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New documentation "Life Cycle COMPACT": Environmental certificate for the Mercedes-Benz C 350 e

New documentation "Life Cycle COMPACT": Environmental certificate for the Mercedes-Benz C 350 e

Mar 17, 2015
Stuttgart.  The high level of environmental compatibility of the Mercedes‑Benz C 350 e has now also been confirmed by the impartial auditors of TÜV Süd, a branch of the German Technical Inspection Agency: the new plug-in hybrid satisfies all criteria of an environmentally responsible product development pursuant to ISO standard TR 14062. The distinction is based on a comprehensive life-cycle assessment of the model, documenting every detail of relevance for the environment.
The "Life Cycle" brochure has been presenting the environmental certificates since 2009. The simultaneously published issue "Life Cycle COMPACT" is brand-new and now for the first time available for the C 350 e. This compact overview illustrates the high level of environmental compatibility of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles during the entire life cycle in an easy-to-understand way and also gets right to the heart of Daimler's environmental commitment. The documents are available for download at .
Mercedes-Benz analyses the environmental compatibility of its models throughout their entire life cycle – from production, through their long years of service, to recycling at the end of their useful lives. This analysis goes far beyond the legal requirements. "The plug-in hybrid of the C-Class is a great example of why only the comprehensive view shows a complete image of the environmental impact ", said Anke Kleinschmit, Chief Environmental Officer of the Daimler Group. "Because the inevitably more intensive use of resources in production is more than compensated for by the significantly better ecobalance during operation".
With regard to CO2 emissions, the certificate attests the following for the C 350 e: over the entire life cycle, comprising manufacture, use over 200,000 kilometres and recycling, there are clear advantages compared with the C 250 petrol model. External charging with the European electricity mix can cut CO2 emissions by some 14  percent (5 tonnes). The use of renewable power even makes reductions of 41 percent (15 tonnes) possible.
As a plug-in hybrid, the new Mercedes-Benz C 350 e combines efficiency, dynamic spirit and comfort on an extraordinarily high level. Both the saloon and the estate model captivate with the performance of a sports car while nonetheless delivering a certified fuel consumption of just 2.4 - 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres (55 – 48 g CO2/km) and up to 31 kilometres of all-electric driving. Both the saloon and the estate model are equipped with air suspension and pre-entry climate control as standard, delivering a unique level of ride quality and climate comfort.
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