Close collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and HYMER: The best of two worlds – a look back

Jul 6, 2018

The collaboration between premium manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and HYMER has a long tradition. For 47 years, the inventor of the camper van has based its top models on chassis from the brand with the star. Both companies are united by the fact that – then as now – � � � they are drivers of innovation.

The beginning: Hymermobil based on the Mercedes-Benz L 508 D

The birth of the iconic Hymermobil – based on the chassis of the then Mercedes-Benz L 508 D large van – marked the start of collaboration between Stuttgart and Bad Waldsee in 1971. With the Hymermobil, camper van pioneer Erwin Hymer was far ahead of his time – in those days, just 701 new camper vans were registered each year in Germany. Currently, the figure is over 50 times as many, with more than 40 000 units being newly registered in 2017. HYMER celebrated the completion of its 150 000th vehicle in 2015.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter becomes the basic vehicle for HYMER camper vans

Since 1974, integrated camper vans – i.e. vehicles with a completely separate body and cab – have been a speciality of the Hymer brand. In 1979, HYMER unveiled a milestone with the Hymermobil S-Class. GRP roof, attractive body, tasteful furnishings and new PUAL technology with foamed walls were the main features. In this and subsequent generations, it was always associated with Mercedes-Benz not only because of the name, but also through the basic vehicle.

From spring 1995, the first generation of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter formed the basis for the Hymermobil S-Class. 

Mercedes-Benz and HYMER set standards in terms of safety

With disc brakes all around, anti-lock braking system as standard along with other safety features, the Hymermobil S-Class stood out even in the 1990s with a high level of safety thanks to the Sprinter – and the same applied to all future generations.

A special highlight followed in 2014 with the introduction of the semi-integrated HYMER ML-T as the first camper van to incorporate the Sprinter's Crosswind Assist, which had been launched just one year earlier by Mercedes-Benz Vans as an innovation in this segment. 2015 saw the availability of the integrated, Sprinter-based HYMER ML-I with Crosswind Assist. With this, the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and HYMER once again took on a pioneering role across the industry.

With the launch of the third-generation Sprinter as the basis for the new HYMER B-Class ModernComfort, a new chapter has now been added to this successful collaboration.