Efficiency Run 2016 – Product Launch: Up to 20 percent less fuel and CO2: Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Krone present highly efficient semitrailer-tractor combination

September 2016
  • Integrated approach involves everyone in the haulage sector playing their part in achieving CO2 targets: commercial vehicle manufacturers, body/tyre suppliers, logistics companies and political decision-makers
  • World première and start of sales for the "Krone Profi Liner Efficiency": economical and practical new trailer has optimised aerodynamics and A-label low rolling resistance tyres to reduce fuel consumption by over five percent
  • IAA première: Latest generation Mercedes-Benz Actros with highly efficient OM 471 engine saves up to six percent on fuel
  • Predictive Powertrain Control from Mercedes-Benz with fuel savings of up to five percent has been setting benchmarks for many years
  • A-label tyres for low rolling resistance on the tractor unit enable a further two to four percent to be saved on fuel
  • Efficiency Run 2016 tested and verified by five customers: Elflein, Grosse-Vehne, Rhenus, Seifert and Wiedmann & Winz

Working together, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the trailer manufacturer Krone have transformed the concept of an "integrated approach" to reduce CO2 into reality in less than twelve months. The integrated approach involves everyone in the haulage sector playing their part in reducing fuel consumption: commercial vehicle manufacturers, body/tyre suppliers, logistics companies and, last but not least, political decision-makers.

The two companies' development efforts on the integrated approach bring customers real benefits. The specific Mercedes-Benz Actros unveiled at the IAA 2016 features the efficiency package and the latest generation of the OM 471 six-cylinder in-line engine, Predictive Powertrain Control (the anticipatory cruise control system) and A-label low rolling resistance tyres. When combined with the new Krone "Profi Liner Efficiency" trailer, it promises a reduction in fuel consumption, and therefore CO2 emissions, of up to 20 percent compared to existing combinations. A standard semitrailer-tractor combination from 2014 forms the basis of this comparison. Mercedes-Benz Trucks and its partners launched the first Efficiency Run last year and were able to save up to 14 percent on fuel as a result in comparison to a standard semitrailer-tractor combination.

Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, with responsibility for Daimler Trucks & Buses: "In 2015, The Efficiency Run proved that the integrated approach works. Now, just one year later, we are putting products that are fit for series production onto the roads. Our optimised semitrailer-tractor combination pays off for the environment and our customers: it lowers CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by up to 20 percent – and the cost can be amortised in about eighteen months."

Gero Schulze Isfort, managing director of the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group, adds: "Working in partnership has moved us a decisive step forwards in terms of the integrated approach. Last year's Efficiency Run more than confirmed our expectations. We have subsequently further optimised our trailer, particularly with regard to everyday practicality. Thus, this year we were able to launch another field trial, now ended, which has resulted in a semitrailer that is fit for series production and is now going on the market – the Profi Liner Efficiency."

Voluntary commitment fulfilled: 20 percent lower CO2 emissions

Reducing fuel consumption, and therefore CO2, is currently one of the biggest challenges facing the haulage sector. In sectors outside the emissions trading scheme, of which haulage is one, the EU wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent by 2030. This demands enormous effort on the part of everyone involved in the haulage sector. However, the industry is convinced that it can accomplish this task – without statutory provisions – not just out of a sense of responsibility for the environment and society, but also driven by its customers. This is because lower CO2 emissions also mean lower fuel consumption, which represents a high cost factor for our customers.

Back in 2008, European manufacturers formulated a vision to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020. It is essential, however, that this is cost-effective so that transportation by truck does not become more expensive and there is no impact on the European economy's competitiveness. The responsibility here lies not just with the manufacturers of tractor units, but rather with the entire trucking system. That extends to tractor units, semitrailers, tyres, fuel, operations, infrastructure and fleet replacement. The Efficiency Run is the best proof that this integrated approach works in real-world practice: compared to a standard semitrailer-tractor combination built in 2014, consumption could be reduced by 18 - 20 percent as a result.

Thanks to the Efficiency Run, the package of measures being presented at the IAA to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 could quickly be transformed by Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Krone into specific standard products, which are already available to order.

