a focus on power.

That is the keyword for the optional all-wheel drive: The Mercedes-Benz Atego is available with on-demand all-wheel drive and, for particularly high traction requirements, also with permanent all-wheel drive - yet another example of the versatility of the Atego.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog: extremely robust implement carrier and conqueror of everything, now even more versatile

  • The implement carrier pro: Unimog U 216 to U 530
  • New: eligible for registration as an agricultural vehicle throughout Europe
  • The off-road pro: Unimog U 4023/U 5023

If unsurpassed off-road capabilities and extreme robustness are required, then the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4023/5023 is tailor-made. The legendary conqueror of everything gets to places where others had to give up long ago. In contrast, if the focus is on a highly specialised implement carrier, be it for public works departments, fire brigades, energy suppliers, in agriculture and wherever extreme jobs must be handled – then the likewise all-wheel-drive Unimog U 216 to U 530 is exactly the right choice.

The implement carrier pro: Unimog U 216 to U 530

It is more than a vehicle, it is an entire vehicle system. The outstanding trait of the Unimog U 216 to U 530 is its unsurpassed system and implement carrier expertise. The basis of this model series is a chassis with permanent all-wheel drive, large ground clearance and portal axles with single tyres. The driver sits in an unrestricted-visibility cab made of fibre composites. With the optional VarioPilot transferable steering system, the Unimog turns from a LHD into a RHD vehicle and vice versa in seconds.

The professional implement carrier offers a uniquely variable platform for countless possible jobs – and in any season. After all, Mercedes-Benz has been cooperating closely with implement and body manufacturers for decades and can rely on the specialist knowledge of the competent Unimog partners. The VarioPower working and power hydraulics system allows infinitely variable control of the attached implements. Front and rear power take-offs drive implements, as engine and transmission PTOs.

The implement carrier is now even more versatile, because it is eligible for registration as an agricultural vehicle not only in Germany, but now also throughout the EU. For this purpose, it is available with the required roll cage, which celebrates its premiere at the IAA. On an international level, the operations of the implement carrier are thus even more flexible, for example, mowing operations along motorways.

The Unimog U 530 is therefore on display at the IAA in agricultural specification, painted light yellow green and sitting on wheels of considerable size with tyres of size 495/70 R 24. Its powerful engine produces an output of 220 kW (299 hp) from the 7.7 litres displacement of the Mercedes-Benz OM 936 inline six-cylinder engine.

The off-road pro: Unimog U 4023/U 5023

The uncompromising off-road pro U 4023/5023 transports equipment, material and crew far off paved roads and paths to the job site. Once there, it reliably delivers first-class work. The prerequisites for this are provided by the already existing ex-factory attachment and mounting spaces for implements, as well as interfaces and drives for permanent and interchangeable implements.

Characteristics of the Unimog U 4023/5023 are the on-demand all-wheel drive, differential locks, the extremely torsionally flexible frame, portal axles with large ground clearance and asymmetrically arranged differential, the change in tyre pressure at the touch of a button in the cockpit and many more aspects that constitute and underscore its extreme off-road capabilities. In addition to eight forward and six reverse gears, there is an optional off-road group with eight forward and reverse gears each for particular slow-speed driving. The four-cylinder engine has an output of 170 kW (231 hp), a long service life, and is economical.

At the IAA, Daimler Trucks presents the Unimog U 5023 as an equipment truck with a body from Austrian manufacturer Empl for a German fire brigade.

Mercedes-Benz Econic: specialist for short-distance transport even safer and more international

  • Numerous axle configurations, low-entry cab
  • Active Brake Assist 4 with pedestrian detection for the Econic
  • Econic also available with Sideguard Assist
  • The Econic as the Freightliner EconicSD in North America
  • New entry-level engine variant with 200 kW (272 hp)

Be it municipal operations in waste management, be it distribution transport, construction transport in the city, as a fire-fighting vehicle or at the airport – the Mercedes-Benz Econic is the specialist for jobs in urban and short-distance transport. The basis is provided by its low-entry design with convenient, low entrance and excellent sightlines as well as the low frame that makes it easy to upfit bodies. With its new entry-level engine, the Econic is even more economical and even safer thanks to Active Brake Assist 4 and pedestrian detection. As the Freightliner EconicSD, it is also slated for the North American market and will be launched there next year.

Numerous axle configurations, low-entry cab

The Econic is not only practical, it is also versatile. It is available in the configurations 4x2, 6x4, 6x2/4 and even 8x4/4 with electro-hydraulic progressively steered trailing and leading axle with gross vehicle weight ratings of 18 t, 26 t and 32 t. The Econic NGT with a natural gas engine is available in the configurations 4x2 and 6x2/4.

Users of the Mercedes-Benz Econic particularly appreciate its Alu SpaceCage cab. The low entry height of the low-entry cab makes entering and exiting the cab safe and comfortable. A modified transmission tunnel makes climbing from the co-driver's side to the driver's workplace through the folding door easier still.

Active Brake Assist 4 with pedestrian detection for the Econic

Due to the predominant use in bustling urban areas with many manoeuvring jobs, safety is a special priority in the Econic. This starts with the outstanding sightlines of the low-entry cab with panoramic windscreen – the driver is at eye level with passers-by and cyclists. The Active Brake Assist and Lane Keeping Assist assistance systems are part of the standard specification, Proximity Control as well as Sideguard Assist are optionally available.

With the fourth generation of Active Brake Assist, Mercedes-Benz now presents an optional assistance system in the Econic, which is able to protect the most vulnerable road users in particular – pedestrians. The system is able to warn the driver of a collision and in addition automatically initiates partial braking at the same time.

Active Brake Assist 4 is adapted to urban traffic: The system is able to detect moving pedestrians in virtually any traffic situation, for example, if they walk across the truck's lane, emerge from behind an obstacle or are moving along the vehicle's lane.

Econic also available with Sideguard Assist

A further key assistance system is Sideguard Assist. Turning off in city traffic is an integral part of the Econic's daily job. The driver has to pay attention to traffic lights, signs, oncoming and crossing traffic and at the same time keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists to the side of the vehicle.

Now, if there is a moving object in the monitored zone on the right, the driver is first warned visually with a yellow LED at eye level on the co-driver's side. If there is a risk of collision, an additional visual and acoustic warning is triggered.

In addition, the Econic is equipped with lighting assistance systems such as the lighting at the rear axle for manoeuvring in the dark, optionally via an interface for a reversing assist system with braking system, and it can be fitted with a blind spot camera system based on four cameras.

