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Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles and Services Top Many Categories of the "Best Commercial Vehicles of 2011” Survey

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles and Services Top Many Categories of the "Best Commercial Vehicles of 2011” Survey

Jun 1, 2011
  • Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and services take first place in seven categories
  • Mercedes-Benz Actros, Axor, Sprinter, Citaro, and the Mercedes-Benz Tourino named “Best Commercial Vehicles”
  • Mercedes-Benz CharterWay and TruckWorks voted “Best Brand of 2011”

Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and services captured seven awards in the 15th ETM Verlag’s readers’ choice poll. Nearly 7,700 readers were asked to choose the “Best Commercial Vehicles of 2011” among more than 170 production series, as well as the “Best Brands of 2011” in 22 categories. The awards ceremony was held on May 31 in Perkins Park in Stuttgart.
“Seven first-place finishes in the categories for best commercial vehicles and best brands show us that we remain on the right track,” said Andreas Renschler, Daimler AG Board of Management Member responsible for Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses. “We’re very proud of the results and we thank all ETM-Verlag readers for participating in the survey.”
The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, whose name is used to designate its class of vehicle, captured first place in the category “Vans up to 3.5 Tons GVW” for the 15th consecutive time. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter equipped with the OM 651 diesel engine is Euro
5-compliant as standard, and is also available in an EEV variant as an option.
The Mercedes-Benz Axor took top honors in the “Delivery Truck” category. The most recent Axor production series was presented last year. The specialist for payload-optimized applications thus continues its successful career as a heavy-duty delivery and fleet truck that boasts very low operating costs.
The Mercedes-Benz Actros was the winner in the “Long-Distance Haulage Truck” category. The outstanding performance features of Daimler’s flagship truck include great economy and driving comfort. The Actros is also the best-selling heavy duty truck on the European market and is considered best-in-class in terms of fuel efficiency and safety.
Top marks in the “Midibuses” category once again went to the Mercedes-Benz Tourino this year. This compact travel coach can seat up to 38 occupants and has been extremely successful for years in the segment for small touring applications in particular. The outstanding driving performance offered by the model is due to the combination of a rear-mounted engine and a front axle with independent suspension, as well as top-of-the-line safety equipment that also includes the Electronic Stability Program (ESP).
The Mercedes-Benz Citaro once again took first place in the “Regular-service City Bus” category in 2011. With more than 31,000 units sold over 13 years of production, the model is the most successful transit bus of all time. Mercedes-Benz just recently presented the new-generation Mercedes-Benz Citaro in Mannheim. This third-generation vehicle features a completely reworked design and a new driver workstation.
Mercedes-Benz Charterway was selected by readers as the winner in the “Rental/Leasing” category. The commercial vehicle service provider has now won this award five times in a row.
TruckWorks won the top prize in the “ Truck/Trailer Service” category. The brand is the reliable partner for the full range of commercial vehicle services. TruckWorks unites under one brand respected and well known manufacturers of trailers, semitrailers, bodies, axles, braking systems, liftgates, and cooling units, offering professional and highly qualified service from a single source.
The readers' surveys for “Best Commercial Vehicles of 2011” and “Best Brands of 2011” were conducted by engineers from Dekra AG in conjunction with the trade journals Fernfahrer, lastauto omnibus, and trans aktuell, which are published in Stuttgart.
Hans-Bahne Hansen, Managing Director of Service at the Mercedes-Benz Sales Organization in Germany; Michael Göpfarth, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Buses at EvoBus GmbH; Hartmut Schick, Head of Daimler Buses; Hubertus Troska, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks; Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans; Ulrich Bastert, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks; and Ralf Bernhard, Head of Mercedes-Benz CharterWay