Building and energy industrie

  • Stuttgart/Mammendorf, Oct 17, 2013 - You can see at first glance that this Unimog U 500 is something really special: the vehicle is painted silver and the Palfinger Crane PK 34002 SH is not painted in its usual red, but green, "because that is the colour of our company logo," according to Gerhard Hamburger, Managing Director of Beton- und Stahlbau Hamburger GmbH.
  • Stuttgart/Sonthofen, Feb 1, 2012 - Using the Unimog in various trades has a long history as its adaptability is a great advantage in this extremely diversified sector. Among those companies who really appreciate the Unimog is the scaffolding company Schneider Ltd. and its working relationship with this competent all-rounder goes back for about 30 years. Scaffolding erected by this Sonthofen company on churches, hospitals, schools, industrial buildings and mountain railway stations can be anything up to 50 metres high.