Mercedes-Benz Capa-City: The new Capa-City high-capacity regular-service bus from Mercedes-Benz, which has a capacity of up to 193 passengers, arrived on the market in April 2007. Its four double-width doors ensure fast passenger turnaround, while its manoeuvrability, performance and handling qualities allow it to be used on a wide variety of routes. Despite being 19.54 m long, the Mercedes-Benz Capa-City can negotiate its way through traffic just as easily as a conventional articulated bus, thanks to four axles (two of which are steered) and a single articulated joint. The Capa-City is therefore just as easy to handle when cornering as the proven Mercedes-Benz Citaro G articulated bus.Mercedes-Benz CapaCity, Exterior, white, OM 470 rated at 265 kW/360 hp, displacement 10.7 l, 6-speed automatic transmission, length/width/height: 12960/2550/3620 mm, passenger capacity: 182