New entry-level engine variant with 200 kW (272 hp)

The Econic uses the Mercedes-Benz OM 936 inline six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 7.7 litres in three output levels, with – new– 200 kW (272 hp), 220 kW (299 hp) and 260 kW (354 hp). As an alternative, the M 936 gas engine of the same size with an output of 222 kW (302 hp) can be ordered.

The Econic as the Freightliner EconicSD in North America

Starting in 2019, the Econic will have a career in North America as the Freightliner EconicSD, powered by a DD8 inline six-cylinder engine with an output of 257 kW (350 hp). The American brethren of the Econic will also be built at the Wörth plant. Final assembly with modifications for North America will take place in the USA.

FUSO: fully charged – from the production eCanter to the spectacular E-FUSO Vision One

  • FUSO eCanter: our first all-electric light-duty truck in series production
  • The numerous vehicle and powertrain variants of the Canter
  • Spectacular E-FUSO Vision One: kick-off for a new electric brand

With some 150 000 units a year, the FUSO Canter is a true world best-seller. The prerequisites are provided by its characteristics as a robust and highly economical vehicle with high payload in a multitude of specifications. At the same time, the light-duty truck as a Canter Eco Hybrid and as an all-electric eCanter production truck is a compact high-tech truck. It sets standards with its powertrain technology. Befitting a milestone birthday: The first of many generations of the successful Canter model came off the production line 55 years ago.

FUSO eCanter: our first all-electric light-duty truck in series production

New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Lisbon – the all-electric FUSO eCanter drives locally emission-free and nearly silently through six metropolitan areas of the world today. Its batteries enable ranges of more than 100 kilometres without opportunity charging, which in many cases exceeds the daily mileage of the customers in urban distribution transport.

The vehicle can be recharged during non-use periods with an AC as well as with a DC charger. With a quick charger, 80 km of additional range are possible in an hour. The electric powertrain comprises six batteries with a capacity of 13.8 kWh each and a system capacity of 82.8 kWh, an electric motor with a peak output of 129 kW and 390 Nm of torque. Depending on the body and the type of operation, the FUSO eCanter has a payload of up to 3.5 tonnes. The FUSO eCanter for the 30 or so markets in Europe and the USA is produced in Tramagal/Portugal. The FUSO eCanter for the Japanese market is produced in the Mitsubishi FUSO plant in Kawasaki.

The numerous vehicle and powertrain variants of the FUSO Canter

A special advantage of the FUSO Canter is its versatility: Closely spaced gross vehicle weight rating categories from 3.5 to 8.55 t, two cabin widths (1.69 or 1.99 metres) and in addition a crew cab, six wheelbases from 2500 to 4750 mm, and maximum body lengths of up to 7.2 metres – the Canter offers the right solution for distribution transport, garden and landscape construction, municipal public works departments or the construction industry. For this purpose, it is available with an ex-factory tipper body, for example. With the factory-installed bodies from Scattolini, FUSO is able to offer a complete vehicle with fast availability and consistently checked quality and warranty from FUSO at attractive prices.

The powertrain of the Canter is equally versatile: For one, there is a bullish diesel engine in three output levels from 96 kW (130 hp) to 129 kW (175 hp) and the choice between the manual gearbox with practical joystick operation and the DUONIC dual-clutch transmission unique in this vehicle category. This speciality of the Canter includes a crawler function for optimal manoeuvring capability and gear changes without interruptions in tractive force. Between the classic diesel engine and the all-electric eCanter, FUSO has positioned the Canter Eco Hybrid in addition – with a hybrid powertrain that with fuel savings of up to 23 percent demonstrably pays dividends.

In addition, the FUSO Canter comes to the starting line with a host of detail innovations: The Canter 7C is optionally available with comfort springs at the front axle. The manual gearbox is now even easier to shift. An optional edge guard protects the sidewalls and tailgates of tipper and platform bodies from damages. The factory-installed tipper bodies from Scattolini, available in a host of variants, are fitted with a manual swinging sidewall as standard and optionally with an automatically opening swinging sidewall. Last but not least, the AEBS emergency braking system is installed in the 4x2 variants from the Canter 6S on up.

Spectacular E-FUSO Vision One: kick-off for a new electric brand

The eCanter is the kick-off for the electrification of the entire product range of trucks and buses of the FUSO brand. They will be subsumed under the independent product brand E-FUSO. The Vision One is an outlook to a first realistic all-electric heavy-duty truck of the E-FUSO brand and underscores the promise to expand the entire product range with electrified versions. The vehicle was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017 and is on display for the first time in Europe at the IAA. The three-axle vehicle for heavy-duty regional and urban distribution transport is equipped with a battery capacity of 300 kWh, resulting in a range of up 350 kilometres. With a gross vehicle weight rating of exactly 23.26 tonnes, the resulting payload is 11.11 tonnes. The E-FUSO Vision One adopts hallmark styling elements of the brand design and transfers them to the future.

The FUSO Canter at the IAA Commercial Vehicles

In addition to the E-FUSO Vision One as tomorrow's heavy-duty truck, FUSO at the IAA Commercial Vehicles this year presents all advantages from agility and variability to payload and efficiency with an entire range of Canter vehicles.

The centrepiece is a FUSO eCanter with wide Comfort single cab and a glass floor made specifically for this trade fair, which provides a view of the powertrain.

Also on the stand: a FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid 7C15 DUONIC dual-clutch transmission, standard engine start-stop and Lane Keeping Assist. FUSO has been in customer operations with the Eco Hybrid already since 2008 and over the last ten years has been able to amass comprehensive expertise in this alternative powertrain technology. In addition to the economical fuel consumption, the advantages of this vehicle also include the low maintenance costs and the moderate purchase price. The FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid does duty at European fleet customers in hybrid fleets with up to 100 units.

The heaviest model FUSO presents is the Canter 9C18 AMT. It has a gross vehicle weight rating 8.55 t and is a true payload giant. Fitted out with a roll-off tipper and integrated crane, the vehicle demonstrates modern flexibility for all conceivable uses.

A Canter 6C18D 4x4 tipper with crew cab, a body from Meiller and winter road maintenance equipment demonstrates the capabilities of the Canter under the most difficult operating conditions. The crew cab seats up to seven people.

In the 3S13 3.5 t, FUSO shows a version of the FUSO Canter that compels with the narrowest cab and a narrow track for jobs in tight spaces. Fitted out with a factory-installed three-side tipper and equipped with a differential lock, the Canter gets to otherwise inaccessible job sites and offers tradesmen and construction companies a reliable partner.

