FleetBoard available ex works for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

FleetBoard available ex works for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
March 2011
  • FleetBoard telematics now also fitted to Sprinter ex works
  • FleetBoard enables vans to achieve fuel savings of up to 30%
Stuttgart – The FleetBoard telematics system is now available as original equipment ex works for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Previously the telematics system was only available for the Sprinter as a retrofit option. "By simply ordering the FleetBoard system with a new vehicle, fleets can significantly reduce operating and process costs", notes Markus Lipinsky, Director of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH. Real tests conducted in the distribution transportation sector have shown that fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 30% by adopting an economical driving style.
"We have been using FleetBoard in our Sprinters for around a year now. After analysing its use, we have been able reduce the consumption of each vehicle by an average of 1.5 l/100 km. Since some of the vans clock up 500 km a day, the savings become noticeable in just a few months", explains Ralf Schumann, Executive Assistant for transport service provider Winkler. The FleetBoard logistics system is extremely easy to use: drivers learn to adopt a defensive, anticipatory driving style, and retain this manner of driving thanks to regular, transparent reporting of their driving style analysis.
FleetBoard Mapping provides additional transparency on the location and status of vehicles at any time and anywhere. Trip recording displays the entire course of the fleet's journeys, indicating driving and idle times, consumption and speed.
Repair and maintenance costs are also reduced as a result of less wear and tear. Upcoming maintenance work on individual vehicles can also be planned centrally in a better way and even grouped together.
The time management service enables automated recording of working hours for transmission to the payroll accounting department. For vehicles with digital tachographs, remote read-out of the driver card and data memory can help significantly reduce the time spent on compiling documentation.
Transport ­management is able to support both driver and vehicle in complex logistics processes thanks to professional trip control, simple telecommunications and navigation using the latest mapping data.

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