Mercedes-Benz eVito

As of March 01, 2020
Permissible gross mass 3.2 t
Wheelbases 3,200 mm, 3,430 mm
Panel van, Tourer
Engine output
Electric motor: 85 kW
Torque (electric motor)
295 Nm
Battery capacity
41 kWh (installed)
Range (NEDC)1
150 – 184 km
Top speed
120 km/h

1Range has been determined on the basis of Directive 692/2008/EC. The range is dependent on the vehicle configuration, and in particular on the selected maximum speed restriction. The actual range is also dependent on the individual driving style, road and traffic conditions, the outside temperature, use of the air conditioning system/heating and may differ.



Versatile, reliable, economical. The eVito boasts the same benchmark qualities as the combustion engine model. With a battery capacity of 41 kWh the new eVito has a range of up to 150 km. This gives the mid-size van the perfect credentials for use as a delivery van and for commercial and passenger transport.



  • Torque up to 295 Newton metres and an output of 85 kW provide dynamic driving performance.
  • There are three options the customer can choose regarding a top speed: A maximum speed of 80 km/h meets all requirements for driving in urban and suburban traffic while at the same time conserving energy resources and increasing the vehicle’s range. If a higher speed is required, the customer can configure a top speed of 100 to 120 km/h.
  • E-mobility extends beyond the vehicle thanks to links to numerous Mercedes Pro services  
  • The electric model’s practicality is also underlined by its generously proportioned load compartment. This makes maximum loads of up to 1015 kg with a volume of up to 6.6 m³ possible. The batteries are located under the vehicle, ensuring that the whole of the load volume can be utilised without restriction.
  • The gross vehicle weight rating is 3200 kg.


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