The European Automotive Hall of Fame

Mar 3, 2009
Several major figures closely associated with Daimler AG and its predecessor companies have been recipients of high honour either during their lifetime or posthumously – as inductees into the “Automotive Hall of Fame” (AHF) based in Detroit, USA, the “European Automotive Hall of Fame” (EAHF) based in Geneva, Switzerland, or even into both organisations. These two institutions recognise outstanding achievement in the automotive or related industries and preserve automotive heritage.
The following figures associated with the company have been honoured in this way:
  • Gottlieb Daimler (AHF: 1978; EAHF: 2001)
  • Carl Benz (AHF: 1984; EAHF: 2001)
  • Wilhelm Maybach (AHF: 1996; EAHF: 2004)
  • Béla Barényi (AHF: 1994; EAHF: 2007)
  • Bruno Sacco (AHF: 2006; EAHF: 2007)
  •  (EAHF: 2009)
The year shown indicates in each case the year of induction into the relevant organisation.
Automotive Hall of Fame
The Automotive Hall of Fame ( ) was established in New York in 1939 originally under the name Automobile Old Timers. Its goal was to perpetuate the memories of the early automotive pioneers and to honour contemporary leaders from all industry sectors and from around the world. The AHF now has over 200 inductees. Following a period of temporary residence in Midland, Michigan, the AHF moved to Dearborn, Michigan in 1997, where a new Automotive Hall of Fame building was opened to the public. It attracts annual visitor numbers of around 30,000.
European Automotive Hall of Fame
The European Automotive Hall of Fame ( ) is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It was set up in 2001 by the trade magazine Automotive News Europe in cooperation with the Geneva Motor Show. The Hall of Fame is dedicated to the entire European automotive industry and honours the achievements of giants from all sectors of the industry and from all eras. The European Automotive Hall of Fame currently numbers around 50 inductees.