Online now: eBooks on the history of Daimler AG

Online now: eBooks on the history of Daimler AG
July 2009
  • The range comprises ten books, which are no longer available in printed form
  • The electronic library is being constantly expanded
  • PDF files are available for searching online
Books about Daimler AG, its brands and its corporate predecessors are to be found in libraries worldwide – after all, the company can look back on a history spanning almost 125 years. Now important publications are also available in digital form on the Daimler Global Media site: Daimler Communications has published an electronic library with various books in German and English, among them some that have long been out of print. The eLibrary provides access once again to these important books concerning the company and brand history. It can be found at . The eLibrary covers all aspects of the company’s activities, for example its commercial history, vehicles and technology, motor sport and advertising. The library is gradually being expanded.

The Daimler Heritage eLibrary initially has the following books available:
  • Daimler-Benz AG – Chronik (Daimler-Benz AG – A Chronicle) (in German only)
  • 100 Jahre Daimler-Benz: Das Unternehmen – by Max Kruk und Gerold Lingnau (in German only)
  • 100 Jahre Daimler-Benz: Die Technik – by Manfred Barthel und Gerold Lingnau
    (in German only)
  • The Star and the Laurel – by Beverly Rae Kimes, Harris Lewine and Leo Levine
    (in English only)
  • The Challenge: Accelerating the Mercedes-Benz Brand – by Wolfgang Peters and Jürgen Zöllter
  • Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows – by Clauspeter Becker and Markus Bolsinger
  • Driving Force – by Rüdiger Abele and Peter Thomas
  • Ein Stern für die Welt – by Heinz C. Hoppe (in German only)
  • Der Stern ihrer Sehnsucht (in German only)
  • Safety as programme – a reference work on the ESV 2009 Safety Conference in Stuttgart, published by Daimler Communications
In this first version of the Daimler Heritage eLibrary, the books can be viewed directly on-screen. An electronic animation function enables the user to leaf through them almost like a printed book, and a zoom function also makes sections in small print easily legible.
The books can also be downloaded to a PC in the popular PDF format. They have been perfectly brought into the digital age. The PDF files can be searched using the usual PDF readers, which allow specific passages of text to be found by entering key words.


eBook: The Star and the Laurel