Fleetboard: the leading telematics provider presents its new customer interface

  • Premiere at the IAA: new Fleetboard customer interface with customisable reports and, for the first time, Fleetboard Fuel loss
  • Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal: the digital platform for apps related to trucks
  • The Fleetboard Driver app – now with valuable tips on how to improve the driver's score
  • Continuous digital innovations for the logistics sector

"Driving Logistics Forward" is the motto of the market leader among telematics providers for commercial vehicles. Fleetboard is continuously bringing digital services into the truck and the scheduler's office. In doing so, the focus is always on the direct benefit to the customer. This is visible for example in the latest development by telematics experts: the new, intuitively operable user interface. The Actros with the new interactive Multimedia Cockpit can also be linked to the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal – Fleetboard thus shows how the day-to-day work of drivers, schedulers and fleet managers can be made easier.

Everything at a glance: the new Fleetboard customer interface

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles, Fleetboard is for the first time presenting the new customer interface which Fleetboard customers can use from spring 2019. The enhancement of the Fleetboard Cockpit encompasses a new, intuitively operable, web-based interface where all data from the respectively booked Fleetboard services are neatly and clearly combined. This means that schedulers in freight forwarding have the opportunity to reduce all the diverse information to the required amount. On the screen the scheduler only sees his current trip with the necessary information. Messages that require action are also displayed, for example changes to a trip or an impending late deadline. This means that the scheduler no longer has to switch between different displays and screens, rather he can go through an entire work process in just a few clicks.

React quicker with Fleetboard Reports

In the new Fleetboard customer interface, fleet managers can put together individual reports and define the data source as well as the forwarding frequency. This means that the scheduler benefits from optimised driver management with quick access to the most relevant data and in just a few clicks can take a closer look at the driving style of individual drivers. In addition, the clear display, including direct tips and advice, supports schedulers in recognising potential improvements at a glance.

New: Fleetboard Fuel loss – the fuel detective

Fleetboard Fuel loss can detect differences between fuel consumption and the amount refuelled. As a first step, Fleetboard Fuel loss will launch a "Fuel Report" in the year to come: A data evaluation determines irregularities and labels them. To this end, Fleetboard developed a big data solution that can compare existing data relating to fill levels, consumption, or the average speed of the trucks, to anomalies that may arise with respect to the tank fill level or fuel consumption. The corresponding data can be called up in the new customer interface. The customer receives a comparison of the data, allowing them to draw conclusions about fuel losses.

Up-to-date data always available from the Cloud

The vital factors in establishing digital products that will remain sustainable and can be continually improved are fast software updates, releases and the scalability of solutions. In order to ensure this, the Microsoft cloud platform Azure will in future provide the infrastructure for all Fleetboard services and solutions. The first Fleetboard customers are already successfully sending data to the Cloud.

Cloud solutions offer numerous benefits: they are always state-of-the art as their components are continuously further developed and expanded. A high degree of processing power is provided which is variable depending on the required degree of utilisation - peaks in use are balanced out and the reaction to growth is fast.

The Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal – the digital interface in the Mercedes-Benz truck

Connectivity is being taken to the next level in the truck as well. This means that vehicles with the new Multimedia Cockpit can be linked to the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal and can thus be equipped with apps that increase comfort and efficiency.Fleetboard is here demonstrating how, in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz, partners and customers, apps can be developed for individual needs.

The Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal is an open platform where customers and partners have the opportunity to install their own apps.App developers, too, can contribute useful apps designed to simplify the day-to-day working life of drivers, schedulers and fleet managers. The involvement of third parties has attracted a multitude of unexpected ideas - from apps for securing loads to apps from parking facility providers. The accompanying Developer Portal is the place where interested partners and developers can find all relevant information about the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal and the app submission process. All the apps offered through the Portal initially go through a quality control process to ensure that they meet the company's high safety standards. The overriding concept for the future is that of an all-encompassing networking of every aspect of traffic flow.

The new app Fleetboard Driver

All truck drivers whose vehicles are equipped with the Fleetboard Truck Data Center can look forward to a new function that makes their working day considerably easier: The enhanced Fleetboard Driver App has been available to download free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store since July 2018. Fleetboard Driver provides truck drivers with relevant, real-time vehicle data, including kilometre reading and fuel level.

In addition, drivers receive direct access to data on their personal driving style, registered by the Fleetboard operational analysis and Fleetboard time management functions. This means that they remain constantly informed about their current driving and resting times, including the weekly driving times and the remaining driving time until the next break. As an extra bonus drivers also receive the driving style scores from their last seven tours, the corresponding detailed scores and useful tips on optimising their score and driving style. Fleetboard Driver is also available in the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal so that the driver can directly access the data in the vehicle.

Fleetboard Manager: call up information on the fleet

The Fleetboard Manager app offers all Mercedes-Benz trucks customers a simple, swift and free means of entering the world of connectivity. The app provides customers with useful information about their fleets, such as the mileage covered in the past seven days or the vehicle with the highest and lowest mileage. This data enables customers to see exactly how fleet capacity has been used over the course of a week. The app also reveals how eco-friendly the fleet is, as well as the level of its CO2 emissions. In addition, the Fleetboard Manager allows customers to see the position of individual vehicles. Regular software updates ensure additional functions are added. Use of the app requires the Truck Data Centre in the Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Continuous innovations for the logistics sector

Since 2003 Fleetboard has been committed to the continuous innovation of the industry; the services developed are the answers to the challenges in the logistics industry. Fleetboard faces these over and over again and continuously develops its products further to meet the requirements of customers. Future fields of innovations for Fleetboard are apparent, for example in the context of electric mobility, in the form of more innovative billing methods with platooning or with blockchain technology. Fleetboard is virtually prototypical for the Daimler Strategy CASE – Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric. Up until today, Fleetboard has equipped around 285,000 vehicles in its markets with connectivity modules.

Fleetboard Innovation Hub: creativity with digital know-how

"Taking connected logistics to the next level" is the motto under which the Fleetboard Innovation Hub, founded in Berlin in 2016, focuses its development activities. The employees permanently observe the telematics industry, scan the start-up scene and make contacts in order to gain partners for new collaborations or for further development at an early stage. In so doing, they always remain in touch with customers. And they do so with great success: this year, the Daimler Fleetboard Innovation Hub was selected as one of the best innovation labs in Germany in the category "Innovation lab – Industry".

