Daimler services: diverse services from financing through use and care to the used vehicle

Jan 21, 2016
  • FleetBoard: cut costs, raise productivity, create security
  • CharterWay: diverse range of construction vehicles in the rental fleet
  • MercedesServiceCard: an intelligent, convenient solution for long-distance drivers
  • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: finance products for the construction industry that bear the star
  • TruckStore: Europe's number one for used trucks
With a truck from Mercedes-Benz drivers and companies are never alone: a unique, comprehensive range of services frames every vehicle and ensures efficient use. The range of services spans financing through the Mercedes-Benz Bank to use optimisation through FleetBoard and security when out and about through the MercedesServiceCard to fleet optimisation through CharterWay and the recovery or purchase of used vehicles via TruckStore.
FleetBoard: cut costs, raise productivity, create security
Connectivity – for many a current buzzword, for FleetBoard lived reality as Europe's leading supplier of telematics systems in commercial vehicles for more than a dozen years. At the moment around 5000 companies and around 90,000 vehicles benefit from FleetBoard services. The telematics system comprises the hardware in the vehicle which collects vehicle, tour and position data and transmits it via mobile phone networks. From a comprehensive range of modules, customers can put together individual services for their vehicle and transport management requirements.
The FleetBoard vehicle management services support a driving style characterised by lower fuel consumption and lower wear and tear. Thanks to proactive maintenance planning, costs are further reduced through the long maintenance intervals and shortened downtime. The time management services support driver management by forecasting remaining time, down-loading driver card and mass storage data, and monitoring driving and resting times. The transport management services optimise trip planning.
For example FleetBoard takes care of remote read-out of the tachograph if construction vehicles are out on distant sites for weeks on end. Driving and resting times plus downtimes at loading and unloading points can also be monitored, and weight data transmitted. FleetBoard supports economical use of the vehicle for instance through transparency via the drive programs, such as use of the off-road mode on surfaced roads. FleetBoard also assesses the driving style as the basis for efficient driver training. The services can also be used for position finding of vehicles, important for the information of the customer, through to tracking the vehicle in the event of theft.
The new DispoPilot.guide, a mobile tablet for the driver, facilitates even more efficient and more connected order management. The latest navigation software from TomTom with route guidance specially for trucks navigates the truck to its destination via the best route. Live information on the traffic situation supports the driver. Logistics can transmit addresses to the driver which can be added to the navigation system with just a few clicks. Thanks to its own SIM card the tablet can also be used outside the vehicle. Thanks to its rubber-reinforced corners and its functional availability at temperatures from -20°C to +60°C it is also suitable for use in construction vehicles.
CharterWay: diverse range of construction vehicles in the rental fleet
Rental of trucks, vans and trailers, service, service in combination with leasing, fleet contracts as part of the CharterWay LogisticsPartner-Programme – Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offers its own mobility and services from a single source. As the market leader in this segment in Germany, CharterWay administers more than 120,000 commercial vehicles. In the rental sector the fleet comprises some 9000 units. With these vehicles CharterWay covers both short-term order peaks and longer-term demand – rental vehicles are available to suit requirements from 24 hours, over weeks or months.
The CharterWay fleet also comprises a highly diverse selection of vehicles for construction transport. From the current Mercedes-Benz truck range these include the Arocs with three and four axles as a rear-end tipper and three-way tipper, plus the Arocs as a tractor unit with tilting hydraulics. As two-axle tractor units the Arocs and Actros are also available with the additional hydraulic drive system Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive (HAD) for the front axle. The Actros is available as a building materials drop-side body with a crane, the Arocs and Atego even as a three-way tipper with a winter maintenance body. The Arocs, Actros and Antos are available with bodies as roll-off tippers and skip loaders. The crowning glory of the CharterWay fleet is the Actros SLT and Semi-SLT for use as a heavy-duty tractor/trailer combination.
CharterWay is well prepared for lighter-duty applications too: as a crewcab with a three-way tipper in the construction industry and ancillary trades the Sprinter cuts just as fine a figure as the Fuso Canter does as a high-payload three-way tipper, dump truck with loading crane or skip loader.
