New car park and driver management system called CAR2SHARE cargo: CAR2SHARE cargo has successfully completed the first practical use

New car park and driver management system called CAR2SHARE cargo: CAR2SHARE cargo has successfully completed the first practical use
December 2015
Four months the non-profit organization, “Berliner Tafel”, introduced CAR2SHARE cargo. A system developed by Daimler Business Innovation to optimise existing transport processes. The concept: CAR2SHARE cargo is a digital car park and driver management system in which Mercedes-Benz Vans can be booked based on the carsharing principle. Due to the success of the pilot project, the Berliner Tafel decided on a permanent application and increases its Mercedes-Benz car park with CAR2SHARE cargo.
More efficient transport processes
Via a large logistics operation, the Berliner Tafel delivers up to six tonnes of food per day to social institutions. Daimler AG has been supporting this non-profit organization for over 15 years with the support of Mercedes-Benz Vans for the collection and distribution of food. Before CAR2SHARE cargo was introduced, the Berliner Tafel organised most of its delivery process manually, meaning that the routes were often inefficient and also because there was not an existing vehicle assignment process, very time-intensive. The Daimler Business Innovation Team joined forces with the IT logistics provider tiramizoo to find a solution to these deficiencies: “Daimler had already created a passenger-transport concept in the shape of its free-floating carsharing service car2go. For us, it was a logical next step to apply this approach to goods transport – with CAR2SHARE cargo. With the Berliner Tafel, we are pleased to have found a partner to support us in piloting this concept”, emphasises Dirk Reimelt, Project Leader at Daimler Business Innovation.
Multiple aspects of the logistics procedures at Berliner Tafel have changed since the introduction of CAR2SHARE cargo: “We are already noticing the huge potential of fuel and time savings. Furthermore, satisfaction at our social facilities has increased as the food donations arrive timely and in better condition. The drivers are grateful for the chance to work with this innovative technology. The possibility of using CAR2SHARE cargo in conjunction with the tiramizoo software is taking logistics performance to an almost uncharted level. We are so glad that we will be able to continue working with the system”, states Robert Hedram, Head of Logistics at the Berliner Tafel. Based on the positive experiences so far, all the other Mercedes-Benz Vans of the fleet from the Berliner Tafel will be equipped with CAR2SHARE cargo and undergo further trials. “We discussed how to assist the Berliner Tafel not only with vehicles, but also with the know-how within our company. With CAR2SHARE cargo, we are not just helping them with their mobility, but also making the job easier for the many voluntary helpers who give their best for a good cause with unbelievable passion”, explains Stefan Sonntag, Head of New Vans at Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany.
“Kalix”: new same-day delivery service with CAR2SHARE cargo
Following the positive experiences of CAR2SHARE cargo with Berliner Tafel, the system is now being introduced at “Kalix – Karlsruhe liefert´s fix” - a new same-day delivery service in Karlsruhe, Germany. In this pilot project set up in collaboration with City Initiative Karlsruhe, the IT logistics provider tiramizoo and other partners collect and deliver items purchased from several participating stores to customer’s home the same evening. Transport comes courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Vans equipped with CAR2SHARE cargo, while logistics planning and implementation is taken care of by tiramizoo. This service started 9th December 2015 in Karlsruhe.
CAR2SHARE cargo in detail
CAR2SHARE cargo is a digital fleet and driver management system in which Mercedes-Benz Vans can be booked based on the carsharing principle by visiting the website For the optimization of logistic processes the Daimler Business Innovation Team works closely together with the IT courier service tiramizoo. Together CAR2SHARE cargo and tiramizoo offers a comprehensive solution for creating a more efficient transport process – from the deployment planning of drivers and vehicles, the coordination of the route to the digital management and spontaneous bookings in the event of bottlenecks. The all-round planning tool consists of three modules that build on one another: “ Smart Van”, “Courier Assist” and “Virtual Fleet”.
“Smart Van” are intelligent Vans such as the Mercedes-Benz Vito or Sprinter, which can be booked via using the CAR2SHARE cargo platform. The Vans can be locked and unlocked by using the CAR2SHARE cargo app, while the key is kept inside the vehicle, so there is no need for time-consuming vehicle hand-overs. Once the driver has opened the Van, he or she receives a list of all orders automatically and, with the assistance of IT logistics provider tiramizoo, an ideal schedule is suggested to cover each destination.
The “Courier Assist” module enables digital fleet management. It assists with the management of fleet organisation and driver deployment planning by automatically suggesting the ideal deployment of drivers and vehicles.
“Virtual Fleet” can be used to book additional vehicles, depending on capacity utilisation and the order situation – even at peak periods like Christmas. The system therefore allows maximum capacity utilisation thanks to flexible vehicle deployment. Furthermore, the transporter can also be charged by the minute.
About the Berliner Tafel
Since 1993, the Berliner Tafel collects as registered association food donations for social institutions. There are approached in Berlin up to 600 supermarkets per week. Whether lunch for the unemployed, soup kitchen for the homeless or residential communities for former street kids - over 300 social institutions receive free food from the Berliner Tafel.
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    The car2SHARE cargo App automatically notifies the drivers when they receive a new job.
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    With CAR2SHARE cargo increases the satisfaction of social institutions, because the food arrives in a better condition, says Robert Hedram, management of the logistics at Berliner Tafel.
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    CAR2SHARE cargo helps the Berliner Tafel to optimize the transport logistics.