Setra ComfortClass 500 enters service

Setra ComfortClass 500 enters service
December 2014
  • Operator Transmorne deploys an S 515 HD on the Caribbean island
  • Passengers include cruise ship tourists, airline crews and school children
  • Two-axle coach features seating for 55 passengers and high-performance climate control concept
Travellers to Martinique are now able to explore the island from the comfort of a new S 515 HD. The vehicle from the Setra ComfortClass 500 is being deployed by local coach operator Transmorne for its circular tours, among other services. In addition to cruise ship passengers who spend a few hours on the Caribbean island, the passengers of the coach operator, which was established in 2005 and has its headquarters in the municipality of Ducos, also include hotel guests, VIP delegations, musicians, sportsmen and women as well as school children. The two-axle vehicle is also available for regular service routes as well as for airline companies, which make use of the luxuriously equipped touring coach for transferring their crews between the airport and hotels.
The S 515 HD provides seating for a total of 55 passengers who are able to relax in comfort on Setra Voyage touring seats. Alongside an advanced audio and video system, during their journey passengers are also able to make use of iPod and iPhone sockets, among other features.
EvoCool Comfort Plus air conditioning for optimum temperature control
The driver of the S 515 HD is accommodated in an air-conditioned workstation with ergonomically shaped cockpit and multifunction steering wheel, and as such is able to enjoy the benefits of the innovative coach design. Surround lighting featuring LED technology, for example, provides valuable assistance when reversing at night. In addition, the vehicle is fitted with Brake Assist, an electronic level control system and also an on-board diagnostic system. Other equipment includes a tropical variant of the EvoCool Comfort Plus roof-mounted air-conditioning system with a cooling capacity of 39 kW, designed to combat the high temperatures and humidity which prevail throughout most of the year on the mountainous "flower island". The French island is located in the Lesser Antilles between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, some 7000 km from Paris and 440 km from Venezuela in South America.
Setra ComfortClass 500 now comprises eight models
The S 515 HD being deployed on Martinique is a member of the ComfortClass 500 which was launched in 2012 and has demonstrated maximum fuel efficiency in a spectacular "Record Run". Just a year after its launch, this innovative generation of buses has been voted "Coach of the Year 2014" and also received the "Green Coach Award 2014" in recognition of its low fuel consumption. In the autumn of 2014, Setra presented four further coaches in the ComfortClass 500, meaning that the model series is now complete with a total of eight models.
With the compact Clubbus S 511 HD and the Setra touring coach with the longest wheelbase, the S 519 HD,  as well as the new S 515 MD and S 516 MD middle deckers, the Setra brand is once again demonstrating its keen eye for maximum possible economic efficiency while opening up extra dimensions for coach operators around the world with new vehicle lengths and heights.

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    The S 515 HD from the Setra ComfortClass 500 is being deployed on the French Caribbean island of Martinique for a wide variety of tour groups.