Truck Data Center – the centrepiece of the truck

The Truck Data Center, a networking module in approximately A5 format, is the centrepiece of Fleetboard and the basis for all connectivity solutions.Based on international standardised electrics/electronic architecture, it is installed in all brands by Daimler Trucks, and comes as standard in the Mercedes-Benz Actros. It receives data from the truck's sensors, cameras, etc. and analyses this information for different applications. At the same time, it serves as the interface for all networking services and is thus responsible for the truck's external communication: the Truck Data Center communicates with the infrastructure, with other vehicles and with other entities involved in the logistics process like a modern smartphone – in real time via Bluetooth, 3G signal or GPS.

Fleetboard Driver Management

The crucial factor in truck transport is sitting behind the wheel: it is the driver who is responsible for safe and economical transport. This is where Fleetboard Driver Management comes in, registering and assessing the driving style, providing the driver with tips on how to handle the truck and advising the company of any necessary training. Fleetboard calculates the driving style score – whatever the truck brand or model series – based on factors relevant to wear and fuel consumption such as anticipatory driving, vehicle speed changes and braking characteristics. Another important aspect is time management, namely precise monitoring of the drivers' driving and rest times.

Fleetboard enables companies to identify potential for improvement and to train their drivers accordingly. The Fleetboard EcoSupport system helps the driver to adopt and maintain an efficient, fuel-saving driving style. To this end it uses the results of the Fleetboard deployment analysis and displays tips while on the road to help further optimise the individual driving style and reduce fuel consumption.

Fleetboard Fleet Management

Fleetboard Fleet Management boosts fleet efficiency by gathering a broad spectrum of objective data. Irrespective of the truck brand, the service collects information on mileage, fuel consumption and service fluid levels and indicates when the next service is due. The scope of collected information is flexibly adaptable to customers' needs and wishes.

The Fleetboard Fleet Management provides companies with the necessary basis for maximum efficiency and profitability – for the entire vehicle combination when applied in conjunction with Trailer Management. Fleet managers can view the maintenance history of each individual vehicle and reduce downtimes through well-aimed planning.

Fleetboard Transport Management

Using standard workflows, Fleetboard Logistics Management maps typical transport tasks, such as the scheduling of trips and orders, the execution of orders, loading, the exchange of freight, unloading or the input of waiting times. Fleetboard is able to adapt company and industry-specific processes individually to any telematics solution and, if requested, to an existing or in-house IT set-up. For this the company can call upon Fleetboard Consultants who, at the start of the collaboration, conduct a specific analysis based on the company's processes and requirements and then work together with the customer to flexibly configure services and processes.

Transport Management enables vehicle coordinators to maintain a clear overview of all transport orders and to call up the current status of any order. The order management function benefits drivers, as all coordination takes place via the DispoPilot.guide, avoiding time-consuming and error-prone coordination by telephone.

Fleetboard DispoPilot.app: flexible integration of subcontractors

The Fleetboard DispoPilot.app provides operators with a simple and flexible means of integrating subcontractors into their logistics processes. Instead of the fixed DispoPilot.guide installed in the vehicle, drivers use Android smartphones or tablet PCs with the DispoPilot.app. Amongst other functions, the application assures communication between the control centre and the driver, facilitates workflow-based processing of orders and transmits geocoded addresses as well as the starting position for route guidance – provided an additional navigation app is installed. The Fleetboard DispoPilot.app also offers the ability to take photos and make printouts. Logistics scheduling can manage the logistics processes in the familiar environment – the Fleetboard cockpit – using the Logistics Management services and Fleetboard Mapping to optimum effect.

Mercedes-Benz CharterWay: fully focused on trucks and trailers

  • CharterWay Rental and ServiceLeasing are leaders in Germany and other European markets
  • Focus on Mercedes-Benz trucks, trailer, mounts and FUSO Canter

Renting trucks and trailers, providing select services in combination with leasing offers and offering fleet contracts – these are the building blocks of CharterWay unique programme for success.The commercial vehicle rental and service leasing brand, part of Daimler AG, offers efficient services and mobility from a single source for the procurement, service and management of Daimler commercial vehicles. Across Germany alone, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay looks after around 74 000 units in ServiceLeasing. In the rental sector, CharterWay has a fleet of more than 8000 units to tow and be towed. As customers request, the vehicles are available for short-term rental from 24 hours or as long-term rentals for months and years.

Focus of CharterWay Rental: Mercedes-Benz trucks, trailer, mounts and Fuso Canter

One year after its silver anniversary – Mercedes-Benz CharterWay was founded back in 1992 – Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is now completely focussing on the truck and trailer.

The diverse rental and service portfolio for vans will be integrated into Mercedes-Benz Vans Mobility GmbH so that the tailor-made solutions can be aligned even more precisely to the specific needs of our core customer groups.

CharterWay enables various sectors to find the perfect solution suited to their respective needs. Among other things, these needs result from order peaks, an increase in operational flexibility or long-term safeguarding of the company's liquidity.A further plus point is the reduced equity commitment in the business, which leaves the company with more leeway for other important investments.

In addition, there is maximum cost certainty and reliability and the highest degree of flexibility. There are more than 70 CharterWay outlets in Germany where vehicles can be hired and collected. Companies that rent their trucks at CharterWay automatically have access to the Mercedes-Benz service network in Germany and Europe.

The rental fleet covers the entire range of star-branded trucks, from the Mercedes-Benz Atego and Arocs tipper to the heavy-duty Actros SLT as well as the highly manoeuvrable FUSO Canter. A particularly eco-friendly option is the FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid.

All vehicles in the CharterWay rental fleet are up-to-date in terms of technology. Most are equipped with the Fleetboard telematics system, the Predictive Powertrain Control cruise control system and the Mercedes-Benz Safety Pack. The Mercedes-Benz Safety Pack includes, among other things, Active Brake Assist 4, the first emergency brake assistant with pedestrian detection. In addition, CharterWay is offering vehicles with Sideguard Assist, which recognises pedestrians and cyclists, for example, and warns the driver by way of audible and visual warnings.

In addition to the standard vehicles for long-distance haulage and short-radius distribution, the CharterWay rental pool also encompasses a wide range of sector-specific vehicles, including for construction site operations, municipal applications and food transportation. Here the brand benefits from the production expertise of Mercedes-Benz and a range of qualified bodybuilding partners.

ServiceLeasing: specific vehicle configuration including bodies and implements with individual services

With ServiceLeasing from Mercedes-Benz Bank and other European leasing companies of Daimler Financial Services, customers can configure their specific vehicle, including bodies and attachments, and lease it over a set period of time at a fixed monthly rate.

