Mercedes-Benz at the bauma show: comprehensive support, complete range of products and tailor-made solutions

Mercedes-Benz at the bauma show: comprehensive support, complete range of products and tailor-made solutions
April 2010
  • Comprehensive expertise in support and service
  • Durable, economical technology
  • Full range of products for every application
“Trucks you can trust” is the motto for the Mercedes-Benz stand – stretching over a good 1000 cubic metres in Hall B4 – at the bauma 2010 show in Munich (19 to 25 April 2010). The motto applies both to the highly reliable, economical and durable technology for which Mercedes-Benz is renowned and the comprehensive support offered to customers in all truck matters.
This extensive service package begins even before the customer makes their purchase and continues through the range of different services such as financing or rental, FleetBoard telematics, driver training courses (complete training packages are also available in accordance with the German professional driver qualification legislation) and the new TruckWorks (all-in service including trailer and bodies) – right up to the marketing of used trucks through TruckStore.
Well-proven and economical technology plus comprehensive service: this is what the market demands – and rewards. The Mercedes-Benz European market share for tractor vehicles in the construction sector grew from 26.3 to 28.5 percent between 2007 and 2009 (as at October 2009) – a nominal increase in the market share of 2.2 percent corresponds to a growth rate of some 8.4 percent.
The exhibits at the bauma show
Seven exhibits from four model series document the sector-specific technical competence that Mercedes-Benz offers for each segment of the construction industry in its role as a leading truck manufacturer in this sphere. Visitors to the Mercedes-Benz bauma stand can marvel at tailor-made solutions for road construction, earth-moving operations, landscaping and heavy-duty transport. An exhibit of the new Zetros off-road model series demonstrates further civilian fields of application in which these new cab-behind-engine trucks can be employed.
The third generation of the construction Actros is represented by a total of four exhibits, and particularly worthy of note here are: a new Road construction package patented by Mercedes-Benz, and the Mercedes PowerShift offroad automated transmission, which reduces fleet consumption and is gentle on the powertrain in general and the clutch in particular. All Actros construction vehicles profit from the increased robustness that came courtesy of the latest facelift – not forgetting the wide range of comfort features.
Mercedes-Benz is also displaying the new Actros SLT 4165 S heavy truck at the bauma. It has an output of 480 kW for gross combination weights up to 250 tonnes.
The Axor model series will be celebrating a global premiere at the world’s biggest construction trade fair: a new weight-optimised four-axle concrete-mixer variant (with single tyres on the third axle), whose chassis weight is around 500 kilo­grams less than that of a comparable four-axle Actros. This means that it is able to transport eight cubic metres of concrete with a GVW of 32 tonnes.
Last but not least the versatility of the Atego truck model series is demonstrated impressively by a two-axle all-wheel-drive Atego crane dump truck with a Meiller tipper body, Palfinger crane and attachment plate for a snow plough: the ideal, multi-purpose vehicle for municipal authorities or trade enterprises – and parti­cularly economical, too, thanks to its start/stop system.
Actros model series: heavy-duty generalist
  • Benchmark when it comes to robustness, economy and comfort
  • New heavy truck with 480 kW
  • New patented Road construction package
Two to four axles, facilitating every possible axle configuration from 4 x 2 to 8 x 8/4, V6 and V8 engines – known for their reliability and economy – in nine power categories from 235 to 440 kW: the construction vehicles from the Actros series leave nothing to be desired. And that applies in equal measure to the wide range of wheelbases, cabs and axle ratios.
The third generation of Actros construction vehicles is more perfectly tailored than ever before to meet the challenges that a truck is confronted with in the building industry – in every single segment of this diverse sector: from the tipper to the all-wheel-drive dump truck and concrete mixer to the semitrailer tractor or the special-purpose chassis.
New heavy-duty transport vehicle
But that is by no means all: for particularly heavy duties the Actros model series now includes the new Actros SLT, which is designed for traction weights up to 250 tonnes and draws its maximum rated output of 480 kW from an especially torquey variant (maximum 3000 Nm) of the popular 15.9-litre V8 in the 500 engine series.
Mercedes-Benz can deliver axle configurations in four variants ranging from 6 x 4 and 8 x 4 to 8 x 6 up to 8 x 8. The fundamental differences between this and the previous Actros SLT are to be found on the clutch and transmission. Instead of the torque converter lock-up clutch the new SLT has a new charge-governed hydro­dynamic turbo clutch that facilitates load-free engine start-up up to the maximum speed and achieves impressive pulling power even at low engine speeds.
