eBook: Ein Stern für die Welt (A star for the world) - in German only

eBook: Ein Stern für die Welt (A star for the world) - in German only
July 2009
From the "simple life" in East Prussia to the Board of Management of Daimler-Benz AG: Heinz C. Hoppe played a crucial role in the Swabian automotive company's development into a global player with an annual turnover of around DM 80 billion (figure for 1991). During his tenure, he advanced the standing of the Mercedes star throughout the world as a symbol of quality German craftsmanship. This biography of the manager, whose humour and infectious drive earnt him the nickname "Happy Hoppe", offers some interesting insights into one of the leading international automotive groups. Wherever there was an interest in the Stuttgart car manufacturer's premium products, Heinz C. Hoppe was on hand to conduct the negotiations. In the East Bloc countries and the Third World, these generally took place at government level. Drawing on numerous meetings with managers, scientists and statesmen such as Richard Nixon, Anwar as Sadat or Tschou En-lai, this book provides some fascinating snapshots of contemporary history.
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    eBook: Ein Stern für die Welt