Apart from vehicle-related repair and maintenance, a broad range of services provide complete assurance for the customer: from breakdown service, tyre service and tyre replacement to handling toll fees and carrying out prescribed mandatory inspections.The range on offer in the Complete service product also includes the provision of a replacement vehicle while maintenance and repair work is being carried out, the fuel card service as well as handling broadcasting fees, vehicle tax and insurance.

CharterWay Rental and ServiceLeasing are leaders in Germany and other European markets

Forwarding agents and haulage companies in other European countries also have access to CharterWay's rental pool and professional ServiceLeasing services. Today various Mercedes-Benz trucks for long-distance, distribution and construction transport as well as light-duty trucks like FUSO Canter are available to rent at around 50 CharterWay outlets in France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and Finland. In addition, additional long-term rental offers are available in Spain and Italy.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime: vision of 100 percent plannability, maximum vehicle availability

  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime: examples of the benefits of networking
  • Effectiveness of Mercedes-Benz Uptime extended
  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime now also integrates the trailer

With Mercedes-Benz Uptime, Mercedes-Benz is pursuing a clear objective: to continuously minimise unscheduled vehicle downtimes and to make them predictable – thereby further increasing vehicle availability for customers.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime's intelligent networking of the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Service and the haulage company defines new standards. A year and a half after the introduction, the result is obvious: significantly improved plannability of workshop visits and higher vehicle availability. Mercedes-Benz Uptime is continuously being developed: the revolutionary service now also integrates the trailer, and is now also available for the Mercedes-Benz Atego as well as for further markets in Europe and beyond in future. At the same time, its capacity is continually being increased.

Intelligent networking for even more efficient vehicle use

Mercedes-Benz Uptime's intelligent networking of the vehicle, coupled trailer, Mercedes-Benz Service and the haulage company defines new standards. The result: significantly improved plannability of workshop visits and higher vehicle availability.

  • Constant communication from all the connected on-board systems generates several gigabytes of data per truck per day, which can be used for a variety of vehicle diagnostic functions.
  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime already supports a large percentage of all diagnostics processes fully-automatic and remotely. The cause of the fault is already known before the vehicle reaches the workshop.
  • After the data has been received from the truck, Mercedes-Benz Uptime automatically provides the dealer with action recommendations for the workshop within 240 seconds. This is made possible by the fact that the existing workshop know-how is accurately stored on the backend servers of Mercedes-Benz Service.
  • This enables diagnosis, clear recommendations for action and parts identification based on the appropriate repair instructions. In short: it allows optimal preparations to be made, including for unscheduled workshop visits.
  • For example, at the 1500+ Mercedes-Benz dealerships across Europe that are certified for Mercedes-Benz Uptime, this shortens the diagnosis time for the initial test in the workshop by up to a factor of 3. This saves time and money.
  • With the majority of Mercedes-Benz Uptime vehicles, unscheduled workshop visits have already been reduced by over half thanks to early fault detection.

Three services, one goal: even better vehicle use through perfect customer support

Mercedes-Benz Uptime noticeably increases vehicle availability – by providing real-time support for maintenance operations the customer has to carry out, by ensuring efficient management of repairs and maintenance and by helping to avoid vehicle break downs.

The Mercedes-Benz Uptime customer portal: all recommendations at a glance

The exclusive Mercedes-Benz Uptime customer portal provides a complete overview of an entire fleet's current operating status in real time.

Unique attributes of Mercedes-Benz Uptime:

  • Problems are detected early and translated into plannable workshop visits that can be bundled together
  • Predictable vehicle downtime is avoided and personal support is provided by experts in cases of emergency
  • Clear recommendations for action are provided where repair and maintenance requirements are identified
  • increasing integration of components on the coupled trailer
  • Service contracts available at a particularly attractive service rate thanks to the integration of Mercedes-Benz Uptime

Increased effectiveness for Mercedes-Benz Uptime

The effectiveness of Mercedes-Benz Uptime is continuously being improved and made available to all Uptime customers by way of regular updates over-the-air. Both the number of cases identifiable by the system and the quality of the rules and the status data are constantly being increased.

From September 2018, the rules for identifying faults on the coupled trailer for all vehicles will be expanded via an over-the-air update. New cases include faulty tyre pressure sensors on the trailer, wear of the trailer brake pads or if the trailer's tyre pressure is too low.

The functionality of these new rules depends on the trailer equipment (e.g. electronic brake system, air pressure supply monitor, tyre pressure sensors etc.). From September 2018, Mercedes-Benz Uptime will also recognise additional faults and warnings in the truck (e.g. for the engine, transmission, air pressure supply and brake systems).

From 2019, Mercedes-Benz Uptime will also be available for the Mercedes-Benz Atego in addition to the Actros, Antos and Arocs.

In addition, starting from 2019, Mercedes-Benz Uptime will be available in South Africa, Norway and Slovakia.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime is an integral part of Mercedes-Benz Complete, Select and SelectPlus service contracts

The ideal combination of intelligent vehicle connectivity and Mercedes-Benz service contract means that customers benefit twice over. Thanks to increased vehicle availability and significantly greater predictability of workshop visits, their vehicles are ready for use for even longer. In addition, the optimised repair and maintenance costs thanks to Mercedes-Benz Uptime are reflected in a particularly attractive service contract price for customers. All other Mercedes-Benz service contracts can also be combined with Mercedes-Benz Uptime.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceContracts – tailor-made service contracts designed for maximum mobility

  • More than half our customers already enjoy the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz service contract
  • Efficient and predictable costs teamed with optimised vehicle availability
  • New: from the IAA 2018, Mercedes-Benz Uptime as standard for all Mercedes-Benz Complete, Mercedes-Benz Select and Mercedes-Benz SelectPlus contracts

For more than 40 years now, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been offering its customers service contracts, giving optimal cover for repair and maintenance work well beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Half of all Mercedes-Benz trucks on the roads today already benefit from a Mercedes-Benz service contract. Among international long-distance hauliers, the figure opting for a service contract from Mercedes-Benz is as high as 75 percent. Customers are not only be able to schedule workshop visits in their home country, for example for maintenance or wear-and-tear repairs, but also anywhere else in Europe. This means, for instance, that waiting times can be used for repairs and maintenance, thus further increasing the availability of the trucks and ultimately their overall economic efficiency.