MercedesServiceCard: an intelligent, convenient solution for long-distance drivers
Users of the MercedesServiceCard can place everything on one card: refuelling at attractive conditions, favourably priced toll processing, cashless use of Mercedes-Benz Service24h plus further helpful services – all this is possible without cash when out and about with the no-cost MercedesServiceCard. Through the partner UTA customers benefit from a cross-brand supply network of more than 37,000 diesel stations in 38 European countries.
Fuel costs can be reduced with the free UTA app: it shows the next filling station coming up on a predefined route, together with the fuel costs there. The really cost-conscious customers may wish to select the Bestprice Optinet: this gives the 1000 most favourably priced filling stations in Germany, the prices are available at minute intervals. The UTA Fahr & Spar ("drive and save") software also aids cost transparency: it ensures transparent costs, broken down according to criteria such as vehicle, driver and cost centres.
The partner UTA also takes care of toll settlement in 23 European countries. Via the UTA MultiBox, for example, toll charges are recorded in France, Spain and Portugal - from April 2016 in Belgium too. This also applies to the charges for selected monitored parking spaces in France and Spain, plus at the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium and Herrentunnel in Germany. This all works without cash and is registered via the 14-day UTA invoice.
Other services can also be paid for with the MercedesServiceCard. Where the construction sector is concerned this applies above all to the CharterWay rental service, the tyre service in case of breakdowns involving the truck and trailer plus exterior and interior cleaning by the cleaning service.
But the MercedesServiceCard also offers immediate help. In case of an international breakdown swifter identification and coordination of the repair work is possible. This means quicker activation of Mercedes-Benz Service24h.
The MercedesServiceCard also reduces the administrative red tape and maximises cost control, as all invoices from journeys arrive in an orderly fashion from a single source.
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: finance products for the construction industry that bear the star
Mercedes-Benz Bank offers a diverse range of leasing and finance options specifically for the construction sector. Lots of experience lies behind this: one in every two commercial vehicles bearing the star in Germany is (part-)financed through a Mercedes-Benz Bank agreement, that is to say more than 250,000 vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Bank is a Daimler Financial Services company, the world's biggest financer of commercial vehicles.
For vans the Three-Phase Financing Package combines the benefits of short-term rental and financing, and protects cash payers' liquidity. When the agreement is signed, half of the purchase price is paid; the second half is paid after one year. In between, a "reminder payment" of just one euro per month is paid. Alternatively, after one year customers have the option of returning the vehicle at a guaranteed residual value, sell it or continue with financing.
Mercedes-Benz Bank has made classical financing more flexible. With the standard financing arrangement, the down payment and the term of the agreement are fixed. When the term is reached, the vehicle belongs to the customer. Seasonal financing adapts to the annual business cycle: when things are going well, the payment amount rises. When things are quieter, it reduces accordingly. With Plus3 financing, there are three options open at the end of the financing period: make the final payment and keep the vehicle; hand back the vehicle; sell the vehicle autonomously and make the final payment.
Leasing means having a commercial vehicle on a temporary basis. Always on the road with a current model, but at the same time protecting liquidity through payment of the monthly leasing instalment. CharterWay ServiceLeasing means vehicle leasing and servicing from a single source. Individual warranties and services cover the vehicle for the lifetime of the agreement. They can extend to the Full Service package, which includes repairs.
TruckStore: Europe's number one for used trucks
As Europe's largest used vehicle dealer for trucks, TruckStore is responsible for the used truck business within Daimler AG. On offer are vehicles from the van through all the classic truck tonnages to the SLT heavy-duty tractor/trailer combination from all brands, age brackets and with all bodies. The average Europe-wide stock is around 4000 vehicles. Construction vehicles such as dump trucks and tractor units suitable for the construction site make up a considerable proportion of the offering.
Every vehicle is checked and assessed in accordance with uniform European standards. The product categories Gold, Silver and Bronze create full transparency about the vehicle in relation to its age, condition, mileage and service-components. Over and above this TruckStore offers its customers individual services such as financing, leasing, rental plus explicit warranty and service contracts via CharterWay and buyback in the used vehicle field.
Used commercial vehicles from the entire TruckStore network can be found online at www.truckstore.com with images, prices and detailed descriptions in many languages. TruckStore is represented at 27 locations in 13 European countries. This results in a uniform high quality standard throughout Europe from Portugal to Poland and from Sweden to Turkey.
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