Integrated approach: enough potential to lower CO2 emissions by 20 percent

Depending on the truck and trailer in use, the following increases in efficiency are evident in terms of fuel consumption and the reduction in CO2 emissions:

  • Krone Profi Liner Efficiency: over five percent
  • Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit: up to six percent
  • Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC): up to five percent
  • Low rolling resistance tyres for tractor unit:  two to four percent

This increase in efficiency of up to 20 percent in total pays off for customers. Depending on the application and the vehicle service life distance, the extra cost of the trailer can be amortised in one to two years.

Efficiency Run 2016 with new Krone semitrailer tested by five customers, now available to purchase

This year, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Krone organised a further three-month endurance test. As part of the Efficiency Run, five transport businesses tested the new optimised semitrailers in everyday operation: Grosse-Vehne, Elflein, Rhenus, Seifert and Wiedmann & Winz. In the course of this, the transport companies involved deployed their own Actros tractor units dating from 2013 to early 2015 from their fleets. These included two Actros 1845, two Actros 1842 and one Actros 1843. None of the five vehicles were specially configured for the three-month test run and no efficiency packages were implemented. The only on-board equipment was the FleetBoard telematics system into which Krone Telematics had been integrated including tyre pressure loss detection system, and Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC).

Instead, the main focus of the field trial was on the completely new semitrailer attached to the five Actros models: the Krone Profi Liner Efficiency. It celebrates its world première at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, Germany, and is now available to order.

This solution differs from the familiar Krone Profi Liner in three main ways:

  • New self-engineered Krone side panels made of impact-resistant plastic cover all the sides, including those of the three trailer axles, and improve the Cd value by 5.2 percent.
  • A four-part rear wing, also made of robust plastic, improves the Cd value by a further 6.3 percent.
  • A-label low-resistance tyres reduce rolling resistance.

Profi Liner Efficiency: ready for tough day-to-day operation

In comparison with last year's Efficiency Run, this test run did not look solely at fuel savings. Assessing the new trailer's everyday usability was a specific priority. This involves examining handling, noise emission, robustness, loading options and access.

During the three months of testing, the five semitrailer-tractor combinations covered more than 150 000 km on German roads. They transported car engines, steel, paper, timber products and building materials – in short- and long-distance haulage. According to the drivers, the new trailer really proved its worth in tough day-to-day operation. Loading is possible from all sides and even from the top, and presents no problems at all. Using a forklift to load from the side works just as smoothly as with a conventional trailer, despite the side panels. No damage to the side panels was noticed at any time during the test phase. Reverse docking onto a loading ramp was also completed without difficulties. All that is necessary is to fold in the four-part rear wing before opening the rear-end doors. Based on feedback from drivers, this takes just a few seconds. They also made positive comments about the familiar operability of the lifting and lowering unit.

The structural system for the side panels was singled out for high praise. It comprises five individual elements. These can be removed easily by hand at the height of the trailer axles – an important consideration when a wheel needs to be changed, for example. Even so, the lightweight plastic side panels (a proprietary Krone design) are so stable that they do not cause any wind noise. The side panelling is, of course, certified by the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV) and complies with legal requirements relating to the side underride guard.

Low rolling resistance tyres and the trailer's improved Cd value reduce consumption by over five percent

The side panels improve the Cd value of the Krone Profi Liner Efficiency by 5.2 percent. What's more, the rear wing improves the Cd value by a further 6.3 percent. These two benefits, in conjunction with low rolling resistance tyres, have an extremely positive effect on the Actros tractor unit's fuel consumption. An analysis of FleetBoard and Krone Telematics data showed that the optimised aerodynamics and use of A-label tyres reduced consumption by over five percent on their own.

Krone's new efficiency specification will also be available for the Mega Liner, Cool Liner and Dry Liner in future.

New heavy-duty engines from Mercedes-Benz Trucks at the IAA: Actros with standard efficiency package and OM 471 engine saves up to six percent on fuel

The new Krone trailer is not the only form of the integrated approach that will be presented in Hanover at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles show. At the Mercedes-Benz Trucks stand, the latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz Actros featuring optimised aerodynamics due to a new spoiler lip, an optimised drivetrain and economical heavy-duty engines will also be on view for the first time.

Of the new generation comprising three six-cylinder in-line engines, the most economical is the OM 471 with a displacement of 12.8 litres. The standard optimised Mercedes-Benz Actros with this engine variant consumes up to six percent less fuel.

