The new Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L: show vehicle in detail

  • Large-capacity bus for 189 passengers
  • Attractive appearance with Metro design package
  • Five double-width doors guarantee fast passenger changeover
  • Large areas for standing passengers boost capacity
Due to its sheer size and attractive appearance, the bus will form a real attraction on the stand at the UITP World Congress and Exhibitionin Milan. The new Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L simply cannot be overlooked as a flexible, clean, highly economical and exceptionally powerful transport system. Able to carry a remarkable 189 passengers, the vehicle on show demonstrates the unique character of this new large-capacity bus bearing the three-pointed star.
Attractive large-capacity bus with Metro design package
Imposing yet elegant, the CapaCity L on show possesses striking good looks, thus demonstrating the flexibility of the modular system on which it is based from the Citaro. For example, the front end of the show vehicle comes from the Citaro Ü. This explains the high windscreen which curves harmoniously up to the roof and features an integral destination indicator. The bus also sports a friendly face presenting the motto of the UITP congress - "Smile in the City".
The bus being displayed is equipped with the Metro design package. Side panelling conceals roof attachments such as the air conditioning unit so that the CapaCity L seems to have been cast from one mould. Wheels and axle heads painted jet black make for an effective contrast with the paintwork. Together with the typical exterior features of the Citaro family such as extensive glazing with low side windows and the dynamic three-dimensional design of the wheel arches, the CapaCity L makes an attractive overall impression.
Five double-width doors guarantee fast passenger changeover
Passengers enter the show vehicle through one of five double-width doors - three in the front section and two in the rear. This keeps the passengers changing over quickly even at busy bus stops. Doors one and two are inward folding doors that are powered pneumatically, whereas doors three to five are electrically powered pivot-and-slide doors. Doors two to five are controlled automatically to make the driver's life easier. Red flashing LED strip lighting in the outer ceiling flaps warns passengers that the doors are about to close.
The passenger compartment in the show vehicle looks friendly and inviting and is designed to be easy-care. One example is the floor covering with its red metallic finish. In the five entrance areas there is an surface offering exceptional non-slip quality in contrasting yellow. The hand and grab rails likewise stand out in signal yellow.
Large areas for standing passengers boost capacity
The layout of the show vehicle features large areas for standing passengers to accommodate high passenger numbers. In the front section, special areas are set aside on the left and also opposite between the doors. These can be used by standing passengers, wheelchair users or passengers with baby carriages as required. Door two is equipped with a mechanically folding ramp. A grab rail split into three parts at the top gives standing passengers something to hold onto in the particularly large area on the left in the direction of travel. Shortening the raised platforms just before the articulation joint creates more room for standing passengers.
In the rear section, there is a leaning area on the left side behind the joint. There is another standing section further to the rear opposite door four. Instead of the usual final row of seats against the rear panel directly next to door five, there are five additional leaning areas and a stowage facility. Altogether the show vehicle comes with 37 fixed CityStar Function seats made in-house and three folding seats. All seats are padded with red and grey patterned covers.
The focus, however, is on the number of standing passengers, at 152. When full, the bus can thus carry up to 189 passengers – no bus in Europe with a single articulation joint offers more capacity than the CapaCity L. This high number is even more remarkable when you consider that the show vehicle is comprehensively equipped with air conditioning for the driver and passenger compartment, as well as additional tanks for fuel and heating oil.
A practical and comfortably equipped cockpit
The cockpit in the CapaCity L comes straight from the Citaro and does not take any getting used to when switching vehicle. In the CapaCity L on display, the driver is treated to a heated seat with armrests. The exterior mirrors, driver's window, roller sunblind on the windscreen and the interior mirror are all operated electrically to facilitate adjustment.
The specification of this large-capacity bus also supports the driver effectively. Doors two to five are controlled automatically. The bus also has what is known as a 'stadium switch': at the touch of a button, all five doors open simultaneously to ensure the best possible passenger flows.
Video cameras monitor the areas around the entrances to doors three to five. When the doors are opened the driver can see what is happening by all monitored doors at a glance thanks to quad-split mode on their screen. Even if the driver misses something, there will be no unpleasant consequences: the outer ceiling flaps, rear dome and the window pillars and side panelling from door three have a protective anti-graffiti coating on them.
Two video cameras at the top left and right at the rear contribute to safety in road traffic. Thanks to their help, the driver is able to monitor rear swing-out at any time. The fire alarm system with a detection line in the engine compartment provides a different type of safety.
Powerful drive system, big range
A heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz OM 470 engine that complies with the Euro VI emissions standard powers the show vehicle. This advanced engine has proven itself in many Citaro G articulated buses amongst others. Here the powerplant has an appropriate peak output of 265 kW (360 hp). The maximum torque is 1700 Nm. Power transmission, meanwhile, is handled by the ZF Ecolife automatic transmission with torque converter.
To boost the maximum range, the show vehicle also has a 300-litre fuel tank and an auxiliary tank for a further 100 litres. There is a separate tank for heating oil to operate the auxiliary heater.
The attractive and informative décor of the show vehicle for the UITP congress in Milan also exhibits maximum reach: the lettering highlights the numerous advantages of the Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L. These range from the ample space and accessibility to tried-and-tested components from the Citaro and the economic benefits.

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    Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L 5 doors
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    Grahpic CapaCity 5 doors