On the transmission the G 280-16 automated 16-speed shift box (modified for 3000-Nm input torque) from the Mercedes PowerShift family replaces the G 240-16 synchromesh transmission. This frees drivers from having to worry about the shift lever, but certainly does not dictate to them. They can determine the choice of gear themselves at any time as necessary, whilst still enjoying the high level of shifting comfort for which the Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission is renowned.
Meanwhile the entrepreneur profits from the high degree of economy which comes with an automatic transmission that never tires and whose shift strategy has been designed with long-term low consumption and maximum powertrain wear reduction in mind.
Extremely economical: Mercedes PowerShift offroad
As a general rule the automated Mercedes PowerShift offroad transmissions are available for just about all the construction vehicles in the Actros series (the only exceptions being the all-wheel-drive variants). The advantages – including lower fleet consumption and powertrain wear reduction – were soon the talk of many a town: at the beginning of 2009 only four percent of construction vehicles in Europe were equipped with the 16-speed Telligent automated gearshift, but by the end of 2009 nearly 20 percent of these vehicles were equipped with the new twelve-speed Mercedes PowerShift offroad automatic transmission.
Mercedes PowerShift offroad offers all the advantages familiar from the on-road version, such as shift comfort, ease of operation and rapid reverse gears and a consistently fuel-saving shift strategy. Drivers of the construction Actros can, of course, avail themselves of all the intelligent additional drive programs such as manoeuvring mode, rocking-free plus power and eco-roll mode, but also have a special off-road mode at their fingertips.
This is activated by engaging the inter-axle differential lock, and it adjusts the strategy for declutching and shifting to suit the particular conditions that prevail during off-road operation. As a general rule, for example, Mercedes PowerShift offroad uses low engine speeds for moving off, but the off-road mode can also master tricky starting-off situations by increasing the engine speed in accordance with the load in question.
The engine-speed range that both Mercedes PowerShift offroad and the on-road version PowerShift 2 use when moving off in difficult conditions now stretches to 1100 rpm. By way of comparison: the previous generation of Mercedes PowerShift had 750 rpm as its engine speed when moving off. This increased range is significant not only for the construction vehicles – it is also important for heavy-duty transport, and in particular the Scandinavian vehicle combinations that can weigh up 60 tonnes.
And there is another function which is of great use especially on the construction site: if ever the pulling power at maximum torque is insufficient for the prevailing driving resistances, Mercedes PowerShift prevents any unadvisable action from being taken in the first place – in such cases the clutch simply will not close.
The power mode is a trusty helper in difficult terrain: it ensures that the gears are turned further and held for longer – and that it is possible to shift back earlier in case of doubt. In contrast to the on-road version (where the power mode is auto­matically switched off after ten minutes), the power mode in the construction vehicle always remains engaged until the driver reverts to the normal mode by pressing a button.
Highly robust design for the G 330-12
The most powerful Mercedes PowerShift transmission (G 330-12) has a single overdrive and – designed for a maximum input torque of 3300 Nm – offers plenty of reserves even under extremely harsh conditions. The G 330-12’s transmission arms are made of forged steel; on all the other Mercedes PowerShift transmissions they are cast aluminium.
Mercedes-Benz offers a total of four further Mercedes PowerShift variants to choose from: two twelve-speed transmissions with a direct highest gear (2100 and 2800-Nm input torque), a 16-speed direct-drive transmission for an input torque of 2400 Nm and the Mercedes PowerShift up to 250 t fitted in the Actros SLT with a turbo clutch plus the 16-speed transmission with double overdrive and an input torque of 3000 Nm.
Thanks, too, to numerous other equipment items the construction Actros is better prepared than ever before to face the tough reality that is part of everyday life in this specialised sector. Additional armour against damage comes, for example, in the form of a high-strength protective plate for the engine (made of three-milli­metre-thick stainless steel) and a further protective plate beneath the main tank.
Lots of improvements in detail
An optimised pivoting access step is quite happy to take the fair bashing that is inevitable in off-road conditions, and the reinforced mirror housing is not in the least bit bothered by any close encounters with branches or similar nuisances that might lie in its path. As an option Mercedes-Benz can deliver the headlamps and tail lights with special protective grilles and an adjustable vertical exhaust pipe which can quickly and easily be positioned at different heights to suit various bodies.
A patented Road construction package is a brand-new feature for the air-sprung dump truck. It affords the air bellows and plastic components at the tail end an extra helping of protection. The Road construction package consists of raised tail lights equipped with protective grilles and eyelets, reflectors offset inwards on the side, plus shortened wings with folding splash guards and a folding rear underride guard.