PPC lowers fuel consumption with further refined shift strategy

In addition to the new engine and transmission technology, the driving strategy also makes a noticeable contribution to lowering fuel consumption. Mercedes-Benz has been setting benchmarks for many years now with Predictive Powertrain Control, GPS data and topographic maps in conjunction with the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission, and with fuel savings of up to five percent.

Now driving with PPC is even more efficient. The shift points of the anticipatory cruise control have undergone further optimisation. Internal tests by Mercedes-Benz confirm that journey times change only negligibly with the new strategy – in reality, the difference is of no significance. In contrast, the saving effect of the new driving strategy is quite tangible.


Company profile

Krone Commercial Vehicle Group

Innovative, competent and responsible – for many years these quality criteria have informed the philosophy of the family-owned Krone business which was established in Spelle, Germany, in 1906. The right mix of knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and strong customer proximity has been the defining factor in the Krone Group's successful development. As one of the fastest growing companies in both the commercial trailer and agricultural machinery sectors, Krone is a benchmark setter. The reason for this is a high level of innovational strength, as demonstrated by a number of unique selling points. Worldwide, Krone's agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles are known to meet exceptional quality standards.

The Krone portfolio of commercial vehicles includes platform and box semitrailers, container chassis, swap systems, trailers, truck bodies and vehicles designed specifically for courier, express and parcel services. Krone now has production facilities in four locations in Germany: Werlte, Herzlake, Dinklage (all in Lower Saxony), Lübtheen (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), as well as in Tire in Turkey. Annual output is currently around 40 000 vehicle units.

All the time Krone is developing new solutions which can help transport businesses to operate successfully, even in a difficult economic environment. In the process, the focus is on two aspects: efficiency and load securing. The Group has succeeded in considerably boosting the efficiency of vehicles by means of numerous innovative solutions such as new vehicle concepts (Smarter Trailer). At the same time, vehicle safety is being continually optimised by new certified load-securing variants. Back in 2008, for example, Krone unveiled a particularly aerodynamic trailer – the Profi Liner Eco. The new Profi Liner Efficiency, which is available now, sees Krone once again underlining its expertise as a sustainable and environmentally aware commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Krone is one of the biggest employers in the Emsland district of Lower Saxony; approx. 1700 people are currently employed in the agricultural machinery sector. Following the merger of the Brüggen vehicle production plants and service companies into the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group at the start of 2016, around a further 2800 employees now work for Krone across the five commercial vehicle production sites. The company has been family-owned for four generations without interruption; the Krone Group is now led by Bernard Krone who is managing partner of Bernard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG.

Ingo Lübs
Head of Marketing

Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH & Co. KG
Bernard-Krone-Str. 1
49757 Werlte

Phone: +49 5951 209 249, email: ingo.luebs@krone.de


Company profile

Elflein Spedition & Transport GmbH

Elflein Spedition & Transport GmbH is a provider of high-quality and innovative transport and logistics services at eleven locations in Germany and the Czech Republic. It has a total workforce of 950 employees. With a fleet of 380 trucks, over the years the company has become a key service provider to the paper, food and automotive industries. Sustainability and innovation are core elements of Elflein's corporate policy, as is impressively confirmed by its use of Germany's largest fleet of extra-long trucks. In the fleet "Integrated Approach 2015" consumption test, the test engineers at DEKRA certified a fuel-consumption advantage of 17.4 percent for the extra-long truck compared to the conventional truck. Not only is the CO2 output reduced, road traffic loads and congestion decreased by 25 percent.

For this year's Efficiency Run a conventional company-owned Actros 1845 semitrailer-tractor combination was deployed with the aerodynamically optimised Krone "Profi Liner Efficiency" trailer. A reduction in fuel consumption of over seven percent attributable to the new trailer design alone was recorded during the consumption test. Managing director Rüdiger Elflein: "Our experiences in the test show that the detachable parts are absolutely practical and it was possible to lower consumption. This real-world test has also confirmed that the trailer with side panels is just as usable as a conventional trailer. The durability of the detachable parts is also assured."

As a transport company, Elflein's goal is to gradually reduce the fuel consumption of its fleet of trucks. Between 2009 and 2015, the average fuel consumption of the fleet of 380 trucks was reduced by almost 20 percent.

