"Hey Mercedes, is everything ok back home?"

Oct 28, 2020

The homes of many people are increasingly intelligent. Under the generic term "smart home", WLAN and sensors make the home capable of communication: temperature and lighting, roller blinds and electrical appliances can be remotely monitored and controlled. Motion detectors and window contacts inform the user of welcome or unwelcome visitors. With the MBUX Smart Home function, the S-Class now also becomes a control centre for the home: mobile intelligence ensures maximum operating convenience from afar.

"Hey Mercedes, is there anybody in my home right now?" "I've had a look. The last movement detected was in the kitchen one hour ago." This is how future dialogues between the driver or passenger and the user's smart home might proceed using the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) voice assistant. On market launch the MBUX Smart Home function will support numerous devices offered by important smart home suppliers. Right from the start, Hey Mercedes understands queries and commands in four languages (German, Chinese, American and British English). These can be made for lamps, sockets, thermostats, shutters and blinds, motion detectors and door or window contacts, as well as temperature sensors. So the system can also answer this question: "Did I remember to turn the heating down?" Depending on the response and the thermostats installed in the home, it is possible to change the setting: "Set the temperature all around the house to 18 degrees!"

Smart Home integration into MBUX can therefore help to reduce energy consumption. It also makes for comfort, because the heating can also be remotely turned up again in good time. Security and the sense of safety are increased because the motion detector can be directly interrogated. And the convenience of being able to turn off the lights after a hasty departure is not without its advantages either.

Smart Home accounts are linked to the customer's individual Mercedes me profile. Linking smart home appliances to MBUX is easy, and is initiated using a QR code in the central display of the S-Class. The QR code is scanned with a smartphone. Alternatively it can be done with the Mercedes me App. The sophisticated authentication mechanisms of the new S-Class ensure that only authorised customers obtain access to Smart Home appliances. Appliances by different providers can be connected and interrogated at the same time. A concerned "Hey Mercedes, is everything ok at home?" therefore causes all the installed equipment to be interrogated, prioritised by movement, windows/doors open, lights and heating. The answer might be: "All the windows are closed, and the light is still on in the bedroom."

Though light can of course be very desirable: "Hey Mercedes, please switch the light on in the garage. I'll be home in ten minutes." "Will do, I'm switching the light on in the garage."