Traffic situation analysis: Intelligent assistants

Less stress, more safety and more comfort – thanks to a cross-system concept comprising assistance and safety functions.
Mercedes-Benz calls its integrated approach to preventing accidents and minimising their consequences "Real Life Safety". Mercedes-Benz is consistently pursuing this strategy by developing a wealth of new assistance systems and greatly extended functions. Comfort and safety are enhanced at the same time. Technical innovations open up new perspectives for car drivers and automotive developers. Mercedes-Benz calls this "Intelligent Drive".
Mercedes-Benz will be further widening the spectrum of driver assistance in future. It ranges from relieving the burden on the driver with semi-automated driving, increasing comfort and convenience in the process, to issuing visual, acoustic and/or haptical warning signals and boosting the driver's reactions. Some systems are even able to take corrective action in an emergency, such as autonomous application of the brakes to prevent an accident or lessen its severity.
Safety, comfort and stress relief growing closer together
The Mercedes-Benz engineers achieve this by continuously developing and optimizing the safety components and the driver assistance systems. Integral Safety and Intelligent Drive are becoming increasingly intertwined, working in synergy together in a cross-system concept. Its components can:
  • provide stress-relief during normal driving
  • detect dangers
  • warn, assist and intervene in time
  • consequently prevent accidents or reduce the severity of accidents
  • activate protective measures such as the PRE-SAFE® components as a precaution in the event of danger and thus provide on-demand protection
The individual functions are linked to networked sensors and, therefore, a wealth of information about the vehicle and its surroundings – including an enhanced multi-purpose stereo camera behind the windscreen and new multi-stage radar sensors with adjustable range and opening angle around the vehicle plus tried-and-tested sensors such as ultrasonic sensors and the 360° cameras' lenses. The combined use of data from the sensors allows analysis of complex traffic situations, better detection of potential dangers on the road and, therefore, the ability to further enhance the increasing number of functions provided by the safety and assistance systems.
With this, Mercedes-Benz is consistently pursuing the vision of accident-free and autonomous driving, offering a high level of driving enjoyment, enhanced comfort, less traffic-induced stress and greater safety for all road users.

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    The new E-Class - Intelligence and safety
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    The new E-Class - Intelligence and safety