Insurance services

Daimler Insurance Services’ global offering combines various services such as: motor vehicle insurance, leasing and financing installments, fleet insurance, complete car dealership insurance for end customers and the retail trade. Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG has successfully established itself as a guarantee insurer in Germany since its launch in 2016 and already has more than 350,000 contracts in its portfolio. The motor vehicle insurance solutions we have developed with the insurance industry provide comprehensive protection for Daimler customers in over 40 markets.

In Germany, known under the name “InScore”, telematics-based car insurance enables customers to reduce their insurance premiums by adopting a responsible driving style. Via the Mercedes me portal, the so-called Driver Score can be viewed immediately after the end of the journey. Telematics-based insurance solutions were successfully introduced in France, Belgium and Germany in 2017 followed by the Netherlands and Great Britain in 2018.

In addition, the new short-term insurance “CoverOn” was launched in Germany in February 2019. This digital insurance solution allows to insure additional drivers flexibly for a limited period of time.

In the course of 2018, around 2.3 million cross-product insurance policies were concluded – a growth of 8 percent over the previous year.

The divisions of Daimler Insurance Services:

Global Automotive Insurance (GAI)
GAI provides tailor-made insurance solutions for end customers and dealers such as car insurance, warranty extension, GAP, purchase price protection or residual debt insurance for vehicle segments in the Daimler Group.

Corporate Insurance and Daimler ReBrokers
As in-house brokers for Daimler AG, the two divisions procure insurance cover for the Group’s global insurance programs from primary insurers and reinsurers. The aim is to protect the Group against material damage to property, plant and equipment and any resulting loss of earnings, as well as against third-party liability claims.

Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG
Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG is the first Group-owned insurance company in Germany to insure passenger cars and vans against warranty promises made by Mercedes Benz and smart dealers in Germany and abroad as well as the mobility promise made by Daimler AG. MBV operates the insurance types “repair cost insurance of motor vehicles” as well as “guarantee insurance of motor vehicles” of the insurance classes “technical insurance” and “other property damage insurance” within the scope of its permission.

Daimler Reinsurance
The aim of Daimler Reinsurance is to guarantee the insured client that the insurer can meet his (financial) needs at any time by having the company’s own reinsurance participate in the insurance cover arranged.

Daimler Pension Plans and Insurance Service
For more than 15 years, Daimler VVD has been providing individual insurance solutions for employees of the Daimler Group and its subsidiaries.

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