Setra: tailor-made solutions from the functional inter-city bus to the luxury touring coach

  • Setra MultiClass 400: the right inter-city bus for every application
  • Setra ComfortClass 500: versatile synthesis of comfort and profitability
  • Setra TopClass 500: luxurious, high-quality and safe –travelling in a dimension of its own
  • Setra TopClass S 531 DT – the double-decker bus as flexible as it is fascinating

TopClass 500, ComfortClass 500, MultiClass 400 – bus aficionados sit up and take notice when they hear these model series designations. Whether it be a functional and profitable inter-city bus, a versatile touring coach, an individual luxury long-distance touring coach or a flexible double-decker bus – Setra delivers the tailor-made solution. Individual, comfortable, safe and highly profitable. This is documented by the vehicles exhibited at the Busworld show: uniformly painted in pine green metallic, they cover the entire spectrum of the major bus brand.

Setra MultiClass 400: the right inter-city bus for every application

Never has there been more choice: for anyone looking for an inter-city bus that is functional, profitable and comfortable in equal measure, it is hard to beat the Setra MultiClass 400. Whether it be the barrier-free low-entry variant, or a classic floor height with an emphasis on profitability, whether the focus is on comfort or the H version for excursions and touring – the Setra MultiClass 400 has the right answer to every question.

The MultiClass 400 business models combine classic Setra strengths with equipment suitable for public tender. They blend maximum functionality with optimum profitability, whether as the low-entry model or with the classic floor height.

The UL and H models impress with their universal range of possible applications. This is reflected in the look with the choice of a steep inter-city or curved touring coach windscreen. The same is true of the equipment in the interior: two cockpits, different seating, characteristic luggage shelves for the inter-city route or touring coach stowage spaces plus nozzle ventilation and reading lamps – the MultiClass 400 leaves nothing to be desired and certainly lives up to its name.

The Setra LE business is available in three lengths from 12.3 m to 14.6 m, the Setra UL business with a continuous floor as a two-axle version in three lengths from 12.2 m to 13.4 m. The classic UL is especially versatile, and comes in six sizes from the compact S 412 UL with 10.8 m to the long S 419 UL with 15 m. As the H version the Setra MultiClass 400 has two axles and a length of 12.2 m and 13.0 m.

At the tail end, six-cylinder inline engines with displacements of 7.7 litres and 10.7 litres are at work in output categories from 220 kW (299 hp) to 290 kW (394 hp). Hallmark MultiClass 400: buyers have virtually a free choice when it comes to the transmission: a six-speed manual transmission, fully automated eight-speed Mercedes‑Benz GO 250‑8 PowerShift, two automatic torque converter transmissions – the tailor-made inter-city bus is a reality at Setra.

Setra ComfortClass 500: versatile synthesis of comfort and profitability

Touring coach and Setra – the terms are synonymous for many bus companies, bus drivers and passengers. This is embodied above all by the versatile Setra ComfortClass 500. It offers a welcome synthesis of comfort and profitability, combined with an extravagant appearance. Its huge range covers the entire application spectrum of touring coaches.

What will it be, a compact and highly agile midibus, a classic size, a long‑distance regular-service bus in XXL format? A high-decker or medium‑decker? Entrance two as a centre door or as a rear-end door aft of the rear axle? The Setra ComfortClass 500 offers the right answer. With its comfortable passenger compartment with its generous interior headroom and the ergonomically designed cockpit in two variants it provides a warm welcome to passengers and drivers alike. The equipment is equally flexible, ranging from functional to luxurious. Whatever the variant: extensive equipment with assistance systems ensures maximum safety.

Six high-deck variants with two and three axles in five lengths from 10.5 m to 14.9 m are available to choose from – the ComfortClass 500 is one for all. Then there are the particularly functional medium-deckers in the sub‑model series MD. This is an extremely profitable two-axle model with a length of 12.3 m and 13.1 m. At the tail end of the ComfortClass 500, engines with displacements from 7.7 litres to 12.8 litres and a total of six output categories from 260 kW (354 hp) to 350 kW (476 hp) are at work.

