AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension based on AIR BODY CONTROL: High driving dynamics and superior comfort

For more agility, more neutral cornering characteristics and higher traction even with a spirited driving style, the Affalterbach developers have designed a special sports suspension on the basis of AIR BODY CONTROL. The front axle is fitted with special steering knuckles and load-bearing joints; all components have been optimised in terms of rigidity. A more negative camber on the front axle and on the multi-link rear axle enhances lateral dynamics.

The multi-chamber air suspension system with a sporty spring/damper set-up and continuously variable damping combines excellent vehicle dynamics with a high level of ride quality. A harder spring rate, for example when cornering and braking, effectively reduces body roll. The elastokinematics of both axles have been designed to be more rigid in general. All these measures improve agility, and boost the dynamics. The damping at each wheel is automatically adjusted to suit the current driving situation and the condition of the road. This is done rapidly and precisely, using two separate valves for the rebound and compression forces in the dampers. The damping characteristics can also be preselected in three modes, "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport Plus", allowing a wider spread between excellent long-distance comfort and sporty driving dynamics.

Thanks to pneumatic self-levelling at the front and rear axle, the E 43 4MATIC models maintain a constant ride height regardless of the vehicle load. To increase ground clearance, for example to negotiate steep entrances into underground car parks or on ramps, the vehicle level can be raised at the touch of a button when the engine is running, either when stationary or on the move. The level is lowered automatically when driving at higher speeds. This improves handling stability thanks to a lower centre of gravity.

Direct and with clear feedback: speed-sensitive sports steering

The electromechanical speed-sensitive sports steering features a variable ratio on the E 43 4MATIC Saloon and Estate. It stands out with its precise, highly authentic feedback. Steering power assistance is available in a choice of two modes - "Comfort" or "Sport". The relevant characteristics are automatically activated depending on the selected DYNAMIC SELECT transmission mode or can be personalised in "Individual" mode. Manual torque is increased in "Sport" mode, providing more feedback on driving conditions.

Fade-resistant and reliable: the compound braking system

The large braking system with vented compound brake discs provides reliable and quick deceleration of the E 43 4MATIC models. Cross-drilled and vented brake discs of size 360 x 36 mm with 4-piston fixed callipers and AMG lettering are fitted at the front, with cross-drilled and vented discs of size 360 x 26 mm and single-piston floating callipers at the rear.