Waste disposal in Ludwigsburg: On the safe side with the Mercedes-Benz Econic

November 2017

Waste in the Municipality of Ludwigsburg is now collected by six Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks. The vehicles ensure a high standard of safety with extensive safety technology and a "High Visibility Cab" with a deep panoramic windscreen and a glazed co-driver's door down to floor level. "The built-in Sideguard Assist, for example, detects pedestrians and cyclists and warns the driver by means of visual and audible warning signals. Active Brake Assist 3 is even capable of braking the vehicle autonomously," says Oliver Grimm (centre in photo), managing director of the privately owned waste disposal company Suez Süd, who, together with Tilman Hepperle (left), managing director of the waste recycling company for the Municipality of Ludwigsburg, took delivery of the vehicles from Patrick Gentner, Daimler AG.

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