Mercedes-Benz 2020 – Best Customer Experience: Successful opening for Mercedes-Benz pavilion in Warsaw

Mercedes-Benz 2020 – Best Customer Experience: Successful opening for Mercedes-Benz pavilion in Warsaw
July 2013
  • Mercedes-Benz with temporary brand experience in Warsaw city centre from July until October
  • First use of mobile sales consultants
  • Catering and event concept particularly aimed at appealing to new, modern target groups
  • 3,000 visitors and 80 test drives within the first ten days
Stuttgart/Warsaw – Since 20 July Mercedes-Benz has been showcasing its brand through a pavilion in the Powisle district of Warsaw, due to remain there for three months. The brand has chosen this location for its new temporary brand experience quite deliberately: Powisle with its parks lies in close proximity to the city centre and is a popular meeting place for Warsaw residents, especially during the summer months.
“Our concept to be with Mercedes-Benz wherever our customers are, is working: Our pavilion has only been in Warsaw city centre for ten days and we have already been able to welcome 3,000 visitors”, said Dr Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars. Over the same period there have already been 80 test drives of different Mercedes models. The most popular vehicles to take for a spin are the A-Class and the new CLA.
Mercedes-Benz does not just use the 200 square meters site to show a range of different cars like the new compact coupe CLA. A café with a 150 square meters patio, a children’s section and an exhibition area for readings, private art viewings and concerts is set to attract a wide range of visitors and allow them to experience the brand in an informal setting. One part of the pavilion is dedicated exclusively to two-wheeled mobility. Interested visitors can try out the smart e-bike while their own bicycle receives a free service. A range of events such as a G-Class fan-meet, summer cinema or design workshops round off the activities on offer. With the contemporary wood construction and attractive catering and event concepts, Mercedes-Benz has created an interactive brand and product experience in Warsaw that appeals particularly to new, modern target groups.
With its temporary brand experience Mercedes-Benz store also features the first use of mobile sales consultants by Mercedes-Benz. They can advise customers at home or in their work environment, provide support with vehicle configuration and organise flexible test drives wherever the customers require. The pavilion in Powisle is run by the brand in cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Warsaw.
The use of mobile sales consultants and temporary formats such as pavilions and pop up stores to communicate with customers is part of the recently introduced growth strategy in Sales and Marketing ‘Mercedes-Benz 2020 – Best Customer Experience’. This combines a whole range of new concepts in marketing, sales and after sales, with the aim to open the brand more effectively to new target groups while at the same time creating an even closer bond between loyal customers and the brand. To this effect the company is consistently focused on the customers and their changing requirements.
In addition to these temporary formats the company is also expanding its existing permanent city centre facilities. Mercedes-Benz was one of the first automobile manufacturers to open central inner-city sites quite a while ago, for example as early as 1995 on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Today there are around 20 of these urban brand experiences in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Milan, New York, Beijing and Tokyo. By 2020 their number is set to more than double worldwide.

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