Efficient and predicable costs with Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts

Customers enjoy many benefits and minimise their operating tasks when they opt for a Mercedes-Benz service contract:

  • Risk mitigation through fixed and predictable rates
  • Increased capacity utilisation thanks to predictable availability
  • Ideally maintained vehicles, ready for use
  • Long-term retention of vehicle value
  • Use of close-coverage Mercedes-Benz service network throughout Europe
  • Easing of administrative workload

Customers can also safeguard the residual value and leasing of their vehicles with an overall monthly rate through ServiceLeasing or CharterWay Rental.

Modular service contracts to meet any customer requirement

Whether for a long-distance fleet or for local operations with a single vehicle: there is an ideal solution to the specific requirements of any customer, thanks to the use of modular Mercedes-Benz service elements.

The Mercedes-Benz Extend service contract offers an extended warranty for the drivetrain. The Mercedes-Benz Select service contract includes an extended warranty for the drivetrain, combined with maintenance work. The Mercedes-Benz ExtendPlus service contract offers an extended warranty for the entire vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz Complete service contract covers all repairs, maintenance and wear-and-tear elements for the duration of the contract, enabling customers to keep all costs under control. If so required, a Mercedes-Benz partner workshop will also coordinate appointments and verify invoices. The term and mileage of the contract can be set individually by the customer – normally up to 96 months and a million kilometres, depending on the vehicle model.

Customers may configure their service contract in line with their own specific needs by adding further options such as tyre service or semitrailer repairs.

New: from the IAA 2018, Mercedes-Benz Uptime as standard for all Mercedes-Benz Complete, Mercedes-Benz Select and Mercedes-Benz SelectPlus contracts

The innovative Mercedes-Benz Uptime service has been steadily expanded ever since its market launch 18 months ago. In response to the positive feedback, Mercedes-Benz Uptime will be offered as standard for all Mercedes-Benz Complete, Mercedes-Benz Select and Mercedes-Benz SelectPlus contracts as of the IAA 2018. All other Mercedes-Benz service contracts can also be combined with Mercedes-Benz Uptime.

Service 24h: tracking breakdown cases online and querying the repair status in real time from 2019

  • Round-the-clock service in the event of an emergency
  • 24h breakdown service: the most extensive service coverage in Europe
  • New: tracking breakdown cases online, querying the repair status in real time

Excellent services matched by excellent engineering: there's an old Mercedes-Benz advertising slogan to this effect, which remains as valid now as it ever was for owners and drivers of any vehicle that sports the three-pointed star. The best example for this is Service 24h.

Round-the-clock service in the event of an emergency

With a truck from Mercedes-Benz you are never alone, for every truck with the star comes as standard with its own guardian angel. If a truck should break down at any point, Mercedes-Benz will provide prompt and expert service to ensure that it gets going again.

The central element of such a commitment is the 24h breakdown service. The central hotline is there to take calls and organise help, 365 days a year. A call to the free hotline is all that is needed for Service 24h to make its way to the truck in the event of a breakdown. It is available around-the-clock across Europe.

24h breakdown service: the most extensive service coverage in Europe

Mercedes-Benz Service 24h offers expert service, wherever it is needed. The Mercedes-Benz truck service network has almost 1000 outlets across Europe and its specially trained Service 24h technicians are on hand to help customers.

In four out of five cases the breakdown can be resolved there and then, but if this isn't possible Mercedes-Benz will arrange for the vehicle to be taken to the nearest Mercedes-Benz truck workshop and organise the necessary steps. Here, professionals work for professionals: many of our service partners offer extended opening hours until 10 pm, midnight or even around the clock, and will even undertake maintenance work outside normal working hours – all to keep their customers' fleets rolling.

New: tracking breakdown cases online, querying the repair status in real time

With the new online tracking system from Mercedes-Benz, customers will be able to query all relevant data regarding a breakdown online as of January 2019. In addition, customers can find out about the current status of repairs online in real time. The result is maximum transparency so as to react to an unplanned repair even quicker.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

  • Ensuring a Mercedes-Benz stays genuine
  • 3D printing: genuine replacement parts made of plastic and metal
  • New: TruckParts – the economic parts line for older vehicles

Mercedes-Benz genuine parts are the result of more than 125 years of experience in vehicle and parts manufacturing. Their high level of quality and reliability as well as their proven safety impress time and again. With specific and precise manufacturer's specifications, continuous enhancement as well as comprehensive tests and controls, Mercedes-Benz ensures that genuine parts are always state of the art and always fulfil the brand's high quality standards. Daimler AG's perfectly coordinated logistics system ensures quick and trouble-free delivery of genuine parts to the service partner.

Ensuring a Mercedes-Benz stays genuine

Mercedes-Benz genuine parts are developed using requirements specifications specifically for Mercedes-Benz. Before these parts are approved by Mercedes-Benz development they are subject to and must fulfil all test and inspection criteria. To this end, Mercedes-Benz carries out numerous tests according to strict guidelines. In addition, the driving test covers many thousands of kilometres.

When it comes to quality and life span, Mercedes-Benz genuine parts are the most economically viable solution. There is no risk for the customer when using genuine parts. Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts – the advantages at a glance:

Product quality

  • State-of-the art technical development
  • Constant quality control through continuous material and function testing
  • Compliance with manufacturer's specifications regarding safety, economy and environmental protection

Product range

  • Specially adapted to vehicle-specific use conditions
  • Customer-oriented portfolio consisting of innovations, remanufactured parts and repair solutions
  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories are developed according to the same criteria and expand the product range

Product availability

  • Genuine parts from Mercedes-Benz are available where the customer needs them
  • Extensive Mercedes-Benz service network throughout Europe
  • Short replenishment time on account of efficient logistics
  • Worldwide availability/delivery capability

Product guarantee

  • Entire product range from a single source
  • Long-term availability guaranteed after series production period
  • Europe-wide guarantee

3D printing: genuine replacement parts made of plastic and metal

In 2016 Mercedes-Benz was the first truck manufacturer worldwide to sell replacement parts made from 3D-printed plastic. Since 2017, metal parts are also being produced in the 3D printer. These are parts that would increase in price in the future if the supplier were changed, for example, or if an expensive tool had to be replaced in order to keep manufacturing them. This means that Mercedes-Benz can cost-effectively offer replacement parts which are only required in small numbers, such as for vehicles that have not been in series production for a longer period of time.

The metal parts can be produced at the touch of a button and supplied in exactly the same way as printed plastic parts in any shape and any quantity. Maximum quality is guaranteed: All parts from the 3D printer are of at least the same quality standard as component parts that are produced conventionally. They therefore meet the strict Mercedes-Benz quality criteria.

