Daimler Trucks North America the Market Leader for Heavy-Duty Trucks in the U.S. and the NAFTA Region

Stuttgart/Portland, Feb 1, 2011
  • DTNA the most successful truck manufacturer in Classes 6 – 8 in the NAFTA region, with sales of over 67,800 units and a market share of 31.6 percent
  • DTNA also the leader in the U.S., with sales of about 57,000 trucks and a market share of 32.6 percent
Stuttgart/Portland - Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is the market leader in the segment for heavy-duty trucks of Classes 6 – 8 in the U.S. and in the other areas of the NAFTA region. The company announced that DTNA succeeded in boosting its sales of trucks in Classes 6 – 8 in 2010 in the NAFTA region to over 67,800 units. This takes DTNA’s market share to 31.6 percent. The manufacturer increased its market share by two percentage points compared to 2009, when it sold about 55,200 trucks. DTNA also recorded a very positive development in sales in the U.S. market alone. In Classes 6 – 8 the company sold about 57,000 units (2009: 46,800) and is the most successful supplier in this segment with a market share of 32.6 percent (2009: 30 percent).
“Our sales success in 2010 exceeded the market development. Whereas the results for the market as a whole were only slightly better than those for the crisis year 2009, Daimler benefited from the very high degree of customer acceptance of our tried and tested BlueTec exhaust technology,” said Martin Daum, President and CEO of DTNA.
And DTNA’s business in Class 8 developed even more positively. In 2010 DTNA’s market share in the NAFTA region overall was 32.4 percent (2009: 30.9 percent) and in the U.S. its market share was 33.9 percent (2009: 31.2 percent). Thanks to this performance, DTNA has even further increased its market leadership in this segment.


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