Fuso Canter E-CELL: world premiere of the zero-emission light-duty truck

Sep 21, 2010
  • Canter E-CELL: the next step forward following the
    Canter Eco-Hybrid
  • Range of 120 km, recharged overnight in just six hours
  • The cleanest drive technology for every application
  • Cutting-edge, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries
  • Powerful electric motor with an output of 70 kW and high pulling power
The Fuso Canter E-CELL is to celebrate its world premiere: the Daimler Group's special one-off example of the first battery-electric driven light-duty truck is a major step forward towards achieving zero-emission mobility for light-duty trucks. With a range of around 120 km, the almost silent, zero-emission Canter E-CELL is ideally suited to inner-city delivery transportation or applications in sensitive green zones. The Canter E-CELL will celebrate its world premiere at the end of September at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover.
Canter E-CELL: the next step forward following the Canter Eco-Hybrid
With the one-off example of the battery-electric driven Canter E-CELL, Fuso is making the next logical step forward on the road towards zero-emission mobility in conurbations and other environmentally-sensitive areas as part of the global initiative "Shaping Future Transportation": the Canter E-CELL represents the next step forward following the successful introduction of the Fuso Canter Eco-Hybrid.
Almost 1000 examples of the Canter Eco-Hybrid are now to be found on the roads of Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Ireland. They are also a feature of the British capital of London, where they are taking part in a large-scale trial.
The cleanest drive technology for every application
The Canter E-CELL underlines Fuso's strategy of providing its customers with the cleanest and most resource-efficient drive technology for any area of application. As a result, in all weight, engine and power output variants of its European model with diesel engine, the current Canter exceeds the limits of what is at present the strictest non-mandatory EEV emissions level (EEV = Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle). Depending on the overall area of application, the Canter Eco-Hybrid with diesel-electric hybrid drive achieves fuel savings of between 10 and 15 percent. When starting off, with its diesel engine idling to supply power to auxiliary equipment, the Canter E-CELL is able to completely dispense with a combustion engine.
Cutting-edge, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries
Fuso is presenting the one-off example of the Canter E-CELL in the form of a Canter 3S13 with narrow S-cab, a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t and a wheelbase of 2950 mm. The batteries are accommodated within the chassis frame. Based on lithium-ion technology, they represent the latest state of the art and compared with conventional batteries are both extremely powerful and significantly lighter. The batteries in the Fuso Canter E-CELL boast a substantial capacity of 40 kWh, sufficient for a range of around 120 km. This by far exceeds the daily mileage recorded in distribution or trade transportation applications.
Even when the batteries have been fully depleted, when plugged into a 380-volt power network outlet they require a charging time of around just 6 hours. Many companies already have the appropriate power connections in place, or alternatively they can be installed by energy suppliers in the form of charging stations.
Powerful electric motor with an output of 70 kW and high pulling power
The developers have installed the electric motor between the batteries and the driven rear axle, which is fitted with twin tyres. It produces a maximum output of 70 kW and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. Since, due to its nature, the greatest amount of torque of an electric motor is already available at the moment of moving off, the Canter E-CELL is guaranteed to provide appropriate performance in all situations. To help ensure the best possible range, the top speed of the Canter E-CELL is limited to 80 km/h, a level which is typical for trucks. Given the fact that there are no conventional powertrain components to accommodate, the payload of the Canter E-CELL is only around 200 kg lower than the version fitted with a conventional drive.
Fuso will present the Canter E-CELL at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show as a chassis with a cab in the colour "natural white", which is a subtle reference to the environmentally friendly and resource-efficient drive technology used in the vehicle. The future of the Canter E-CELL is promising: currently under discussion is the further use of the vehicle as part of an innovative fleet during the coming year.