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Setra offers new seats for regular service intercity buses

Setra offers new seats for regular service intercity buses

Jun 22, 2011
  • New seat generation also being fitted to MultiClass vehicles since 1 June
  • Successful era of the modular seating system comes to an end after production of more than two million seats
  • Daimler Buses is Europe's largest manufacturer of bus and coach seats

Stuttgart/Neu-Ulm. More and more people will now be able to sit comfortably on new Setra seats thanks to the Ulm-based bus brand of Daimler AG offering a new generation of seats as an optional extra for all MultiClass 400 regular service intercity buses since 1 June 2011. This move marks the completion of the third step in the three-stage introduction of the new generation of seats which was presented in the autumn of 2010 at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover. Production of the seats for the tour buses of the TopClass 400 series began as early as September last year. And since 1 January of this year, it has also been possible to order ComfortClass 400 buses, designed for combined touring and regular intercity services, with the high-quality seats too.
The new generation of Setra seats features low weight, high functionality, optimum safety as well as unprecedented variability. The range comprises functional seats for excursion buses as well as for combined use in regular service and travel service applications, and also luxury seats for top-of-the-line long-distance coaches.
The introduction of the new seat generation marks the end of the highly successful era of the modular seating system, first launched in 1999. More than 2.1 million of these seats were produced, 1.7 million of which emerged from the seat production facility at the Neu-Ulm plant. A double seat currently rolls off the production lines of the company's in-house seat production facility every 72 seconds.
Largest manufacturer of seats in Europe
With a total of 450,000 seats made every year, Daimler Buses is Europe’s largest manufacturer of bus and coach seats. Together with the production facilities in Mannheim and Turkey, the Neu-Ulm-based seat production plant is a supporting pillar of this order-based in-house production, with which the company underscores the high standards it maintains in respect of comfort and safety, as well as emphasising the broad range of individual seating designs it offers. The Neu-Ulm plant also supplies other European locations, e.g. France and Portugal.
  • Legend
    Jörg Neumann, Head of Bus Assembly in Neu-Ulm (left) and Franz Krieglsteiner, Head of Equipment Design, pictured with the old (left) and the new generation of seats.
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    Jun 22, 2011