MBUX Mercedes-Benz User Experience: Unique user experience with EQ specific functions

Sep 4, 2018

The EQC (combined power consumption: 22.2 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km, provisional data)1 features the innovative multimedia system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience, which has numerous EQ specific functions such as displaying the range, state of charge and energy flow. EQ optimised navigation, driving modes, charging capacity and departure time can also be controlled and set via MBUX. The MBUX display has a special EQ tile where numerous EQ features are grouped. Alternatively the user can access the EQ menu of the MBUX system directly using a key in the lower left control panel.

In the instrument cluster on the left side of the standard Widescreen cockpit, the EQC greets its driver with an EQ welcome animation. The dial instrument on the left shows the speed and, in the lower area, the charge status and range. The dial instrument on the right displays the output and recuperation phases.

Under acceleration the displays behave as dynamically as the vehicle: in both dial instruments, a white band also gives a visual impression of the EQC's speed and power. A display of charging information is also part of the instrument cluster.

The media display on the right side of the Widescreen cockpit has the EQ tile in its main menu as the central access point for specific displays and settings. These include the charging current, departure time, energy flow and consumption histogram. Alternatively the EQC's driver can also access this menu using a direct selection key in the lower control panel. Moreover, the EQ optimised navigation and Mercedes me Charge functions (see Services section for details) plus the driving programs (see Drive system section) can be controlled via the media display.

The navigation screen displays charging stations and, if there is an internet connection, dynamic additional information such as availability and opening times.

MBUX - Mercedes-Benz User Experience: Intuitive to use and learn-capable

The name MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience for the new infotainment system signifies that the user experience (UX: has first priority. A unique feature of this system is its ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. With its predictive functions, MBUX e.g. anticipates what the user would like next. For instance, anyone who often telephones their mother on Tuesdays during the journey home will receive her telephone number as a suggestion on the display on this day of the week. Anyone who regularly switches over to a radio station with news at a certain time also receives this as a suggestion.

And if the navigation system detects a route frequently driven, navigation to this destination is already started in the background. For example, MBUX suggests the fitness studio in the navigation destination search screen. The driver then only needs to confirm, and all the information on the route, such as congestion warnings, is already to hand.

Further strengths include the high-resolution Widescreen cockpit with touchscreen operation of the media display, the navigation display with augmented reality technology (optional) plus intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition, which is activated with the keyword "Hey Mercedes".

[1] Figures for power consumption and CO2 emissions are provisional and were determined by the German Technical Service corporation. The range figures are also provisional. EC type approval and conformity certification with official figures are not yet available. There may be differences between the stated figures and the official figures.