Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: seven gears, seven litres, enhanced ESP® functions

Oct 10, 2012
  • Sprinter: even more valuable with new features
  • First van with seven-speed torque-converter automatic transmission
  • BlueEFFICIENCY package reduces fuel consumption and emissions
  • Fuel consumption only 7 litres with new, long axle ratio
  • ADAPTIVE ESP®: functions further enhanced
  • Sprinter – synonym for its vehicle class
Easy-to-handle, economic, safe – the Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter is a benchmark where short-radius distribution using vans with a gross vehicle weight of around 3.5 t is concerned. Both companies and drivers are convinced of the Sprinter's qualities. Operators profit from numerous variants, a high degree of economy thanks to low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals and great retention of value. Drivers value the manoeverability of the Sprinter particularly in short-radius distribution - the result of its ideal, small turning circle and excellent visibility, the spacious and ergonomically friendly cockpit as well as the van's great comfort and its exemplary safety systems. The current Sprinter model is better than ever thanks to new features.
Sprinter: even more valuable with new features
The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is characterised by striking product enhancements in the earliest model year, thus underlining the Sprinter's ambition to lead its segment. The focus is on safety, economy and comfort. It is the first van in the world to be available with a seven-speed torque-converter automatic transmission. The BlueEFFICIENCY package and the longer axle ratio contribute towards further reducing fuel consumption. Furthermore, the standard-fit adaptive ESP® now has additional, enhanced functions.
First van with seven-speed torque-converter automatic transmission
As of July, the new transmission, termed 7G‑T RONIC, will be available as an option in a van for the first time worldwide. The seven-speed automatic transmission is equipped with a fully electronic control system and was adapted to fulfil the specific requirements of a van.
The engine output is transferred via a torque converter with an integrated lock-up clutch. The slip of the torque converter, which has a negative effect on performance, is thus minimised. Depending on the engine speed and engine load, the slip-controlled lock-up clutch is engaged in all gears. This reduces fuel consumption and as a result changing gears is easy and almost without delay.
The advantage of this new transmission with its seven gears is the wide spread between the lowest and the highest gears combined with closely spaced ratios. For the previous five-speed automatic transmission, the gear ratio spread ranged from i=3.595 in first gear to 0.831 in fifth gear; this now ranges from i=4.377 in first gear to 0.728 in seventh.
In practice, this means that the Sprinter's low first-gear ratio ensures that it can pull away dynamically. However, at high speeds, the van is economic, produces low emissions and runs quietly with a low engine speed. At the same time, there is a gear for every driving situation and the shifts in engine speed between the different ratios are small.
The driver can now intervene in transmission position "D" whenever necessary: by briefly pushing the selector lever to the left or right, he can restrict or extend the shift range in accordance with the current situation.
Thanks to the closely spaced ratios, longer rear axle ratios can be used without forfeiting performance. This further reduces fuel consumption.
Above all, the low fuel consumption in conjunction with the BlueEFFICIENCY package is remarkable: depending on the model variant and the axle ratio, the combined consumption for Sprinters with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes and a four-cylinder diesel engine easily falls below the 7.6 litre per 100 km mark.
The automatic gear transmission 7G‑Tronic is available for Sprinters with closed bodies, rear-wheel drive and diesel engines as well as for all permissible gross vehicle weights. Towing capacities up to 3.5 t and gross combination weight rating up to 7.0 t are also possible.
BlueEFFICIENCY package reduces fuel consumption and emissions
It goes without saying that every Mercedes‑B enz Sprinter consumes fuel sparingly. All diesel engines are equipped with a battery management system. The engine and transmission are designed for low fuel consumption and low emissions.
The already favourable fuel consumption of Sprinters with manual transmission can be reduced by a further 0.5 litre per 100 km with the help of the optional BlueEFFICIENCY package. This also results in a reduction in CO2 emissions.
The BlueEFFICIENCY package comprises the ECO start/stop function, tyres with optimised rolling resistance, the ECO power steering pump, alternator management and an electrically controlled fuel pump. Thus, the combined fuel consumption for a Sprinter panel van with a four-cylinder CDI diesel engine, manual transmission, a closed body and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t is reduced to as little as 7.4 litres per 100 km.
Fuel consumption only 7 litres with new, long axle ratio
A new, longer rear-axle ratio for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is another measure to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and is available as an option for various vehicle variants. The ratio of i=3.692 reduces engine speed by approximately six percent. The result is an excellently low fuel consumption of as little as 7.0 litres per 100 km and accordingly lower CO2 emissions.
ADAPTIVE ESP: functions further enhanced
Mercedes‑Benz has further improved the exemplary level of safety in the Sprinter. The most recent generation of the successful standard-fit ADAPTIVE ESP® now has additional functions.
The new Brake Disk Wipe system builds up a low level of brake pressure on a cyclical basis in rainy and wet conditions. As a result the film of water on the brake disc is wiped away, thus ensuring full braking performance immediately.
This is complemented by Electronic Brake Prefill: if the driver removes his foot from the accelerator abruptly, the vehicle interprets this as the first move before braking. The system reacts to this by gently applying the brake pads to the brake discs. As a result the distance between the two resistance partners has already been reduced to nothing, so to speak, when the driver depresses the brake pedal. This, in turn, reduces the reaction time for braking.
Sprinter – synonym for its vehicle class
The Sprinter lends its name to an entire vehicle class: the Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter has long been synonymous for vans with a gross permissible vehicle weight of around 3.5 tonnes. Available in four different lengths, three heights and with gross vehicle weight ratings between 3.0 and 5.0 t, the Sprinter is a real all-rounder, be it as a panel van, crewbus, platform, tipper or chassis variant.
Equally diverse is the range of drives available with their economic and powerful CDI diesel engines, which range from 70 kW (95 hp) to 140 kW (190 hp), as well a V6 petrol engine with 190 kW (258 hp) for particularly special requirements. The optional BlueEFFICIENCY technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions yet further. The Sprinter NGT with natural gas drive and the Sprinter LGT with liquefied petroleum gas drive cover the segment of low-emission and economic alternative drive technologies. The basis for these vehicles is the Sprinter with 115 kW (156 hp) four-cylinder petrol engine.
Typically Sprinter are: the safe and comfortable chassis, the spacious and well-equipped high-quality cab, as well as the utmost levels of functionality and safety.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Panel van,exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,Panel van, standard, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,Panel van, standard, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,Panel van, standard, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,Panel van, standard, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,Panel van, standard, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,Panel van, standard, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, exterior
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Euro 5, exterior