connect business

connect business: fleet connectivity services

Fleet management is nothing to be done incidentally, especially with larger fleets. Although the increasing digitalization in the fleet allows every day work to become easier, controlling an entire vehicle fleet via Excel tables can nevertheless mean a lot of administrative work and a high risk of errors. We have recognized the relevance of digital solutions for the fleet market and therefore founded Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH in spring 2016. As a subsidiary of Daimler Mobility, the GmbH seizes these changes as an opportunity for a new customer experience. As a corporate start-up, it develops and markets innovative connectivity and telematics products.

Fleet and business customers can increase the efficiency and transparency of their fleet and save money with the digital solutions around the networked vehicle from “connect business” – regardless of the size of the fleet. Anytime, anywhere: Fleet managers manage their fleets in the web-based portal on the basis of real-time data and thus benefit in many areas. Relevant KPIs and reliable odometer values can be retrieved at the push of a button, and the electronic logbook provides comprehensive tax benefits for companies and employees. In addition, continuous condition monitoring can ensure a reliable condition for the vehicles and the fleet can be controlled proactively.

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