Engine and drive system: Engine capacity king with 336 kW/457 hp

Wide, road-hugging and ready for action: the very appearance of the new C 63 AMG raises expectations. The bonnet with its prominent power domes is the first indication of the exceptional drive system of the new AMG high-performance car. Under the bonnet you will find an independently developed AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine, which generates a dominant 336 kW/457 hp at 6800 rpm from a 6208-cc displacement. In this respect, the C 63 AMG comes very close to the 470 or so horsepower delivered by the AMG C-Class racing touring car in the German Touring Car Masters (DTM). Such high output also benefits the power-to-weight ratio, which is a very favourable 3.6 kg/hp.
The torque developed by the AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine need also fear no comparison. The maximum 600 Nm at 5000 rpm is unrivalled in this class and the torque curve is equally impressive: from 2000 to 6250 rpm the driver always has more than 500 Nm on tap – ideal for powerful acceleration in any engine speed range. Thanks to its superior capacity, the AMG eight-cylinder engine delivers 30% more torque than comparable engines in its performance class.
AMG 6.3-litre V8 based on thoroughbred racing technology
Introduced in 2005, the V8 engine is installed in numerous AMG high-performance cars and excels with its thoroughbred motor sports technology. Perfect cylinder charging is ensured by the vertical arrangement of the intake and exhaust ducts, as well as the magnesium variable intake manifold with two integral throttle flaps. Other high-tech features include variable camshaft adjustment, four-valve technology with bucket-type tappets, a particularly rigid aluminium crankcase of closed-deck design and the low-friction TWAS coating on the cylinder contact surfaces.
Key figures for the C 63 AMG at a glance:
C 63 AMG
Cylinder arrangement/ Valves per cylinder
V8/ 4
Displacement cc
Bore/stroke mm
Compression ratio
Output kW/hp
at rpm
Max. torque Nm
at rpm
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h s
4.5 (4.6)
Top speed km/h
NEDC combined consumption in l/100 km
13.4 (13.7)
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AMG sports exhaust system for typical AMG eight-cylinder vocals
One of the outstanding strengths of the next-generation V8 engine from Mercedes-AMG is its high-revving flexibility. It reaches its maximum at 7200 rpm. With an all-new sporty AMG sound developed during extensive testing, the eight-cylinder Affalterbach engine offers the unique appeal of a high-revving, naturally aspirated engine – unmistakable at low, medium and high engine speeds. To minimise exhaust back pressure, the continuous dual-flow AMG sports exhaust system features two chromed twin oval tailpipes with large cross-sections. The high-performance catalytic converter technology ensures optimum emission control. And it goes without saying that the C 63 AMG complies with all current emissions limits, including EU 4. The specific requirements of the US market, such as the LEV-II standard, On-Board Diagnosis II and the lambda sensor diagnosis present no obstacle. The fuel consumption of the C 63 AMG according to the NEDC is 13.4 l/100 km and 319 g/km CO2 (Estate 13.7 l/100 km and 326 g/km CO2).
The inspiring agility and spontaneous response of the V8 engine to the touch of the accelerator also have their roots in electronic fuel supply. Equipped with new components, they operate at a demand-actuated system pressure of 3.8 to 5.0 bar. According to power requirements and external temperature, fuel pressure is
adjusted and regulated at lightning speed. The signal from the accelerator pedal is converted in milliseconds by the engine electronic system into the corresponding fuel pressure setting. Such control ensures rapid vehicle response and a sporty thrust across all load ranges and at all engine speeds.
Large radiators for optimum stability
In the interests of optimal reliability, the C 63 AMG has a particularly efficient water cooling system and large engine and transmission oil coolers. Located behind the large apertures in the AMG front apron, these coolers ensure non-critical operating temperatures at all times – even under the extreme stress of the racetrack.
Like all AMG high-performance engines, the AMG 6.3-litre V8 is built in the AMG engine shop on the traditional "one man, one engine" principle. This means that one technician is responsible for hand-assembling a complete V8 engine to the highest quality standards – which is attested to by their signature on the AMG engine plate.
AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC with blipping function
This high-performance eight-cylinder engine has the perfect partner in the form of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC transmission. Equipped with AMG aluminium steering-wheel shift paddles and three driving modes, the seven-speed automatic transmission allows a decidedly sporty or more comfort-oriented style of driving according to the driver's preference. The different modes - "S" (Sport), " C" (Comfort) and "M" (Manual) differ in their shift characteristics and speed: gearshifts in "S" mode are around 30% faster than in "C" and no less than around 50% faster in "M" mode. Pressing a button next to the selector lever is sufficient to activate the desired driving program.
The new C 63 AMG is the very first AMG car to feature an automatic throttle-blipping function during downshifts. This not only enhances the driver's emotional experience – the virtually jolt-free downshifting process also reduces the load-change responses and has a particularly positive effect when braking before bends on the racetrack.

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