When folded down this rear underride guard serves as a scuff guard for the air bellows. At the same time the finisher can dock on flush to the rod so that it can gently push the tipper, even with the underride guard sitting flush with the tyres: special rollers on both ends of the rod ensure low-friction contact between the underride guard and the tyres.
The new light and rain sensor – available for all vehicles with tinted windows – is not the only feature that brings added comfort for drivers. Also particularly worthy of note are the new one-piece handrail on the roof, which gives drivers a sure-footed feeling when using the exterior step. And the compressed-air gun is useful when cleaning the interior; it comes courtesy of Mercedes-Benz as standard with all dump trucks, concrete mixers, all-wheel-drive platform trucks and all-wheel-drive semitrailer tractors.
The construction Actros has been fully equipped with everything it needs for its daily work: there is a sunblind, an extra folding table and an illuminated control panel for the air suspension. And Mercedes-Benz extended the range of wheel­bases and the available axle ratios yet further at the market launch of the third-generation construction Actros.
The construction Actros also profits enormously from the huge variety of variants and equipment that exists for the on-road vehicles: including the wide range of cabs and electronically controlled (but specially encapsulated) disc brakes all round on the standard dump truck and the battery status display – to name but a few.
“Trucks you can trust” – this motto applies right the way through to the comprehensive safety package.
Axor model series: specialist for payload-sensitive transport
  • New transport mixer chassis with optimised payload
  • Gross vehicle weight of 18 to 32 tonnes
  • Exemplary safety equipment
A glance at the basic components shows what a major role the construction vehicles in the Axor series play amongst Mercedes-Benz construction vehicles: the Actros chassis and Atego cabs – the Axor forming the all-important link between the Actros and Atego. The Axor specialises in payload-sensitive transport with a high degree of on-road work.
This is why the axle configurations offered are concentrated in the range of 4 x 2 to 8 x 4. The construction version of the Axor is available as a two- and three-axle air-sprung semitrailer tractor (4 x 2 and 6 x 2) and as a two-, three- or four-axle tractor vehicle (4 x 2 plus 4 x 4, 6 x 4 and 8 x 4) with 18 to 32 tonnes gross vehicle weight.
The engine line-up is also finely graduated: it is based on the two six-cylinder engines in the 900 engine model series (with 6.4 and 7.2-litre displacement) and the twelve-litre six-cylinder in-line OM 457 LA. The 6.4-litre OM 906 LA unit is available with the output settings 175, 188 and 210 kW, and the OM 926 LA 7.2-litre engine achieves 240 kW. And one performance class higher the range is seamlessly rounded off by the twelve-litre OM 457 LA engine, covering power categories 265, 295 and 315 kW.
Mercedes PowerShift also available for the Axor
As an option Mercedes-Benz can supply all Axor construction vehicles that have a twelve-cylinder engine with the particularly light Mercedes PowerShift G 211-12 automated transmission (there is a weight saving of around 50 kilograms compared with the standard-fit nine-speed transmission), which stands for the highest levels of shifting comfort and consistently favourable fleet consumption and is as gentle as can be on the powertrain. As a further option the hypoid-axle HD4-HL4 tandem in place of planetary axles can save yet more weight.
Mercedes-Benz offers a semi-automated transmission for the OM 906 LA and OM 926 LA engines in the form of the G 211-16 shift box with a direct highest gear ratio. As part of the standard specification the Axor has six-, nine- and 16-speed manual transmissions.
There are many individual elements that add up to the construction Axor’s optimised payload. The most important of these are the light frame taken from the Actros, optimised parabolic springs at the front, a bumper made of impact-resistant plastic and the hypoid-axle tandem. The cab originating from the Atego is lighter than that of the Actros.
The short S-cab is available with what is known as a rucksack as an option: the cab is extended by 180 millimetres, creating more room for jackets, wellington boots and other such items behind the seats.
New payload-optimised transport mixer chassis
The Axor 3240 B concrete mixer being exhibited at the bauma show is a prime example of what can be achieved by way of extra payload where it is urgently needed by implementing some additional measures: Mercedes PowerShift G 211-12 and individual tyres on the third axle (tyre size 385/55 R 22.5; with 305/70 R 22.5 as the other tyres) and hypoid rear axles, whilst a 200-litre aluminium tank and a 25-litre AdBlue tank in combination with aluminium wheels reduce the chassis weight by a further 340 kilograms.
