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The Atego in the service of haute cuisine

The Atego in the service of haute cuisine

Aug 28, 2013
  • 20 Atego trucks as the backbone of short-distance transport
  • Integration into sophisticated logistics concepts
  • Transport of highly sensitive freight
Driver Roger Tanne appreciates the merits of his Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529 refrigerator truck: "The comfort is incredible", he says of his short-distance transport truck's handling.Roger Tanne has been working at freight forwarder "karldischinger" in Ehrenkirchen near Freiburg for 15 years and also appreciates his employer's virtues: "Fair treatment and predictable working hours." As a trained restaurant specialist who previously managed a motorway restaurant he especially values being able to spend his evenings with his family. During the day he transports delicatessen. From French specialities, which after one transshipment end up, among other places, at gourmet restaurants in Berlin, to chocolate from Appenweier in the south-west of Germany, which is shipped all the way to Belgium and to the restaurants at the Berlin-Schönefeld airport.
It is no coincidence that staff turnover at freight forwarder "karldischinger" is more or less a foreign concept. The high esteem in which the drivers are held is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that the 15-tonne trucks bear the driver's first name above the "Atego" lettering. "We place great importance on providing reasonable conditions for our employees", says Karlhubert Dischinger, who has been at the head of the owner-operated company since the mid-1970s.
Back then the company had ten trucks and a small warehouse. Dischinger's ambition at the time was to double the fleet to 20 trucks. Today his fleet numbers some 110 trucks, all of which travel the roads sporting the green livery of the company paint scheme. And they all bear the Mercedes star.
However, Karlhubert Dischinger by no means overshot his target with this expansion of the fleet and the company, because the company, which today employs a total of some 700 people, is dedicated to demanding logistics tasks that require an appropriate set-up: "Customers can only be served reliably if they get everything from a single source", observes Karlhubert Dischinger, putting the philosophy behind the company's wide-ranging activities in a nutshell.
To a certain extent this statement also applies to the freight forwarder’s own suppliers: the company has been loyal to the Mercedes-Benz brand since 1924. And Karlhubert Dischinger knows exactly why he appreciates the long-standing ties to the Freiburg branch: "The customer care is exemplary", he says about the branch's commitment and dedication.
At the Ehrenkirchen location in southern Baden the company today operates a warehouse that offers 90,000 square metres of warehouse space and accommodates some 28,000 pallets. This also includes ample refrigerated space with two different temperature zones that serves as a hub for sensitive goods such as fresh chicken, pharmaceutical products or fine wine from Baden.
Anything coming from the region or destined for the region in smaller lots travels in a box body of Dischinger's well-maintained Atego fleet. It numbers some 20 trucks and transports the fresh products at the desired temperature ranges of 2-7 degrees Celsius (delicatessen) or 12-16 degrees (chocolate). Soon this fleet will also include brand-new Atego trucks in Euro VI specification. "We take environmental protection very seriously", says the boss of the company certified to ISO 14001 standards (environmental management).
Driver Roger Tanne appreciates the merits of his Mercedes-Benz Atego refrigerator truck: "The comfort is incredible", he says of his short-distance transport truck´s handling. He is pictured here talking to a customer at Chocolatier Gmeiner in Appenweier in southern Baden.
The some 20 trucks in the Mercedes-Benz Atego fleet of freight forwarder "karldischinger" in southern Baden transport refrigerated food for high-end restaurants.