“Experience generates knowledge”: experimenta Heilbronn’s hands-on exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Sep 29, 2020
  • Cooperation with experimenta Heilbronn for an initial period of two years
  • Six interactive stations in an area of 240 square metres of exhibition space
  • Admission to the hands-on exhibition is free

Stuttgart. Discover and experiment: the new experimenta Heilbronn participatory exhibition will be part of the permanent exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Museum and is entitled “Experience generates knowledge”. Starting 3 October 2020, it is officially open and is designed to appeal to museum visitors of all ages. Six interactive stations, staged in around 240 square metres of exhibition space in the Fascination of Technology section (Level 0), invite visitors to take part in an exciting journey through the world of science and technology. Visits to the hands-on discovery stations are free of charge.

“Experience generates knowledge” was designed by experimenta Heilbronn exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The exhibition is being used to showcase the many opportunities offered by the Science Centre’s world of knowledge and discovery. In return, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Heilbronn is currently showing a key exhibit of the history of mobility from the museum’s own collection: the first car in the world, the Benz Patent Motorcar from 1886, a replica of which can be seen at experimenta.

Dr Wolfgang Hansch, Managing Director of experimenta, summarises the concept of the exhibition “Experience generates knowledge” as follows: “Just like at our headquarters in Heilbronn, visitors can dig deeper to discover interesting things here, have fun and find out what interests them most as well as where their personal strengths lie.” Dr Hansch is particularly pleased about the opportunity to work with the Mercedes-Benz Museum as a cooperation partner: “We are proud to be able to present our unique world of knowledge and discovery alongside the inventors of the motorcar in Stuttgart’s most frequently visited museum. Innovation and the desire to help shape the future unite us and are the basis for a successful partnership.”

“experimenta Heilbronn is a strong and capable partner involved in interactive knowledge transfer. This is why we are very pleased that selected exhibits from Heilbronn are now part of our permanent exhibition,” says Monja Büdke, Director of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. “Our cooperation has a solid foundation: at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, vehicles and other exhibits dating from as early as 1886 show what can be achieved from ideas when they are put into practice on the basis of scientific knowledge and blended with perseverance and a willingness to experiment, and how creativity can lead to innovation. This is also the same basic approach of the interactive exhibits provided by experimenta.”

“Experience generates knowledge” – the six stations of the interactive exhibition are dedicated to these topics:

  • Experiments with air. We are surrounded by air. But what else does it do? An oversized air labyrinth allows this element to be completely rediscovered. If you want to help coloured rags find the right path through the large air labyrinth, you have to aim very accurately.
  • Physical talents. To find out how effective one’s body control is, explore one’s potential and perhaps set a new record – this is what the balance bike is all about.
  • Ball games. Playing games is fun and is good for us, and the large-scale ball run was designed specifically for this purpose. It answers such questions as: what ingenious mechanism makes the ball move along? What is an Archimedean screw? Which path will the ball take?
  • Creative images. Movement, colour, shape – the shadow figure station uses movement, colour and shapes to show us how we look – or how we appear to others.
  • Team spirit. This race track can only be mastered together as a team – by means of coordination, interacting flexibly with each other and agreeing on a joint solution.
  • Knowledge twister. Science and technology continuously change and shape our world. Every day. At a terrific rate. Who can keep track of things here?

The cooperation between the two institutions is initially scheduled to last two years. The aims include an exchange of ideas for technology and knowledge transfer and ways to get young people keen on technology and science.

experimenta in Heilbronn presents a fascinating world of knowledge and discovery in an area of 25,000 square metres of space with around 275 interactive stations, four creative studios, nine high-quality laboratories as well as an observatory and the Science Dome as a combination of planetarium and theatre that is unique in the world. The Science Centre, Germany’s largest, is a patron in a special way for the pleasures of experimentation, knowledge and innovation.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum outside the gates of the Stuttgart-Untertürkheim Mercedes-Benz plant has more than 160 vehicles and a total of over 1,500 exhibits on show in a space covering around 16,500 square metres. The permanent exhibition tells the history and stories of mobility on nine levels – from the invention of the car in 1886 right through to the future.