Two brands with peak services: Omniplus – Service for Mercedes-Benz and Setra BusStore – Number one for used buses

Oct 19, 2017
Stuttgart / Kortrijk
  • The Omniplus 24h Service is available 365 days of the year
  • Tailor-made service contracts: Basic, BasicPlus and Premium
  • Genuine replacement parts now straight from the printer
  • BusStore used bus brand: the number one for quality
  • Strict quality criteria, uniform classification

Comprehensive service for all Mercedes-Benz and Setra coaches and buses: Available from Omniplus, the service brand of Daimler Buses. With more than 600 service outlets in Europe, Omniplus offers a unique, full-coverage specialist service network for buses and coaches. New, innovative services are added continuously - including pioneering digital offerings.

BusStore is the brand under which Daimler Buses brings together its used bus activities. Europe-wide presence, unrivalled vehicle pool, professional advice, strict quality criteria, careful preparation and uniform classification – that is what makes you number one in the used bus business.

The Omniplus 24h Service is available 365 days of the year

Should a bus or coach break down, the Omniplus 24h Service is available around the clock in conjunction with one of the service cards. With its high-quality service outlets and standardised repair processes, Omniplus ensures that a bus or coach is repaired promptly to a high standard and on fair terms. Customers are able to access the service at any time of day or night, 365 days a year, via a free hotline.

The breakdown service responds as the situation requires: the driver notifies the Omniplus 24h Service of the international control centre in their national language. They inform the nearest service outlet. A mechanic is immediately dispatched to the vehicle. The procedure is even easier with the telediagnostics service for vehicles with the Fleetboard Box (TP4). At the mere push of a button, the bus sends its exact location and all diagnostics data to the service organization Omniplus 24h Service.

Omniplus ServiceCard Basic and Premium: two-stage concept

The Omniplus ServiceCard Premium is available free of charge to Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus customers. It has a validity of two years. Customers who can do without some parts of the extensive service package can opt for the Omniplus ServiceCard Basic. This is valid for no less than six years, and includes the Basic mobility package. With this, Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus customers are able to obtain certain services quickly, easily and without cash payment, including regular servicing.

Tailor-made service contracts: Basic, BasicPlus and Premium

Operators who attach importance to a fleet in peak condition and calculable costs opt for a service contract. The BasicPlus package includes all necessary maintenance work as specified in the service booklet, plus selected wear-related repairs. The Premium package additionally includes all other repairs to the vehicle, with defined exclusions such as tyre replacement or physical damage. Also included in the Premium service contract is the 24h Service module. This covers a large number of services in the event of a breakdown. In short: customers receive maintenance, repair and emergency services as a complete package.

Omniplus also offers service contracts for recent, pre-owned Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses. They are based on the gold classification issued by the BusStore pre-owned bus brand. The Basic service contract covers maintenance only, while BasicPlus with manufacturer-prescribed maintenance also includes the replacement of defined wearing parts.

BusDepot Management – servicing at the customer's workshop

Nobody is in a better position to maintain and repair buses and coaches than the manufacturer. That is what makes "BusDepot Management" interesting for fleets. In this case, authorised Omniplus service outlets, and therefore Omniplus personnel, perform services directly at the customer's own workshop. Depending on the contract, service technicians carry out regular servicing and repair work which can even include paint and body repairs. This concept ensures optimum vehicle care and high vehicle availability. The operator can obtain the vehicle and service from a single source, thereby reducing annual fleet costs.

Genuine replacement parts now straight from the printer

As a manufacturer brand, Omniplus genuine parts are standard parts for Mercedes-Benz and Setra. Close tolerances, high dimensional accuracy and tested materials are a matter of course. This means OEM quality. Genuine remanufactured parts for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses save money without compromising quality. They are carefully reprocessed, resulting in the same quality as a new part.

Omniplus also uses the advantages of 3D printing for replacement parts. To date, many hundreds of components for customer vehicles have already been printed. Omniplus is currently examining more than 150 replacement bus parts for 3D printability. Every 3D component can later be reordered by the customer according to its specific part number. It is available worldwide even decades later, although extensive stocking and warehousing is no longer necessary.

BestAge Repair: keeping buses and coaches fit to run longer

Buses and coaches that have been on the road for many years require repairs and touch-ups to maintain their value every now and then. This calls for classic services on special terms, which is where a new programme from Omniplus comes in: "BestAge Repair" services at a cost that reflects the bus's current value. This includes genuine parts for older model series, and genuine reman parts for the inexpensive replacement of wearing parts.

Maintenance and retrofitting is another segment, along with the upgrading and care of older buses and coaches. This may involve updating the passenger compartment, for example with new fabrics or fresh seat cushions, or upgrading the bodywork as part of the Omniplus SmallRepair service (fixing minor or cosmetic damage).

Omniplus training – the right training for every job

The Omniplus services are rounded out with further education for drivers and training courses for workshop personnel. The courses offer a good balance between theory and practical applications, and are taught by workshop specialists and qualified trainers.

BusStore used bus brand: the number one for quality

BusStore is an independent brand under which Daimler Buses brings together its European pre-owned bus business. The Europe-wide set-up results in a unique pool of vehicles that regularly comprises several hundred used buses and coaches in 14 locations – including professional advice. Thanks to its Europe-wide presence, BusStore is able to market not just individual buses but also complete bus fleets. With an annual turnover of around 2000 buses, BusStore is Europe's leading supplier of pre-owned buses and coaches.

Alongside Mercedes-Benz and Setra, BusStore markets buses of all well-known brands. As a brand in its own right, BusStore operates independently of the new vehicles organisation. An expansion of the network with specialised contact personnel for used buses in practically all European countries is imminent. The aim is to create an extensive organisation throughout Europe.

Strict quality criteria, uniform classification

When purchasing a bus, operators can rely on strict quality criteria. Careful refurbishment and preparation of the vehicles is done in the Omniplus service outlets. BusStore implements a uniform classification system for its product range. Vehicles from the house brands Mercedes-Benz and Setra are given the Gold category if they are a maximum of three years old and have a maximum mileage of 300 000 km. Refurbished to a high standard, they are in practically as-new condition. The Silver rating is available to vehicles of all brands up to a maximum age of six years and a total mileage of around 500 000 km. Bronze-rated buses from BusStore also offer dependable quality. Thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, these vehicles are technically inspected and 100 percent roadworthy.

Buying used vehicles is a matter of confidence, and BusStore reaffirms its number one European position among used bus suppliers with an extensive range of services. For buses and coaches in the BusStore category "Gold", there is a BusStore warranty of twelve months. The service contracts for used buses are another attractive offer.

Omniplus at the Busworld Europe show in Kortrijk

In time-honoured fashion, the service brand Omniplus forms a spatial link between the two bus brands Mercedes-Benz and Setra at the Busworld Europe show in Kortrijk.