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Driving Performance: Mercedes-AMG becomes main sponsor of "MOTORRAD-HELDEN" ("Motorcycle Heroes")

Driving Performance: Mercedes-AMG becomes main sponsor of "MOTORRAD-HELDEN" ("Motorcycle Heroes")

May 24, 2013
Mercedes-AMG, the successful performance brand of Mercedes-Benz, is to be the main sponsor of the newly-founded MOTORRAD-HELDEN Club ("Motorcycle Heroes"), so underlining the sporty image of the brand and its products. The objective of the cooperation is to extend the appeal of the brand to a new target group, beyond that of existing AMG customers.
Mercedes-AMG has had a presence in the bike sector for more than ten years already, as a partner of the "action team" of the German motorcycle magazine MOTORRAD. In good time for the start of the 2013 motorbike season, the performance brand is now extending this involvement. "Motorcyclists represent a very attractive target group for us, because most people who enjoy sporty driving on two wheels will also have an affinity for high-performance cars", commented Mario Spitzner, head of Branding & Marketing at Mercedes-AMG GmbH. "MOTORRAD-HELDEN is an ideal partner for our brand, as well as for our products and the fascination that they exude. This cooperation also offers excellent opportunities to use the expertise of MOTORRAD-HELDEN in the areas of training and travel for further exciting joint projects involving Mercedes-AMG", continued Spitzner.
Membership of the exclusive MOTORRAD-HELDEN Club comprises the subscribers of the German magazines 'MOTORRAD', 'MOTORRAD Classic' and 'PS', along with regular customers of the MOTORRAD action team. Club members have free access to exclusive content and to a range of special motorcycle-related benefits via the web-based platform. In addition to editorial content and special campaigns, the home page offers a range of highlights with relevance to the AMG brand, available exclusively to club members. "The MOTORRAD-HELDEN Club represents a new approach for us in terms of reader loyalty and customer relationship management", said Peter-Paul Pietsch, head of the Motorcycle and Aviation division at publishing house Motor Presse Stuttgart. "We are proud to have Mercedes-AMG on board as our main sponsor. Having this strong partner at our side enables us to offer our members a broad range of great offers to complement our motorcycle-related content."
Mercedes-AMG becomes main sponsor of "MOTORRAD-HELDEN" ("Motorcycle Heroes")
Mercedes-AMG becomes main sponsor of "MOTORRAD-HELDEN" ("Motorcycle Heroes")
Mercedes-AMG becomes main sponsor of "MOTORRAD-HELDEN" ("Motorcycle Heroes")