This takes the weight below the 9.2-tonne mark – some 500 kilograms less than a comparable four-axle Actros, and in conjunction with state-of-the-art lightweight rotary barrel mixers with a total volume of nine cubic metres it is possible to equip the four-axle mobile cement mixer for transporting eight cubic metres of concrete without it exceeding the legal limit of 32 tonnes GVW.
This is the path taken by the Axor as it goes from being a concrete mixer to a veritable payload giant – and into the bargain it displays exemplary economy where consumption is concerned – thanks to Mercedes PowerShift and single-ratio hypoid drive axles.
Engine brake of stature
An exclusive feature is its particularly powerful engine brake, the turbo brake: an extended function of the auxiliary brake, which produces significantly more braking effect than with just the constantly open throttle valve through increased exhaust gas back pressure (achieved through a suppressor grid inside the exhaust gas turbocharger). The turbo brake reaches its maximum braking power of 440 kW at 2500 rpm. A hillholder in conjunction with the Telligent braking system is also available for the construction Axor.
Atego model series: generalist in the light and medium-duty class
  • Tailor-made solutions for the construction industry and ancillary trades
  • Large variety of different variants
  • Celebrating 10 years of the engine start/stop system
The Atego has been designed as a generalist in the weight categories from 7.5 to 16.0 tonnes gross vehicle weight; the range – in which construction variants of the Atego series also appear – is correspondingly large and ideal for use in the construction industry and ancillary trades.
The Atego is available ex factory as a three-way tipper, an all-wheel drive dump truck, a skip loader or as a dump truck with a crane. And to ensure that there is nothing to be desired over and above this range, there is a frame concept with good body-mounting ability: it has straight side members and bores in a 50-millimetre matrix. The Atego is generally available with different frame thick­nesses depending on the severity of the conditions it will encounter in the application for which it is destined.
At the front of the vehicle, in the area of the cab, the frame has been drawn downwards, allowing the cab to be positioned very low down, which makes it easy for the driver to get in and out. Mercedes-Benz can supply an entrance with a movable bottom step as an option on the all-wheel-drive variants. The step gives on contact with rocks and boulders, for instance, in off-road terrain, without sustaining any damage.
Choice of five cab variants
The customer can order a total of five different cabs for the Atego, and each of these comes with a choice of three different cockpits: The spectrum ranges from the short S-cab and the extended variant with a 180-millimetre rear panel extension to the long cab with or without a high roof. And, of enormous importance for the construction industry: the fifth variant is a crewcab which can seat five people.
The Atego is powered by four- and six-cylinder engines from the 900 model series. The performance spectrum of the four-cylinder units (with displacements of 4.2 and 4.8 litres respectively) ranges from 95 to 160 kW. The six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 6.4 litres covers the range from 175 to 210 kW.
As part of the standard specification these engines are combined with six-and nine-speed manual transmissions from Mercedes-Benz, and there are also two ZF manual transmissions available for special applications. On the G 131-9 nine-speed transmission Mercedes-Benz offers hydraulic operation and pneumatic shift force assistance, reducing effort on the driver’s part to a minimum.
Automated transmission for the medium-duty class
Mercedes-Benz was a pioneer in the field of automated transmissions for medium-duty trucks when it developed the optionally available Telligent automatic gearshift for the Atego up to 175 kW: this automated six-speed transmission, based on the Telligent automatic transmission in the Actros and launched in 2003, was the first of its kind and remains as popular as ever.
For special applications with the Atego there is also the option of an electronically controlled fully automatic system from Allison: there is a choice of five or six gears, a hydrodynamic torque converter or a torque converter lock-up clutch.
Engine start/stop system for low consumption
The Atego’s fuel-saving start/stop system is celebrating its tenth birthday and has never before been met with more enthusiasm by customers. It cuts fuel consumption by an average of up to three percent.
The way this automatic system functions is very simple: it switches the engine off whenever the truck has been at a standstill for at least three seconds, the trans­mission is in neutral and the clutch is not disengaged. If the driver then steps on the clutch, the engine is immediately and automatically turned on again. The installation rate for the engine start/stop systems stands at 46 percent.
The Atego Blue Tec Hybrid vehicle for a GVW of 11.99 tonnes has been under­going customer trials for a while now and has recently become available for ordering (production from 2010). The parallel hybrid combines the compact 160 kW four-cylinder OM 924 LA with a 44-kW electric engine that takes care of moving off and supports the diesel engine above all at low and mid engine speeds. The potential for saving fuel in practice amounts to 10 to 15 percent.
