New Atego 2010: the best-selling Mercedes distribution truck sets new standards in exterior design, variant diversity and ride comfort

  • Cockpit and driver's cab undergo extensive upgrades
  • New driver's cab design reinforces its position as part of the Mercedes-Benz truck family
  • Wide diversity of variants - from light-duty 6.7-tonne solo vehicles
    and weight-optimised 12-tonne vehicles, through to heavy-duty 16-tonne variants with a gross combination weight of 28 tonnes in
    trailer-towing mode
  • Innovative permanent magnet retarder cuts operating costs and increases application safety
  • Truck Mobility Premium package: new comprehensive mobility guarantee for all Atego vehicles in Germany
The success story of the Mercedes-Benz Atego opens to a new chapter in 2010. The multi-variant bestseller in the Mercedes-Benz distribution truck range is continuing on its successful career path with a comprehensive package of new features and innovations. Like no other vehicle in this application class, the new Atego offers a level of diversity which is geared towards providing customers with the highest possible range of benefits. At the same time it also boasts superior quality and reliability. As such, the new 2010 Atego represents the ideal solution for meeting the demanding requirements of distribution transportation applications.
New design in the style of the heavy-duty Actros series
A characteristic feature of the new Atego is that it has now taken on the modern appearance of the current Actros. The newly-designed front section with distinctive Actros-style radiator grille highlights the fact that it belongs to the heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz model series range. Externally, therefore, the new Atego also gives an indication of its innovative qualities as a multi-talented vehicle capable of meeting the demanding requirements of the distribution transportation sector. Should customers so wish, the trim grille on the radiator grille can now be specified in the same colour of the vehicle, thus enabling further individualisation of the Atego's road appearance. Capable of transporting the widest variety of goods, the confident yet non-aggressive look of the new Atego conveys an underlying core message: "Trucks you can trust".
Where inner values count: cockpit undergoes extensive product enhancement
When it comes to the interior of the driver's cab, which is available in four size variants, the new Atego has a wide variety of new products and features to offer. All Atego variants now already come with an ergonomically-designed multifunction steering wheel as standard, which enables features such as the on-board computer, telephone and radio to be operated conveniently and safely. Thanks to direct control of the instruments from the steering wheel, the workload on the driver is significantly reduced, thus leaving him to concentrate fully on the road conditions. Customers can also order the new Atego multifunction steering wheel in a high-quality, anthracite-coloured leather finish.
The newly-designed instrument cluster, featuring high-quality chrome-edged speedometer and rev counter, is capable of rendering a variety of different displays in graphical format. This therefore enables additional functions to be catered for, such as connection to the FleetBoard telematics system or navigation devices. Last but not least is the new ignition key which, with its Actros-series design, reflects the vehicle's close ties to Mercedes-Benz's premier truck.
Comfort and safety come as standard
The comfortable standard equipment of the new Atego includes new high-quality seating fabrics, upholstered comfort head restraints incorporated into the seats, and a robust clothes rail with four adjustable hooks. Optional extras which can also be ordered for the new Atego direct from the factory include custom-fit floormats in rubber and ribbed finishes.
Two differently designed multifunction stowage facilities on the engine tunnel, incorporating cupholders and flexible bottle holders, a table support for writing or eating, as well as a variety of stowage compartments for documents and driver's equipment, enable customers to configure the driver's work area individually. An optional comfort coolbox, with a capacity of 23 litres, partitioned cover and vertical storage for four 1.5-litre bottles, and which can be mounted centrally on the engine tunnel, helps to enhance the long-haul suitability of the new Atego, even in hot, summer temperatures.
The Atego regularly receives high praise for the perfect, ergonomically-designed interior of its 2.30-metre-wide comfort cab. The new Atego now offers the exclusive choice between three different variants of the cockpit, all finished in the highest quality materials. Depending on the area of application and space requirements, customers can choose between distribution, long-haul or comfort cockpit variants. The new Atego's four different driver's cab variants, also optionally available with Actros-quality beds, provide what is a unique opportunity in this class to tailor the specifications of the vehicle precisely to the area of application.
Optimum ergonomics for everyday distribution applications
Thanks to the frame being lowered towards the front in the area of the front axle, the driver's cab can be accessed conveniently and safely via a wide step. In inner-city distribution applications in particular, with their many drop-off points, the especially low entry access contributes significantly to driver fitness levels. And with its high-quality driver's cab equipment and perfectly implemented workplace ergonomics, the new Atego has reinforced its claim as a premium vehicle in the internationally-competitive distribution truck class.
Custom-designed drive configurations for a wide variety of application types
When it comes to drive options too, Atego customers can choose from a wide range of the latest diesel engines. Three BlueTec engines, optimised for maximum economic efficiency and meeting Euro V standards, cover the power range from 95 kW (129 hp) to 210 kW (286 hp) in seven finely-graduated output settings. In addition, a comprehensive EEV range is also available. In the popular 12-tonne class, purchasers of the Atego can choose between four and six-cylinder variants.
The powerfully-accelerating engines of the new Atego can also be combined with an engine start/stop system. Available exclusively in the Atego, this technology can help to reduce fuel consumption in urban distribution applications by up to 2.8%, depending on specific deployment, therefore contributing significantly to the economic benefits to be gained from everyday use.
Increased towing capacity for the payload-optimised 12-tonne Atego
The payload-optimised low-frame versions of the 12-tonne Atego now have a towing capacity of more than 8 tonnes, and consequently a gross train weight of 20 tonnes. As such, if necessary the solo truck can be transformed into a truck/trailer combination boasting a high payload capacity which is also exempt from road tolls. Another new addition to the Atego range is a 16-tonne variant, which in conjunction with the Telligent brake system can also be operated with heavy trailers up to a gross combination weight of 28 tonnes.
Permanent magnet retarder increases safety and reduces costs
For use as a trailer unit and in regions with particularly demanding roads, the new Atego can also be fitted with a newly developed permanent magnet retarder. Fitted as an integral part of the transmission output, this wear-free additional brake reduces the need to apply the service brakes by up to 60 percent. By using the pneumatically-activated retarder, brake and tyre wear costs are reduced considerably. Weighing only 39 kg but capable of providing a maximum braking power of up to 180 kW (at a maximum braking torque of up to 650 Nm), the permanent magnet retarder also helps to significantly enhance the operating safety of the vehicle as well as driver comfort.
Trucks you can trust – a promise which even applies to the stressful world of the distribution transportation sector
The Atego has already proven its legendary reliability - even under demanding operating conditions in the distribution transportation sector - over the course of a number of years now. Thanks to variable maintenance intervals, the lowest consumption figures and minimal failure rates, the multi-talented member of the Mercedes-Benz product range has played an important role in the economic success of its operators. Enjoying low repair and maintenance costs, high residual values and optimum acceptance as a used vehicle, the Atego is able to contribute towards minimising costs throughout its entire service life.
As part of a new additional range of services to enhance operation, Mercedes-Benz in Germany is now offering the Truck Mobility Premium package for all Atego vehicles. Valid throughout Europe, this mobility guarantee comprises a comprehensive range of services covering elements from repair, spare part and breakdown services, and towing and accident assistance, right through to driver services, legal assistance and logistics services. Thanks to this additional guarantee, which is valid throughout Europe for 3 years and up to a mileage of one million kilometres, the burden on drivers and operators can be reduced significantly in the event of vehicle downtime due to accident or breakdown. As a result, the risk of unbudgeted operating costs can be reduced to a minimum.

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