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Readers of trade magazine "Omnibusrevue" vote for Daimler Buses as "Partner of the Year 2014"

Readers of trade magazine "Omnibusrevue" vote for Daimler Buses as "Partner of the Year 2014"

Jul 30, 2014
  • The "Partner of the Year" prize honours companies for their outstanding, innovative ideas
  • Predictive Powertrain Control impresses readers of "Omnibusrevue"
  • Up to four percent lower fuel consumption
The smart cruise control system Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) has impressed subscribers of the trade magazine "Omnibusrevue". As part of a survey, Daimler Buses emerged as the clear winner from among a highly competitive line-up in the Technology category of the "Partner of the Year 2014" award with the world's first predictive touring coach cruise control system.
"Partner of the Year"
The "Partner of the Year" reader prize rewards companies which have achieved an outstanding performance in the bus sector and is awarded each year on the eve of the RDA Workshop in the categories of Management, Technology and Tourism. In each of the three categories the editorial team of "Omnibusrevue" nominated five companies considered to be particularly worthy of the award. Each company had been successful with an innovative product or a good business idea.
Instead of a jury, however, the winners of the "Partner of the Year" award are ultimately decided upon by the very people who are involved in the bus and coach business on a daily basis  - the readers of "Omnibusrevue".
Axel Stokinger, Managing Director of the German sales organisation of EvoBus GmbH, is proud of having received the award. "This prize clearly shows just how important the issue of economy is to our customers.
With the Predictive Powertrain System driver assistance system, Daimler Buses is providing operators with a technology which is economical, pioneering and innovative. With PPC we are demonstrating the tremendous significance which we also place on safety, ecology and economy, and I am therefore particularly pleased and proud to have received this prize today."
Predictive Powertrain Control in coaches
With the launch of the Predictive Powertrain Control driver assistance system, Daimler Buses brought onto the market the world's first automatic speed control function for touring coaches with integrated transmission intervention. In 2014 Daimler Buses is going one step further with the system in terms of even more economic efficiency while at the same time taking the strain off the driver. The "predictive" cruise control system accesses the topographical data of virtually 100 percent of the motorways, trunk and main roads in Europe. Via GPS PPC can at all times detect the current position of the coach and the route ahead with its height profile.
On the basis of these data, the current speed plus the specified speed, the current vehicle mass plus the data on the engine output, torque and transmission PPC not only controls the speed; it also intervenes in the transmission and selects the suitable gear.
PPC uses peak engine revs before inclines, shifts down in good time in an anticipatory fashion, reduces power before hilltops and within permitted speed range allows the touring coach to freewheel on downhill gradients with light peak engine revs. In so doing PPC also uses the EcoRoll technology: in cases where this is worthwhile the technology selects the transmission's neutral setting and thus allows the touring coach to freewheel for longer in a consumption-saving manner without any drag losses.
Up to four percent lower fuel consumption
Predictive Powertrain Control primarily intervenes when negotiating uphill and downhill stretches. In doing so, the system turns the classic and inherent disadvantage of a conventional cruise control system into clearly measurable advantages: fully laden touring coaches such as the new TopClass 500 can achieve fuel savings of up to four percent in long-distance operations compared with vehicles fitted with a classic cruise control system.
On comparison drives on typical long-distance routes, such as Stuttgart to Hamburg and back, the system also performed well in terms of driver friendliness. Operating the cruise control is only minimally different to when driving a TopClass without Predictive Powertrain Control.
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    Sascha Böhnke, Technical Editor of "Omnibusrevue" (left), hands over the "Partner of the Year" award in the technology category to Axel Stokinger, Managing Director of the German sales organisation of EvoBus GmbH.
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    Jul 30, 2014