The Atego is now available as a particularly eco-friendly EEV version in five output settings (from 130 kW upwards) – the standard is met through the imple­mentation of in-engine measures and without an additional particulate filter.
Improved additional corrosion inhibitor
A further new feature for the Atego – and also available for the Actros and Axor model series – is an improved corrosion inhibitor for the frame, for instance during salt-intensive applications such as winter maintenance. Instead of applying tectyl, which stains easily, Mercedes-Benz now uses a transparent corrosion inhibitor (Carlofon 81), which makes it easier to check the metal surfaces and is generally more aesthetically pleasing.
Zetros model series: specialist for heavy-duty off-road applications
  • Compact profile for heavy-duty off-road operations
  • Robust volume-produced components
  • Tried-and-tested all-wheel-drive technology
Back in December 2009 Mercedes-Benz delivered the first Zetros for civilian use – to a Finnish company in the energy industry. Wherever a compact profile, high payload and excellent off-road capability are called for the new Zetros cab-behind-engine vehicle – which can be described as a continuation of the Unimog for higher gross vehicle weights – is met with enormous interest. Typical areas of application for this all-wheel-drive truck with 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 axle configurations are forestry and the energy industry, fire protection and disaster control, service in remote areas and expedition activities. Companies involved in the construction industry and surface and underground mining are also showing a keen interest.
Mercedes-Benz supplies the Zetros with permanent all-wheel drive and a two-stage transfer case with an off-road ratio of 1 : 1.69 and differential locks on all axles. The two-axle version’s payload ranges from four to six tonnes and there is a choice of two gross vehicle weights: 16 or 18 tonnes, for which the model designation 1833 stands.
Rapid supply of replacement parts worldwide – guaranteed
The three-axle Zetros 2733’s payload is seven to ten tonnes (a gross vehicle weight of either 25 or 27 tonnes can be selected). The all-wheel-driven base vehicle is borrowed from the Actros and Axor model series. One of the advantages of using volume-produced components is that a fast supply of replacement parts is guaranteed worldwide. It goes without saying that the “Trucks you can trust” motto also applies in the most remote regions of the globe.
When it comes to the newly designed cab, by contrast, only limited use was made of existing elements in the modular system employed by Daimler AG: the interior corresponds to the Axor’s Global Cockpit and the doors originate from the Unimog. Otherwise the layout is completely new and specially designed for all types of rail and air transport as part of peace missions, for instance.
It fits just about perfectly in cargo planes like the Hercules C 130 or the Transall C 160. For civilian use the stout profile has the valuable advantage that the vehicle is less likely to make a nuisance of itself by getting in the way, such as on narrow paths through the forest or during underground operations.
The cab-behind-engine design unique amongst today’s European trucks is ideal for all sorts of off-road applications: not only does it create a lot of space in the cab for passengers – because the engine is positioned so far forward – it also ensures that there is always maximum traction at the front axle. And because the passengers sit between the axles and not directly above the front axle, levels of ride comfort are particularly high – especially when travelling on rough tracks.
Practice-oriented cab-behind-engine design
Last but not least this cab-behind-engine design means that it is much quicker to open up the vehicle when it comes to any repairs and maintenance work than it is to tilt a cab-over-engine vehicle. Of the utmost importance when operating in extremely low temperatures, such as in climes where conditions of minus 50 degrees are nothing out of the ordinary, is the fact that the crew can remain inside the cab whilst the technicians go about their servicing work.
The Zetros also takes its steering and its engine from the Actros: the 7.2-litre six-cylinder engine from the 900 model series, whilst the hydraulic nine-speed Mercedes-Benz G 131 transmission takes care of power transmission. A fully automated version – a power shift transmission that comes in extremely handy in difficult terrain – is available as an option. The Zetros is equipped with the tried-and-tested HL7 and HD7 planetary hub reduction axles, with leaf springs on all the axles and drum brakes equalling uncomplicated, easy-maintenance and robust technology.
As it embarks on its career the Zetros is available with one wheelbase in each case. On the two-axle version it measures 4800 millimetres, and on the three-axle model 4750 + 1450 millimetres, but the vehicle’s design certainly facilitates other variants.
“Service you can trust” from Mercedes-Benz
  • Comprehensive support from A to Z
  • Attractive offers for financing, rental and genuine replacement parts
  • Telematics, maintenance schedule and used-parts service
Mercedes-Benz offers a unique range of services connected with all aspects of the construction vehicle. Expert advice, tailor-made solutions and a comprehensive service package provide truck operators with the support they need, allowing them to concentrate fully on their daily business and thus their core competence.
