Powertrain: The electric athlete in the compact segment

The Concept EQA features a powerful electric drive system: two electric motors with a system output that can be increased to over 200 kW thanks to scalable battery components, and permanent all-wheel drive ensure high driving dynamics. The two drive programs offer a choice of individual drive characteristics.

The Concept EQA has one electric motor at the front axle and one at the rear. The total output is over 200 kW and maximum torque is over 500 Nm. The electric athlete sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in around 5 seconds. The impressive driving dynamics and ride safety come courtesy of the electric all-wheel drive system with axle-variable torque distribution and the battery installed deep in the vehicle floor between the axles.

The two drive programs "Sport" and "Sport Plus" offer a different front to rear torque distribution, allowing the driver a choice of individual performance characteristics.

In combination with the intelligent Mercedes-Benz operating strategy, the Concept EQA achieves a range of around 400 kilometres. The vehicle can be charged via induction or wallbox and is also ready for rapid charging (see separate section). At a rapid charging station the Concept EQA can be charged enough in less than 10 minutes to produce a range of 100 km.

In addition to its internal development and production expertise and its modular strategy for alternative powertrains, part of Daimler AG's philosophy is to ensure that it has direct access to key components for electric mobility. The highly efficient lithium-ion battery with pouch cells is supplied by the Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE. Thanks to their modular design, the innovative battery systems have a model-specific total capacity of over 60 kWh.