Stefanie Kotschenreuther
Assistant to the Management,
Elflein Spedition und Transport GmbH

Regnitzstr. 18b
96052 Bamberg

Phone: +49 951 966 8021, email: stefanie.kotschenreuther@elflein.de


Company profile

GV Management GmbH

The Große-Vehne transport company was established in 1974. Under the name GV trucknet, the business now has more than 800 vehicles of its own, 60 000 m² of logistics space and approx. 1400 employees. It consists of ten transport and logistics companies at seven locations in Germany, Romania and Slovakia. Over the years the company has become one of the leading providers of transport and logistics services there. GV trucknet primarily serves customers in the automotive, textile and beverage industries as well as courier, express and parcel services. The issue of sustainability – encompassing the three established pillars environment, society and economy – is important to GV trucknet. By way of example, the company is a partner of the Centre for Sustainable Corporate Leadership (ZNU) at Witten/Herdecke University.

Like the year before, GV trucknet also participated in the follow-up Efficiency Run. Managing director René Große-Vehne: "We were able to obtain two positive insights from the test drives: On the one hand, we established that using the modified trailer reduced consumption by more than seven percent. On the other hand, the trailer's detachable parts were convincing in terms of their high level of everyday usability. By comparison with last year's Efficiency Run we identified a considerable increase in the stability of the detachable parts, which represents a huge advance in development."

René Große-Vehne
Managing Director, GV Management GmbH

Panoramastr. 5
71296 Heimsheim

Phone: +49 7150 300 674, email: rgv@gvsped.de


Company profile

Rhenus Logistics

The Rhenus Group is a global logistics service company with a turnover of 4.6 billion euros. Rhenus has more than 500 locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas and over 26 000 employees. Founded in November 1912, Rhine shipping was the original focus and these roots are still apparent in the company's name: Rhenus is the Latin word for the river Rhine. Since that time, the Rhenus Group's business areas have expanded significantly and it now operates under the name Rhenus SE & Co. KG. The business areas – Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, Port Logistics and Public Transport – manage complex supply chains and create wealth by means of innovative value-added services. There are 1100 trucks and 900 buses, among other vehicles, available for these tasks.

For Rhenus as a logistics service provider, protecting the environment and conserving resources are key elements in ensuring successful operations. Environmentally friendly customer solutions and the efficient use of resources are therefore a matter of fact across all areas of the business. This means avoiding empty runs, making full use of capacity at existing facilities, intelligent integration of modes of transport and using environmentally friendly means of transport featuring cutting-edge technology. Rhenus was able to test state-of-the-art engineering as part of this year's Efficiency Run in the form of an aerodynamically optimised semitrailer-tractor combination. The result was surprisingly positive as Michael Starke, managing director of Rhenus Trucking GmbH & Co. KG, confirms: "In day-to-day operation, our Actros tractor unit worked in perfect harmony with the prototype Krone Profi Liner Efficiency trailer. We recorded no limitations over 16 000 test kilometres or so. Fuel consumption came in at an average of 22 litres, which, among other factors, we were able to attribute to the trailer's aerodynamic detachable parts. From our perspective, another step towards reconciling economic and ecological targets."

Michael Starke
Managing Director,
Rhenus Trucking GmbH & Co. KG

August-Hirsch-Str. 3
47119 Duisburg

Phone: +49 203 8009 222, email: michael.starke@de.rhenus.com


Company profile

Seifert Logistics Group

Headquartered in Ulm, the family-owned Seifert Logistics Group employs more than 1300 people at 37 locations in Germany and Poland. Established in 1947 in Ehingen, Germany, the company has experienced huge growth since the mid-1970s. The Seifert Logistics Group has evolved from a company of five people into a logistics service provider operating across Europe with approx. 270 company vehicle units and more than 410 000 m2 of warehouse space. Within the market segments for contract logistics, transportation and distribution, the industries that the Group caters for include automotive, building materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper and consumer goods. Thanks to a state-of-the-art fleet with telematics, its own driver training programme and the use of simulation in driver training, the Seifert Logistics Group is a reliable partner in the market segment for nationwide and international transports and distribution.

In addition to customer satisfaction and social sustainability, the Seifert Logistics Group's corporate guidelines include economic and ecological factors as areas of focus. Lasting success comes from balancing these latter two aspects. This commitment was rewarded with the 2013 Eco Performance Award.

"The 2016 Efficiency Run superbly complements efforts in the drive towards 'green logistics' in future," says Thomas Hüttemann, managing director of the Seifert Logistics Group. He adds: "We deployed our Actros 1843 with the Krone 'Profi Liner Efficiency' trailer in a three-month field trial and in the process achieved a fuel saving of more than seven percent."