TruckWorks – a new full service
The latest element to be added to this comprehensive range of services is TruckWorks, the full service launched in October 2009: perfect service for the truck is now complemented by additional support for trailers, semitrailers and bodies in manufacturer quality. The range on offer is as extensive as it is uniform: from warranty and goodwill work, maintenance and care to all work according to manufacturer specifications and using genuine replacement parts from 16 renowned alliance partners. Optimum parts supply is ensured by Daimler AG’s logistics systems.
Attractive offers for financing, leasing and rental
Support is available from Mercedes-Benz right from the purchase stage – a service that is more important than ever in difficult times. With a wide range of financing and insurance Mercedes-Benz Bank helps construction companies and those operating in ancillary trades to acquire their vehicles in a cost-effective, liquidity-saving manner.
In Germany Mercedes-Benz Bank is the biggest financer of trucks and vans. It is especially in difficult economic times that customers profit from the Mercedes-Benz experts’ knowledge of the sector and the bank’s consistent lending practices with solutions such as seasonal instalment financing or attractive complete packages including leasing and vehicle insurance.
For many years now Mercedes-Benz CharterWay has been the port of call for customers looking for attractive offers covering service, service leasing and rental – and thus firmly calculable costs. CharterWay takes care of more than 70,000 vehicles in Germany alone, and 170,000 in Europe as a whole, across 20 different countries.
FleetBoard telematics and maintenance management
Mercedes-Benz offers telematics services via FleetBoard, and in its leading-provider role FleetBoard has already equipped around 55,000 trucks in more than 1100 transport operations. The spectrum of services possible via FleetBoard ranges from logistics, driving analysis and truck navigation to the downloading of files from the tachograph’s mass storage unit or the driver card.
For the Actros and Axor model series the customer can also make use of a special maintenance management system that brings perfect time scheduling and cost transparency: the service records vehicle-related data and evaluates information on maintenance and wear with the aid of FleetBoard. Whilst the truck is still in operation the Mercedes-Benz service partner transmits the scheduling for mainte­nance and quotes a fixed price for the service.
Genuine quality for half the price
When it is time to replace a part the customer also has the option of 100-percent quality for only 50 percent of the cost of a new part. This service is known as “ Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts” and it ensures that in exchange for the defective part the customer is given expertly reconditioned components with the quality, full warranty and global replacement-part guarantee that come with a new part.
Big on used-vehicle service
And if the purchase of a used truck or the marketing of a veteran truck is on the agenda, the customer needs look no further than TruckStore. Mercedes-Benz TruckStore is Europe’ s biggest used-vehicle dealer; it markets all makes of truck from 7.5 to 40.0 tonnes GVW and also accepts vehicles of all brands as payment. The trucks are all thoroughly inspected according to uniform Europe-wide standards, carefully processed if necessary and divided into the product categories gold, silver and bronze.
TruckStore also offers an extensive range of services such as financing, leasing and buy-back agreements, and the unique pledge for used vehicles that is valid throughout Europe: at Mercedes-Benz the “Trucks you can trust” pledge always applies in the very widest sense and that includes the used-trucks business.
List of exhibits:
Road construction:
Actros 2644 LK 6 x 4, with Road construction package and Mercedes PowerShift offroad
Earth-moving operations:
Actros 4148 K 8 x 4, rear-end tipper with Mercedes PowerShift offroad and extensive standard equipment
Heavy-duty transport:
Actros SLT 4165 8 x 4, with Mercedes PowerShift up to 250 t, gross combination weight max. 250 tonnes
Atego 1524 4 x 4, crane dump truck with Meiller body, Palfinger crane and attachment plate for snow plough and automatic start/stop system
Structural and civil engineering:
Axor 3240 B 8 x 4/4, concrete-mixer variant, with Mercedes PowerShift, payload-optimised for transporting eight cubic metres of concrete
Extreme off-road:
Zetros 2733 A 6 x 6, three-axle all-wheel-drive off-road vehicle with power shift transmission, tipper body and crane

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Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer, rear axle
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Axor concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a Road construction package
Mercedes-Benz Zetros Bauma 2010
Mercedes-Benz Zetros Bauma 2010
Mercedes-Benz Zetros Bauma 2010
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a "road construction package"
Mercedes-Benz Axor, concrete-mixer
Mercedes-Benz Construction Actros with a "road construction package"