Omniplus: attractive new services for buses and coaches from Mercedes-Benz and Setra

  • Omniplus: unique services for the bus industry
  • A new feature: 24h Service module for service contracts
  • A new feature: BestAge Repair – repairs for buses at a cost that reflects their current value
  • A new feature: service contracts for recent used vehicles
The Omniplus service brand established by Daimler Buses for Mercedes-Benz and Setra provides comprehensive services specifically for buses and coaches. New services are being added continually, with three being unveiled at the IAA show: the 24h Service module for Omniplus service contracts, service contracts for recent used vehicles, and "BestAge Repair" to keep buses running for longer.
BasicPlus and Premium: made-to-measure service contracts
Omniplus divides its service contracts for all vehicles with engines compliant with the Euro VI emissions standard into two packages. The Basic Plus package includes all necessary maintenance work in accordance with the maintenance booklet, and selected wear-related repairs. The Premium package additionally includes all further repairs to the vehicle as a whole, with defined exclusions such as tyre replacement or physical damage.
A new feature: 24h Service module for service contracts
At the IAA show, Omniplus is adding the 24h Service module to its portfolio. This covers a number of services in the event of a breakdown: reimbursement of the costs of procuring replacement parts and of travel costs to and from the breakdown site with a technician (including labour). The services also include towing in the event of a breakdown. In short, all the costs of restoring mobility following a breakdown are included.
A new feature: service contracts for recent used vehicles
New service contracts are also provided for recent, pre-owned touring coaches from the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. For this they need to meet the BusStore's gold standard, one of the categories assigned by this brand to used buses. The maximum age is three years and the maximum
mileage 300,000 km. Basic Plus service contracts cover maintenance according to the manufacturer's guidelines including the use of defined wear parts, whereas the maintenance service is purely a maintenance contract with no replacement of wear parts.
A new feature: BestAge Repair to keep buses running for longer
Seasoned buses that have been in service for some time need repairs and refreshing now and again in order to maintain their value. This calls for classic services on special terms, which is where a new programme from Omniplus comes in: "BestAge Repair" services at a cost that reflects the bus's current value.
BestAge Repair includes genuine parts, reconditioned parts and exchangeable components as a cost-effective way to replace wear parts. Maintenance and retrofitting is another segment, along with the upgrading and care of older buses. This may involve updating the passenger compartment, for example, with new fabrics or fresh seat cushions or upgrading the bodywork as part of the Omniplus SmallRepair service (fixing minor or cosmetic damage). Regularly cleaning particulate filters is set to become more widespread in future.
Omniplus is responding to interest in value retention and reconditioning with fixed-price offers for wear repairs and an extended range of genuine parts. In future, individual offers will be combined into attractive packages ranging from individual sub-systems to the complete renovation of buses and coaches.
Tackling glass breakage together
In Germany, Omniplus has been working closely with the mobile experts from Carglass Specials since the spring to be able to fix damage to glass on Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses more quickly and efficiently. Services here extend to all windows and range from repairing chip damage caused by flying stones to replacing entire windows. Whether the glass is repaired or replaced at an Omniplus service outlet or on the customer's premises depends on the circumstances.
Extended Omniplus driver training/expert handling training
It is not only the bus that must always be fit, but also the driver. Accordingly Omniplus offers a wide range of driver training courses that are recognised in Germany under legislation governing professional driver qualifications. One new course is Omniplus driver training for professional vehicle use: expert handling training. During intensive training at the company, drivers learn about the numerous technical systems and their use during the operation of their bus. They are then able to utilise the full efficiency and safety potential of modern buses and coaches. This intensive training satisfies aspects of the continued education required by German professional driver qualification laws.