In the current year, this "generative production technology" made a decisive contribution to product quality and customer satisfaction: to modify customer vehicles in their area of application at short notice, plastic component parts required for retrofitting were completely redesigned and produced in the 3D printer in just seven working days.In terms of regular procurement, even just the production of the injection moulding tools required to conventionally manufacture the components would have take months.

New: TruckParts – the economic parts line for older vehicles

The introduction of the new parts line TruckParts by Mercedes-Benz rounds off the service and parts offering. Alongside Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts, TruckParts by Mercedes-Benz presents an additional option for customers with older vehicles.

As their vehicles age, customers' expectations also change. Innovative products, durability and the latest advancements in development tend to become less important, while the price must also fit the intended purpose and period of use. The second parts brand, TruckParts by Mercedes-Benz, was added to the service and parts portfolio available in the Mercedes-Benz workshops especially for these customers.TruckParts expands the portfolio to include the most important maintenance, wear and repair parts for all older Mercedes-Benz model series. The result is attractive offers for price-sensitive customers with older trucks.

Excellent Mercedes-Benz service in conjunction with the most important parts convinces customers that Mercedes-Benz is the right partner for vehicles of all ages.

  • An age-appropriate specification guarantees the best price-performance ratio.
  • When it comes to safety, all parts meet the high safety standards of Mercedes-Benz and are tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz Development.
  • TruckParts is a Mercedes-Benz brand. Only Mercedes-Benz knows what requirements must be fulfilled in order for a part to function perfectly with other components in the truck.
  • TruckParts is offered in Mercedes-Benz outlets, uses Mercedes-Benz systems and processes and has the same guarantee as Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories and Retrofits - attractive innovations in 2018

  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories in proverbial Mercedes-Benz quality
  • Tailor-made genuine accessories for the new Actros
  • Mercedes-Benz Retrofits: software and hardware

Whether designed to enhance cost-effectiveness, safety, comfort or individuality – Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories offer a tailored solution for every customer. Comprehensive tests and approval processes ensure that the proverbial Mercedes quality is retained in the Genuine Accessories. In addition, the new range of retrofits from Mercedes-Benz make it possible to retrofit special equipment in the truck so as to expand the vehicle's applications.

Tailor-made genuine accessories for the new Actros

The range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories, which has been continuously expanded over almost the last 30 years, once again has a few surprises in store in 2018.A comprehensively equipped Actros in the outside area in front of Hall 14/15 presents main beam headlamps integrated into the sun visor, for example.With considerably less wind resistance they illuminate the road even better in comparison to a conventional roof lamp bracket. The 900 mm-wide bed ensures even better sleep, the extension of the LED interior lighting ensures a relaxing atmosphere and the stowage tray in the dashboard with a 12-volt socket provides a safe place for odds and ends.

In addition, the "Edition 1" special model at the Daimler stand in Hall 14/15 features a host of retrofit accessories: two-colour curtains for blocking light even better night, a sturdy, non-slip platform made of stainless steel between the cab and the fifth wheel coupling and the soft nappa leather cockpit trim for an even more exclusive feel.

Mercedes-Benz Retrofits: software and hardware

Due to increasing demand, Mercedes-Benz is responding with a range for retrofitting special equipment. Apart from software for changing the driving program, it is now also possible to retrofit, among other things, the FMS interface (interface for Fleet Management Systems), the high-performance engine brake, the headlamp protective grille, Remote Online and other special equipment.

TruckWorks: full service for vans, trucks and trailers from a single source

  • Extensive network of around 100 depots in Germany
  • Comprehensive range of services, 30 cooperation partners
  • Specially qualified employees, Genuine Parts

Servicing for vans, trucks and trailers from a single source - that is the speciality of the Mercedes-Benz brand TruckWorks. Mercedes-Benz has been setting the standard for commercial vehicle servicing for some nine years now with TruckWorks: be it maintenance, vehicle testing, repairs or other services, TruckWorks takes care of every aspect of tractor units as well as trailers, semitrailers and bodies all across Germany.

Extensive network of around 100 depots in Germany

Some 100 establishments out of a total of around 750 sales and service locations for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in Germany are part of the TruckWorks organisation. The dense network stretches from Flensburg to Ravensburg and from Aachen to Cottbus.

The workshops consistently stand out for the exceptionally comprehensive range of services offered. All TruckWorks depots, for example, offer customer-oriented extended opening hours: they are open for a minimum of 14 hours a day during the week, and for at least 8 hours on Saturdays. What's more, all Mercedes-Benz customers have access to Service 24h, ensuring direct and speedy help in the event of a breakdown, at any time of the day or night.

The offer is complemented by the truck tyre service, the collection and drop service and mobility solutions. The perfect infrastructure in a convenient location in terms of road networks is an added bonus.

Comprehensive range of services, 30 cooperation partners

TruckWorks is currently working with 30 prestigious partners: they include manufacturers of trailers, semitrailers and bodies, and well-known makes of axle, brake system, cargo liftgate and air conditioning unit.

With all cooperation partners TruckWorks carries out all maintenance and repair work, including warranty and policy cases, all statutory checks such as the main inspection and safety inspection, plus accident prevention checks (annual repeat checks according to the accident prevention regulation).

Specially qualified employees, Genuine Parts

The great strength of TruckWorks lies in top-class Mercedes-Benz service quality for the complete truck unit, the time-saving bundling of mandatory testing and inspections as well as maintenance and repair, the highly-qualified service and workshop employees as well as the use of high-quality genuine parts, which include the warranty and guarantee.

Mercedes ServiceCard: simple, clever, efficient

  • Pay tolls and parking fees by card
  • Service 24h: the fastest way back onto the road
  • Perfect overview of costs thanks to the Mercedes ServiceCard

You can bank on this card - the Mercedes ServiceCard is a real trump card for companies and drivers: They can refuel at attractive conditions and process tolls fees cheaply. The Mercedes ServiceCard also makes it possible to use Mercedes-Benz Service 24h and other helpful services without the need for cash. Through our specialist partner UTA, customers with a Mercedes ServiceCard benefit from a supply network that comprises over 44 000 filling stations across Europe. Mercedes ServiceCard target groups include operators of trucks, vans, buses and cars.

