Remote Parking Pilot: Remote parking with the smartphone app

Thanks to remote control using a smartphone app, the Remote Parking Pilot makes it easier to move into and out of tight parking spaces or the garage.
Parking can be a nightmare when the vehicle alongside has parked so tight that it is impossible to open the door of your own car. A common occurrence in car parks where space is at a premium. Also some garages are so narrow that getting in and out of the car can be a real chore and cause scratching of the paintwork. Mercedes-Benz has the solution to these unfortunate situations: a remote-control system for moving into and out of parking spaces, available for the first time. It's called the Remote Parking Pilot, and is controlled from outside the vehicle by smartphone via Bluetooth.
Particularly beneficial for people with restricted mobility, the Remote Parking Pilot allows the vehicle to be remotely manoeuvred into a position that facilitates getting into and out of the car. Parents can also benefit greatly as they no longer need to leave young children waiting by the parking spot or at the side of the road while they manoeuvre into a tight space. With the Remote Parking Pilot, the whole family can wait safely until the vehicle is in a position that allows them to get in or out safely.
To use this convenience-enhancing system, the driver's smartphone must be within around three metres of the vehicle. Operation is via a smartphone app (Android, iOS) available for download from the various app stores. The driver must unlock the vehicle before it is moved out of the parking space. He or she can then establish a connection with their already authorised smartphone and select one of the available manoeuvres for guiding the car out of the parking space. Likewise prior to parking, the driver can select one of the parking scenarios – for example parallel or perpendicular parking spaces, left or right, forward or reverse.
The vehicle can then be moved by control from outside. The parking scenario is enacted automatically - including steering, braking and gear direction changes - as long as the driver continues to provide a confirmation gesture on the smartphone. The driver monitors the process from outside the vehicle and still has complete responsibility for their vehicle during the entire parking process.
In addition to the parking scenarios, there is an Explore Mode available, which allows the vehicle to be manoeuvred up to ten metres forward or backward, avoiding detected obstacles as it moves – when driving into a garage, for example.
The Remote Parking Pilot can only operate in conjunction with the Parking Pilot PARKTRONIC's ultrasonic sensors. The newly developed system from Mercedes‑Benz is available in conjunction with the optional Parking Pilot with 360° camera, KEYLESS-GO system and automatic transmission.

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    The new E-Class - Intelligence and safety: Remote Parking Pilot (german version)
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    The new E-Class - Intelligence and safety: Remote Parking Pilot
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    The new E-Class - Intelligence and safety: Remote Parking Pilot (german version)
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    The new E-Class - Intelligence and safety: Remote Parking Pilot