Tech & Data Hub – The new technology hub for Daimler Trucks & Buses in Lisbon

Stuttgart / Lisbon, Oct 25, 2018

A new technology hub was created for Daimler Trucks & Buses to increase its tech expertise and to facilitate and support global initiatives within the Daimler group. For this new company, the city of Lisbon was selected. By implementing itself as one of Europe’s new digital capitals, Lisbon has become a hotspot for young and talented tech people and digital nomads. The commitment of the local university network to establish majors in new technologies such as Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, as well as a very active and open community of people from various technological, industrial and cultural backgrounds, were essential factors when choosing Lisbon as the new location of the hub. Equally important and attractive for Daimler is the strong commitment and support of the City of Lisbon to work together on future oriented topics, such as Urban Mobility, Future of Transport and Logistics, and more.

In the ramp-up phase, the Tech & Data Hub will hire around 30 people, with a strong focus on tech talents from different areas. Focusing on new technologies and digital services in the commercial vehicle sector, the Tech & Data Hub will adress current and future challenges in the transformation of the commercial vehicle industry, e.g. the adaption to electronic fleets, the future of logistics and infrastructure integration (V2X).

The Tech & Data Hub will build strong collaborations with the Daimler Group’s global brands, global external partners, cities, startups and tech communities to build a global ecosystem around commercial vehicle mobility. Having a strong focus on open source and tech communities, the Tech & Data Hub aims to position itself as the preferred partner for internal and external collaboration, as well as a recognized technology partner, to become the global leader in the transformation of this industry.


Mona Hanselka
Community Manager
DTB Tech & Data Hub

About Daimler Trucks & Buses Tech & Data Hub

Data drives innovation and technology. At the Tech & Data Hub, we are creating the most holistic dataset for the commercial vehicle industry and will find out, what this technology means for the transformation of global mobility. We are working on real live solutions by using the newest technologies, collaborating with visionaries, researchers, and tech-startups from all over the world to create the future of B2B mobility in Lisbon.


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    Tech & Data Hub – The new technology hub for Daimler Trucks & Buses in Lisbon
    Tech & Data Hub – The new technology hub for Daimler Trucks & Buses in Lisbon