Cheap, cashless refuelling throughout Europe

The focus of these services is to facilitate cheap, cashless refuelling throughout Europe. Users of the Mercedes ServiceCard, offered in conjunction with our partner UTA, have access to an extensive network of filling stations in 37 countries, at attractive terms and conditions. They are not tied to any particular brand of filling station. This is enhanced by further services, for example, the analysis of the fleet and the routes driven, together with recommendations on route-related refuelling strategies to reduce costs.

The free app from our partner UTA shows the nearest filling station or the filling stations along a predefined route, together with their fuel charges. The really cost-conscious customers may wish to use "Bestprice Optinet": based on the latest data from the office for market transparency, the app shows the 1000 cheapest filling stations in Germany as an aid to planning refuelling stops. This can result in a saving of up to twelve percent per litre gross at the fuel pump.

The "Fahr & Spar" (Drive & Save) programme can also help save hard cash: it provides transparency with regard to costs, by analysing these based on various criteria such as vehicles, drivers and cost centres. Monitoring and management of fuelling costs is made much easier as a result. It can also compare the actual amount you have refilled with the fuel volume invoiced by the filling station to assist with plausibility checks. By linking the programme to Fleetboard, it is also possible to incorporate the tank fill level, driver and vehicle master data and the odometer reading. The tank fill levels can be used to undertake an analysis of refuelling procedures or to evaluate situations where peak values are exceeded.

Pay tolls and parking fees by card

Trucks are being increasingly thwarted by various toll systems throughout Europe. Not so with the Mercedes ServiceCard: our partner UTA can take care of toll administration in 26 European countries, from Portugal to Belarus and from the United Kingdom down to Italy.

The advantage of the toll service: it saves the driver a lot of time and the driver's company a lot of administration, as the toll data form part of regular UTA billing. Apart from this companies can make use of lucrative discounts in various countries.

Service 24h: the fastest way back onto the road

The Mercedes ServiceCard makes it possible to get going again quicker in the event of a breakdown. Should a vehicle break down in a foreign country, the Mercedes ServiceCard ensures that the customer is identified more quickly. By guaranteeing payment to the workshop and the efficient processing of all payments, the card supports the more rapid coordination of the repair job. This means quicker activation of Mercedes-Benz 24h. If it is established that additional assistance measures will be required, these can be initiated more rapidly with the Mercedes ServiceCard.

In addition, Mercedes ServiceCard holders who are involved in breakdowns abroad can use the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Service Centres to process their case, saving themselves processing fees.

Perfect overview of costs thanks to the Mercedes ServiceCard

With the Mercedes ServiceCard, companies can achieve their aim of minimising administration and maximising cost control. Every invoice related to road trips is set out in order, having been collated and listed by the service provider. As a result, all the important cost data is presented listed by vehicle - this form of cost control provides the ideal foundation on which to base commercial decisions.

In addition, Mercedes ServiceCard assists in processing VAT refunds in nearly all European countries and can take charge of the refund application. The Mercedes ServiceCard also takes charge of the mineral oil tax refund process in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. Both services considerably reduce the administrative effort involved in international transactions – the company is free to concentrate on its core tasks.

Countless other services can also be paid for with the Mercedes ServiceCard: ferry costs with nearly all the European ferry operators, tunnel and bridge tolls, coverage of many routes using combined transport, rentals from CharterWay, tyre service for truck and trailer in the event of a breakdown, external and internal cleaning all the way up to tankers and dry-bulk tankers. Simple, clever, efficient – the Mercedes ServiceCard makes it possible.

RoadEfficiency with TruckStore: an eye on reselling even with new purchases

  • Lower costs: keep an eye on resale when purchasing a new vehicle
  • New: trucks to go and the chat with the truck salesperson
  • Unsurpassed range of services from financing to warranty

TruckStore is responsible for the resale of used trucks within Daimler AG. It is a business without borders: The used vehicle specialists sell different age categories and tonnages or bodies with and without the star in virtually every country around the world. Those who want choice should go to TruckStore: In Europe, stock consists of several thousand trucks. The TruckStore experts not only deal with used vehicles, they even have tips on how purchasers of new vehicles can save costs.

Lower costs: keep an eye on resale when purchasing a new vehicle

RoadEfficiency for trucks with optimisation of overall costs means more than lowering the purchase price and operating costs. Those who think holistically already take resale into account when purchasing a new vehicle. This allows the overall costs of the truck be influenced in a simple way over its entire service life. That's is why the TruckStore experts are also virtually at the table next to the new vehicle sales advisor when it comes to fleet business – at the purchase, the TruckStore expert calculates the residual value.

Therefore, the tip from the TruckStore used vehicle experts is: when configuring a new vehicle, don't just think about the estimated service life, mileage, cab selection and engine variant, the paint finish and equipment, but also take into consideration the later resale value.This means that businesses have a lever that immediately makes itself felt through the monthly financing or leasing rates.

Professional processing: taking back the truck at the service partner

Taking back the truck at TruckStore runs just as professionally as the support provided at the purchasing stage. The focus is on transparency and avoiding conflict. A brochure with sample pictures gives information on what wear is acceptable and which type of damage leads to depreciation. This saves any surprises and gives companies the opportunity to potentially carry out any repairs in advance that might increase the value of the truck. A neutral evaluator carries out the evaluation. The evaluation is then checked by the truck experts from TruckStore for the customer and set in relation to age and mileage so as to determine an appropriate value.

New: trucks to go and the chat with the truck salesperson

There can be times when a company quickly needs an additional truck – for example during a short-term peak in orders or if a vehicle is down. This is where TruckStore steps in with the "Truck to go" model: popular vehicles are ready to go and on call in the outlets. Final review, sorting out financing – after 48 hours at the latest, customers can be using an Actros semitrailer truck, an Atego with a box body or a platform and tarpaulin, as well as other typical trucks.

The chat with the TruckStore salesperson is also new. What TruckStore is successfully testing in a pilot project at the moment will extended to Europe in the coming year: since used truck customers now very rarely inspect vehicles directly on the spot, TruckStore is ensuring contact is possible in another way by setting up a chat facility.

Extensive range of services from financing to warranty

Whether buying or selling a used truck: TruckStore is the right partner. You will find the organisation at 27 locations in 13 European countries, and above all else on the internet at www.truckstore.com with a wide range, with young used vehicles as well as more senior trucks.

You can rely on TruckStore thanks to standardised evaluation across Europe as well as the vehicle categorisation of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Thanks to close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Trucks new vehicle sales, TruckStore has its eye on sought-after vehicles at an early stage. The range of services is extensive, including leasing, financing, service contracts, repurchase agreements and above all else the TruckStore guarantee for the drivetrain for trucks in the Gold category.

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