Mobility Solutions: The Innovation Lab at Daimler Buses leads to the future of mobility

Oct 19, 2017
Stuttgart / Kortrijk
  • Mobility Solutions: new ideas create added value for customers
  • Practical solutions support operators, drivers and passengers
  • eMobility Consulting: support on the way to e-mobility
  • CleverShuttle: optimisation of the mobility offering

The remit of the young Mobility Solutions department formed last year is to make useful additions to the business model of Daimler Buses, extend it into the digital world and develop it further. The Innovation Lab at Daimler Buses identifies new mobility topics and accompanies them to their practical implementation. In doing so, the team is a driver of networking and connectivity, deriving benefits for operators, bus drivers and passengers. The agility and dynamism of Mobility Solutions is already apparent from the first implemented projects.

Mobility Solutions: new ideas create added value for customers

Mobility Solutions analyses the business processes of transport operators and bus companies, and identifies wishes and improvement potentials from the point of view of all parties. As a department within Daimler Buses, Mobility Solutions inherently possesses great bus-specific know-how. This is why Mobility Solutions is able to use the potential to be found in the registration, analysis and evaluation of vehicle data, for example. On this basis Mobility Solutions develops systems-integrated IT solutions, telematics products and applications. The focus at all times is on practicality and added value for the customers of Daimler Buses.

Mobility Solutions operates on a particularly agile, goal-oriented and therefore intentionally unorthodox way. Depending on the project at hand, networks are created, cooperations are entered into and business partnerships are created to build up maximum know-how in the shortest time. It is with this know-how and a high stroke rate that Mobility Solutions develops new projects and passes them on within Daimler Buses.

The personnel at Mobility Solutions come from a wide range of departments. This ensures a broad knowledge base and a wide horizon of experience. The department is based in the Ulm Science Park, a creative environment in this scientific city, and close to the corporate research departments. There is also a branch in Berlin, the centre of the start-up scene in Germany.

Practical solutions support operators, drivers and passengers

Within a short time, Mobility Solutions has developed practical solutions mainly based on networking.

The idea of the Driver's App comes from experiences with customers and drivers. Its main purpose is to simplify the legally prescribed pre-departure check, including rapid communication of any faults or damage to the operator.

Mobility Solutions very intensively concerns itself with the complex field of electromobility. The focus here is on eMobility Consulting, comprehensive advice for customers.

eMobility Consulting: support on the way to e-mobility

The changeover to electromobility presents transport operators with an enormous challenge. Route length, itinerary and topography are the central factors, as are energy supply and charging infrastructure, the configuration of regular service buses with a balanced and individually suitable ratio of range, passenger capacity, vehicle weight and costs, equipping the workshop and training of personnel. All these aspects are immediately inter-connected. In addition to technical feasibility, it is overall cost-effectiveness that is decisive. In view of this highly complex meshwork, Mobility Solutions supports transport operators with the qualified advice of eMobility Consulting.

eMobility Consulting first analyses the vehicle movements and the operating area of the transport company. Customer requirements of the vehicles are then reconciled with the availability of technical means. As a third step the experts examine the line network with its individual lines. This is followed by an analysis of vehicle operations, during which eMobility Consulting uses complex simulation programmes. The experts then derive scenarios from this, to show in what form and to what extent the transport operator is able to change over to electromobility using electric city buses.

This extensive process involving experts is well worthwhile, for in the case of complex transport networks they are striving for maximum functionality and considering investments amounting to many million euros for vehicles and infrastructure.

CleverShuttle: optimisation of the mobility offering

Using the CleverShuttle software platform, traffic associations and companies offer innovative solutions in order to be able to optimally adapt their mobility offers to customer requirements at any time. The new on-demand software is based on the tried-and-tested technology from CleverShuttle and can be integrated into existing regular service routes. This collaboration leads to transport offerings which are more suited to requirements and which, at the same time, are more economical.

CleverShuttle holds a pioneering role in Germany in the field of "on-demand mobility": since the beginning of 2016, the company has been running a car-sharing service based on the use of electrically powered passenger cars and was thus already able to gather experience in efficient pooling and route optimisation.