Daimler leading the way in climate protection and environmental management

Daimler leading the way in climate protection and environmental management
October 2014
  • Daimler awarded top scores for transparency and measures to tackle climate change in its CDP rating
  • Overall leader in manufacturer environmental management rankings published by Verkehrsclub Deutschland
At the 2014 CDP Climate Leadership Award Conference in Munich, CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) acknowledged Daimler AG as the leader in its sector for the automotive industry. The company received the award for its outstanding efforts and exemplary transparency in tackling climate change, and achieved the maximum possible score of 100 in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI). Daimler also received the highest possible performance rating of "A" for the measures it has introduced, the progress it has already made and its planned strategies for reducing CO2 emissions.
Among other things, the CDP acknowledged the fact that Daimler has reduced the CO2 emissions of its new passenger car fleet in Europe by more than 20 percent to 134 g/km over the last five years. In addition to constant improvements to the individual vehicle models, including the environmentally friendly generation of electricity, efficient production contributes to a positive balance too. By the year 2020, the CO2 emissions of the company's European plants are to be reduced by 20 percent compared with 1990, while unit sales figures are set to rise. This represents a two-thirds reduction in emissions per passenger car produced. Daimler AG publishes its entire programme of targets in an annual sustainability report.
Top scores also from the perspective of consumers
Daimler AG also came out on top again this year in the manufacturer rankings published by Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD). Since as long ago as 1989, VCD's car experts have assessed the environmental friendliness of hundreds of current passenger car models every two years. The cars' emissions and noise levels are evaluated alongside their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per kilometre driven. Manufacturers' efforts with respect to environmental management and sustainable production are also assessed. Just like it did in 2012, Daimler AG was once again able to impress in this respect this year. VCD sees the company's frank information policy and early compliance with the more extensive particulate thresholds for direct-injection petrol engines, which do not come into force until 2017, as important factors in its decision to name Daimler AG as the most environmentally friendly manufacturer.
About CDP
Founded in the year 2000, today CDP is considered the world's most important authority for evaluating sustainability. More than 767 institutional investors support the project as "signatory investors". Together, these investors manage assets with a value of more than USD 92 trillion dollars, and own a large part of the world's top-performing, market-listed companies. Once a year, CDP gathers extensive data on companies' CO2 emissions, climate risks, targets for reductions and environmental strategies. Their investigations focus not only on the sustainability of the products, but also on their climate-friendly production throughout the entire value added chain. The data is published, and is intended for example to help investors assess the long-term opportunities and risks for individual corporations. At the same time, the rating helps the participating companies to identify potential savings in connection with environmental issues, and to develop far-reaching strategies for cutting emissions of greenhouse gases.


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