Julian Mack
Assistant to the Management,
Seifert Logistics Group

Daimlerstr. 22–26
89079 Ulm

Phone: +49 731 4000 113, email: j.mack@seifert-logistics.com


Company profile

Wiedmann & Winz Power Logistics

Family-owned Wiedmann & Winz Power Logistics was founded by Hugo Wiedmann in Bad Überkingen in 1941. Fast forward 75 years and Wiedmann & Winz is now headquartered in neighbouring Geislingen and is one of southern Germany's leading medium-sized enterprises in European land transport and contract logistics.

The company employs more than 200 people at seven branches in Germany and its Romanian subsidiary. It has 60 000 m2 of logistics and service space. The company's fleet of 100 current Mercedes-Benz vehicles and 50 vehicles operated by fixed partners ensures maximum reliability for customers. The various Actros models are equipped with advanced assistance systems and the proven FleetBoard telematics platform. As well as boosting transport safety and information security, the end effect of these crucial vehicle features is higher-precision trip planning.

Wiedmann & Winz Power Logistics excels at making efficient and economical use of its vehicle fleet on Europe's roads. Every year some 700 tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved on mileage exceeding 15 million kilometres – thanks to modern vehicle technology. The aerodynamically optimised Krone trailer tested on the Efficiency Run promises a further increase in economy. Following the tough, three-month practical test Wiedmann & Winz confirms the trailer's reliability as well as the potential to reduce fuel consumption. Managing director Dr. Micha Alexander Lege: "According to the FleetBoard measurements, the combination as a whole achieved a fuel saving of five to 10 percent during the Efficiency Run. With that, we can do even more for the environment in future and boost our competitiveness in the demanding European land transport sector."

Dr. Micha Alexander Lege
Managing Director,
Wiedmann & Winz Power Logistics

Neuwiesenstr. 15 + 18
73312 Geislingen/Steige

Phone: +49 7331 200 013, email: m.lege@wiedmann-winz.com


Technical data

Latest Generation Mercedes-Benz Actros at IAA 2016

Model                         1845 LS 4x2 SZM

Engine                       Latest-generation OM 471 Euro VI with OBD-B/C, R6, 12.8-litre displacement, 330 kW (449 hp), 2400 Nm (Top Torque)

Transmission            Mercedes-Powershift 3 (new CO2 transmission G 211-12/14.93-1.0)

Cruise control           Predictive Powertrain Control with new, modified shift strategy with optimised shift points

Retarder                   Secondary water retarder

Wheelbase               3700 mm

Axle                          irear = 2.533

Cab                            L-cab, StreamSpace 2.5 m, 765 ASH (flat floor), Style-Line

Paintwork                 Arctic white/ RAL 5010 (blue)

Tyres on vehicle       front: Continental A-Label Efficient Pro S 315/70 R 22.5 TL STRASSE "L" rear: Continental A-Label Efficient Pro D 315/70 R 22.5 TL TRAKTION (M+S) "L"

Tank capacity           Diesel tank, left, 570 l
                                 Diesel tank, right, 330 l
                                 AdBlue tank 75 l

Equipment packages Comfort Pack Top, Safety Pack Top, Climate Pack

Trailer                       Krone Profi Liner Efficiency


Technical data

Krone Profi Liner Efficiency

Base trailer                Profi Liner SDP 27 eLB4-CS

Dimensions                Rear wing retracted            Length/width/height:14060 (13860+200)/2550/4000 mm
                                  Rear wing extended           Length/width/height: 14360 (13860+500)/2550/4000 mm

cd value improvement   Side panelling          5.2 percent
                                       Rear wing               6.3 percent

Fifth wheel load        12 000 kg

Axle load                    27 000 kg

Perm. gross vehicle weight      39 000 kg

Unladen weight         approx. 6410 kg (incl. 170 kg due to detachable parts)

Payload                      approx. 32590 kg

Wheelbase                 1310/1310 mm

Cargo area length      13 620 mm

Cargo area width       2480 mm

Max. cargo volume    94.4 m3 (with 2.80 m inside height)

Max. pallet places     34

Tyres                          385/65 R 22.5 – A-Label


Technical data

Elflein haulage company: Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit in Efficiency Run 2016

