MercedesTrophy World Final 2016: The Nations Cup goes to France

Oct 10, 2016
  • Team France clinches the win ahead of team South Korea and the team from South Asia
  • Martin Kaymer surprised guests with his visit to Stuttgart two days after his appearance at the Ryder Cup
  • Mercedes-AMG brand ambassador Bernd Schneider challenges all participants in the "Beat the Driver" competition

Sunshine, wind, fog – the MercedesTrophy World Final 2016 was not only exciting and varied on the golf course, where players from 43 nations and 32 national and regional teams competed against each other. 96 finalists, who had qualified amongst over 60,000 participants from over 60 countries, played for the acclaimed Nations Cup at the Nippenburg Palace and Solitude greens on the outskirts of Stuttgart between 3 –& nbsp;8 October.

This year the team from France took the crown with a total of 142 points. Second place after a total of three rounds of golf went to the team from South Korea with 140 points, followed by team South Asia with a score of 138. The team with the best team spirit, chosen by all participating teams, was the likeable team from Mexico.

In addition to the established gross and net rankings, guests were also presented with various special rankings. No less than four players were able to win the "Beat Martin Kaymer" competition and hit the ball closer to the hole with their first stroke than the two-time major winner. And a grand total of 25 players beat record DTM champion and passionate golfer Bernd Schneider in the "Beat the Driver" ranking, a competition that followed the same principle. Stephane Lejoly of Belgium won the "Drive to the Major" special ranking and were thus awarded an invitation to The Open 2017 in Royal Birkdale, where he will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to qualify for the legendary "Monday After Tournament". The only thing participants didn't manage was a hole in one, with the result that the corresponding prize, a Mercedes‑Benz A 200, did not find a new owner.

However, this did not dent the atmosphere at all – after all, there were plenty of other prizes to be won at the MercedesTrophy World Final 2016. Here are the winners in the individual rankings:

Category A:

  1. Position: Koi Pang Chuah | 71 Points | Team South Asia
  2. Position: Shian Gan | 65 Points | Team South Asia
  3. Position: Roy Agar | 65 Points | Team South Africa

Category B:

  1. Position: Chia-Peng Wu | 76 Points | Team North Asia
  2. Position: Bartosz Niewandomski | 68 Points | Team Poland
  3. Position: Rizki Marwan | 67 Points | Team South Asia

Category C:

  1. Position: Jongseong Lim | 80 Points | Team South Korea
  2. Position: Christophe Bouguessa | 71 Points | Team France
  3. Position: Christoph Muller | 71 Points | Team France
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016; Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador Martin Kaymer
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016: The winning Team of France
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016; Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador Martin Kaymer
Mercedes-AMG brand ambassador Bernd Schneider at the MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016
MercedesTrophy World Final 2016