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A calendar for every taste: The finest impressions of 2015

A calendar for every taste: The finest impressions of 2015

Nov 17, 2014
Mercedes-Benz brings the best of 2015 to Mercedes-Benz fans with calendars of multiple varieties. Common features of these gems, which represent all divisions of the company, are the high-quality photography and their detailed features. The calendars are now available Mercedes-Benz Partners und your local dealership.
Sporty roadsters, dynamic coupés and dream cabriolets from the Mercedes-Benz PC portfolio are at the centre of the 2015 Passenger Cars Wall Calendar (€ 29.90)[1]. In each month the particular dream car is showcased using a number-shaped light source in a way never seen before.
The 2015 Mercedes-Benz Classic Wall Calendar (€ 29.90) presents selected restoration and reconstruction highlights from more than a century of automotive history. The spectrum of vehicles revived by the experts of Mercedes-Benz Classic ranges from historic racing cars to one-of-a-kind test vehicles and record-breaking cars, among them the 540 K Streamliner.
The new Mercedes-AMG GT is the hero of the 2015 AMG Wall Calendar (€ 34.90). A breath-taking road trip in the GT spanning 12 motifs across the 12 calendar months, presents a journey across Europe filled with thrilling pictures, demanding routes and special places.
The 2015 Formula 1-Wall Calendar (€ 29.90) gives fans the thrill of being accompanied by the current world champions for a year. It shows the most exciting, suspenseful and beautiful moments from the 2014 World Championship season.
The 2015 DTM Wall Calendar (€ 29.90) puts you right in the thick of things. This calendar presents the exciting 2014 DTM racing moments, showing gripping overtaking manoeuvres and spectacular pit stops.
For a new and special story to tell each month, the 2015 Commercial Vehicles Wall Calendar (€ 26.90) illustrates Mercedes-Benz men and women drivers and their CVs in extraordinary photographic journeys across Europe to their most beautiful destinations. The fascinating collection of atmospheric black-and-white motifs showcase the vehicles in places that have never been shown before - selected by the heroes of the daily commercial vehicle routine, who take us to their personal favourite places each month.
The motifs in the 2015 Unimog Wall Calendar (€ 26.90) are as universal as the Unimog's fields of application. The 12 exciting and colourful calendar pages show the many facets of the Unimog in operation.
On the Road Again: the 2015 Setra Wall Calendar (€ 26.90) shows attractive vehicle details in which exciting travel destinations are reflected.
The Three-Month Commercial Vehicles Calendar and the Four-Month Bus Calendar (€ 8.90 each) respectively display three and four months of 2015 at once. Both feature a red sliding day indicator on a transparent strip.
[1] All prices include VAT and apply to Germany