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BlueTec Eco Initiative

BlueTec Eco Initiative

Sep 30, 2008
  • Initiative for greater day-to-day economy
  • Saving money while protecting the environment
  • Fuel economy is more important than ever
Hannover/Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz Trucks is using the International Commercial Vehicle Fair (IAA) in Hanover to mark the start of an initiative for improved day-to-day economy. The aim of the BlueTec Eco initiative is to help vehicle operators to make the most of what is technically feasible in their day-to-day operations. The potential of modern vehicle ­technology under ideal conditions was recently demonstrated by a standard truck from the new Mercedes-Benz Actros generation, which achieved a diesel consumption of 19.44 litres per 100 km for a 40-tonne semitrailer combination over a test track distance of more than 12,728 kilometres. Four components form the key to optimising fuel consumption in day-to-day operations with the BlueTec Eco package: Eco Manager Seminar, Eco Advice, Eco Analysis and Eco Presentation.
The BlueTec Eco Manager Seminar is a two-day training course intended mainly for operators and fleet managers, during which knowledge is imparted for a comprehensive view of overall economy. FleetBoard data are analysed as a basis for specific action. The influence of driving style is shown in practical training drives and by theoretical evaluations. According to experts, fuel savings of ten to twelve percent are feasible with an anticipatory style of driving. Concerted use of FleetBoard data can help to establish a corresponding style of driving in a fleet on a lasting basis.
As part of the BlueTec Eco initiative, transport companies can also arrange for individual advice on the spot. On the basis of detailed analyses, specialists from the Professional Advisory Team will work on comprehensive solutions for optimisation of the fleet’s fuel economy, and provide an overview of fuel economy measures. This also includes the latest findings on the right vehicle configurations for operation, maintenance and cleaning, as well as the most fuel-efficient driving style.
BlueTec Eco Analysis is aimed at customers who wish to improve their current fuel consumption and achieve the lowest possible consumption with their vehicles during real transport assignments. Specially trained personnel from the Mercedes-Benz Professional Advisory Team accompany drivers on advisory and analytical journeys so that improvement potentials during the normal working day can be identified and utilised. The advantages for the operator are documented analyses for the fleet’s individual transport assignments and knowledge of the fuel consumption values that can actually be achieved.
In two-hour information events held locally at company-owned Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlets, the BlueTec Eco Presentation component conveys expert findings and solid background information on the subject of fuel savings to a wider circle of interested parties. The example of the record-breaking fuel economy run of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros in Nardo, southern Italy is used to describe and discuss the findings relevant to day-to-day fleet operations. The factors are identified that are required for a meaningful comparison of fuel consumption values, together with guidelines for a comprehensive approach to improvement potentials.
The fuel consumption factor is gaining in importance very rapidly, and in the light of diesel fuel price developments it can make all the difference in terms of competitive advantage. Moreover, fuel economy is also increasingly important with respect to environmental compatibility and the ongoing CO2 debate, as these emissions are directly linked to fuel consumption.
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