Business-oriented eco-system: Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers its customers comprehensive eConsulting and intelligent digital solutions for the eActros

Jun 30, 2021
  • The advice offered by the eConsulting team at Mercedes-Benz Trucks includes route analyses, verification of any available subsidies, assistance in operative fleet integration and the optimisation of the total operating costs.
  • If required, our partners Siemens Smart Infrastructure, ENGIE and EVBox Group are also available to help customers with the analysis of their depots and the creation of suitable infrastructure and intelligent charging hardware and software solutions.
  • Digital solutions and apps help ensure the eActros can be operated even more efficiently within fleets.
  • All-round protection thanks to the Mercedes-Benz Complete service contract with Mercedes-Benz Uptime.

More than ever before, over the coming years, truck customers will be up against the challenge of selecting the best drive system technology for their specific sector, segment and application. As part of this, eMobility will take on the central role. The defined aim of Mercedes-Benz Trucks is to take on the associated challenges above and beyond the vehicle itself by means of a range of tailor-made offers, as well as to assist transport companies in their switch to eMobility and ensure electric trucks can be used as economically as possible.

To this end, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has developed an eco-system under the name eConsulting which provides customers with advice and infrastructure offers: this is the integrated eActros solution. The full-service offering starts by using a customer's existing route plans to establish a highly realistic and meaningful usage profile for electric trucks. What's more, eConsulting from Mercedes-Benz Trucks includes comprehensive advice on how to use the vehicle efficiently and how to optimise the total operating costs, not to mention providing assistance with integrating electric trucks in existing fleets or even checking whether there are any public subsidies available for infrastructure and vehicles.

If desired by customers, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is available to help with all questions concerning planning, application and implementation processes, thereby ensuring customers obtain tailor-made, turnkey charging infrastructure and connection to the electrical network. Specifically for this purpose, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has entered into a strategic partnership with Siemens Smart Infrastructure, ENGIE and EVBox Group. If the customer opts to make use of their services, the partners will analyse their depots and establish suitable infrastructure or energy supplies on their behalf. They also look after maintenance and servicing of the charging infrastructure. Siemens Smart Infrastructure, ENGIE and EVBox Group collaborate closely with Mercedes-Benz Trucks in all phases of the process.

One of the first and most important steps for making the switch to eMobility is charging the vehicles at the customer's depots. Here, the required infrastructure can be tailored specifically to the requirements and processes of the respective logistics business. Depot charging is especially suited to use cases where electric trucks are used in urban areas with planned routes and where the vehicles can be charged either overnight or during regular downtimes. The operating processes in the majority of these cases change only very little or not at all. What's more, complex billing and authentication of vehicles is not required.

Intelligent digital solutions for even greater efficiency

In order to get the most out of the eActros, Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides its customers with an entire range of digital solutions and apps. Using the Multimedia Cockpit Interactive which comes as standard in the eActros, the driver remains constantly up-to-date with the charge level of the batteries and the remaining range, as well as the current and average energy consumption. What's more, fleet managers can use the Fleetboard portal's digital solutions to efficiently control their fleet. This includes such things as an individually developed Charge Management System for creating charging profiles, and a logbook containing detailed information on driving times, downtimes and charging breaks. There is also a mapping tool which shows the vehicle's current location in real-time, as well as whether it is in motion, parked or being charged, not to mention how high the battery charge is.

Mercedes-Benz Complete and Uptime – digital shields, now also for the eActros

The eActros is also available with Mercedes-Benz Complete – a service contract including the All-round Carefree Package. The extensive service package covers workshop activities for the maintenance and repair of both the entire vehicle and the drivetrain, including wear parts. It starts with the co-ordination of appointments and covers everything as far as accounting. This ensures customers have comprehensive cover and that their vehicle remains operational as planned.

Equally always included in the service contract is intensive customer support through Mercedes-Benz Uptime. This is because fleet operators are keen to have any issues arising during daily operations detected and rectified as quickly as possible. The intelligent system comprises all relevant vehicle data – from tyre pressure to the engine, and now to the battery status too. In this context, Mercedes-Benz Uptime has been extended by more than 100 e-specific rules which constantly monitor, for example, charging processes or voltage history associated with the high-voltage battery. In addition, the information is available via the new cloud-based customer portal. Thanks to the networking between Mercedes-Benz Service and the transport companies, trips to the workshop can be planned and unexpected downtime caused by breakdowns can be avoided.