Setra TopClass 500: luxury, high quality and safety in a dimension of its own

TopClass 500 – this designation for the top model series from Setra speaks for itself. Luxury, high quality and safety in a dimension of its own. The TopClass 500 for the premium travel segment embodies the Setra brand values in a very special way. Consistently and with a strong sense of tradition, the exclusive long-distance buses stand for an unseed symbiosis of form and function.

The generous passenger compartment of the TopClass 500 is characterised by high-quality materials. By day it is flooded with light, and at night it is atmospherically illuminated thanks to a sophisticated lighting concept. Striking details, individual equipment and seats, as well as elaborate heating and climate control, shape the passenger compartment. On request it is crowned by the spectacular panoramic roof TopSky Panorama. The driver‑friendly cockpit impresses with outstanding ergonomics and its exclusive design.

The TopClass 500 is comprised of three super-high-deckers each with three axles from 12.5 m to 14.2 m in length. As well as numerous assistance systems the standard equipment includes a powerful engine with the six‑cylinder inline OM 471 engine from 350 kW (476 hp). Anyone wanting to be a high flyer with the TopClass 500 chooses the S 531 DT double-decker bus.

Setra TopClass S 531 DT – the double-decker bus as flexible as it is fascinating

Maximum efficiency and variability, highest comfort and optimum safety: the Setra S 531 DT double-decker bus from the TopClass sets benchmarks in its class. It is a member of the Setra TopClass. But due to its wide application spectrum and the variety of versions and equipment it is in a class of its own. This is documented by the exciting design, which cuts its own path.

Form and function go hand in hand, the double-decker bus is a shining example of aerodynamics. With a wind resistance figure of cd = 0.35 it sets the best mark in its segment and thus lays the foundations for maximum fuel efficiency. The aerodynamic precision work simultaneously minimises the wind noise, an added comfort bonus for the passengers and driver.

Whether for holiday tours, fine bistro buses, long-distance or inter-urban service – the Setra covers all possible uses for a bus of its format. Alongside the individual equipment and seating which characterise the brand, the foundations for this are laid by the versatile lower deck. The ground-level platform, located on the right in the direction of travel, can be omitted. This opens up many possibilities: wheelchair spaces, fittings for bistro buses, a demountable platform with a pram space for inter-city routes or, with the platform, classic seating for tourism. Buyers can also choose between the elegantly functional cockpit from the Setra ComfortClass and the luxurious cockpit from the TopClass series.

With lots of light and a contemporary design the bright interior conveys a generous impression of space. Companies can select the position of the front steps. The version with the steps in the direction of travel on the left behind the driver is popular in the tourism sector. For use on long-distance routes, companies prefer the steps in the direction of travel on the right in the direct vicinity of the front entrance, because of the faster flow of passengers. The washroom is also worthy of note. Its fittings are configured diagonally, which means maximum space is available.

The double-decker bus is driven by an optimally tuned drivetrain: the OM 471 engine with 375 kW (510 hp), fully automated GO 250‑8 PowerShift bus transmission, and RO 440 bus drive axle. On request drivers are also supported by the anticipatory cruise control Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) and Eco Driver Feedback (EDF) with individual feedback on their personal driving style.

Safety is right at the top of the list of priorities. As standard the double‑decker bus is equipped with LED headlamps, and also with the emergency braking assistance system Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4). In addition to the maximum full-stop braking functions for obstacles which are stationary or driving ahead, it also boasts pedestrian detection with an automatic braking reaction. The optional Sideguard Assist uses radar sensors to monitor the lane to the right of the bus. When turning off it warns if there are pedestrians, cyclists and stationary obstacles. However, should an accident occur, both driver and passengers benefit from the best possible passive safety. The S 531 DT voluntarily passes the pendulum impact test on the basis of ECE R 29 and is equipped with a fire extinguishing system as standard.

Advance compliance with new fire protection standard UN ECE-R 118.02 for buses

For Daimler Buses optimum safety is a fundamental value and adherence to the legal requirements is a natural obligation. For this reason, all affected interior materials of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus and coach brands are currently being tested and, if necessary, redesigned. That is why Daimler Buses is already offering its customers a considerable part of its optional interior collection in accordance with the regulations that will be mandatory as of July 2020. Further materials will follow as soon as possible, in as far as it is technically feasible.