Model                         Actros 1845 LS 4x2 F13

Engine                       OM 471 Euro VI, R6, 12.8-litre displacement, 330 kW (449 hp), 2200 Nm

Transmission            Mercedes-Powershift 3 (G 211- 12/14.93-1.0)

Cruise control           Standard

Retarder                   Secondary water retarder

Wheelbase               3700 mm

Axle                          irear = 2.611

Cab                            L-cab, StreamSpace 2.5 m, 765 ASH (flat floor)

Paintwork                 Opal green

Mileage                     384 989 km

Tyres on vehicle       front: Goodyear Fuelmax S: 385/55 R 22.5
                                 rear: Blackline: 315/70 R 22.5

Tank capacity           Diesel tank, left, 820 l
                                 Diesel tank, right, 320 l
                                 AdBlue tank 90 l

Trailer                      Krone Profi Liner Efficiency


Technical data

Grosse-Vehne haulage company: Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit in Efficiency Run 2016

Model                         Actros 1842 LS 4x2

Engine                       OM 471 Euro VI, R6, 12.8-litre displacement, 310 kW (422 hp), 2100 Nm

Transmission            Mercedes-Powershift 3 (G 211-12/14.93-1.0))

Cruise control           Predictive Powertrain Control

Retarder                   Secondary water retarder

Wheelbase                3700 mm

Axle                           irear = 2.733

Cab                             L-cab, StreamSpace 2.5 m, 765 ASH (flat floor)

Paintwork                  Astral silver

Mileage                      225 000 km

Tyres on vehicle        front: Goodyear Fuelmax S: 315/80 R 22.5
                                  rear: Goodyear Fuelmax D: 315/80 R 22.5

Tank capacity            Diesel tank, left, 570 l
                                  Diesel tank, right, 430 l
                                  AdBlue tank 60 l

Trailer                        Krone Profi Liner Efficiency


Technical data

Rhenus haulage company: Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit in Efficiency Run 2016

Model                         Actros 1845 LS 4X2

Engine                       OM 471 Euro VI, R6, 12.8-litre displacement, 330 kW (449 hp), 2200 Nm

Transmission            Mercedes-Powershift 3 (G 211-12/14.93-1.0)

Cruise control           Predictive Powertrain Control

Retarder                   Secondary water retarder

Wheelbase                3700 mm

Axle                          irear = 2.611

Cab                            L-cab, StreamSpace 2.5, 765 ASH (flat floor)

Paintwork                 Pure white

Mileage                     245 000 km

Tyres on vehicle       front: Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE 315/70 R 22.5
                                 rear: Traktion (M+S) Michelin X M-way 3D XDE (LD) 315/70 R 22.5

Tank capacity           Diesel tank, left, 500 l
                                 Diesel tank, right, 500 l
                                 AdBlue tank 75 l

Trailer                      Krone Profi Liner Efficiency


Technical data

Seifert haulage company: Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit in Efficiency Run 2016

Model                         Actros 1843 LS 4x2

Engine                       OM 470 Euro VI, R6, 10.7-litre displacement, 315 kW (428 hp), 2100 Nm

Transmission            Mercedes-Powershift 3 (G 211-12)

Cruise control           Predictive Powertrain Control

Retarder                    Secondary water retarder

Wheelbase                 3850 mm

Axle                           irear = 2.733

Cab                             L-cab, StreamSpace 2.5 m, 765 mm ASH (flat floor)

Paintwork                  Anthracite grey

Mileage                     360 000 km

Tyres                        front: Michelin X Multiway 3D XZE S: 315/70 R 22.5

                                 rear: Michelin X Line Energy S: 315/70 R 22.5

Tank capacity          Diesel tank, left, 720 l
                                Diesel tank, right, -
                                AdBlue tank, 75 l

Trailer                     Krone Profi Liner Efficiency


Technical data

Wiedmann & Winz haulage company: Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit in Efficiency Run 2016

Model                         Actros 1842 LS 4x2

Engine                       OM 471 Euro VI, 12.8-litre displacement, 310 kW (422 hp), 2100 Nm

Transmission            Mercedes-Powershift 3 (G 211- 12/14.93-1.0)

Cruise control           Predictive Powertrain Control

Retarder                   Secondary water retarder

Wheelbase                3700 mm

Axle                           irear = 2.611

Cab                            L-cab, StreamSpace 2.5 m, 765 ASH (flat floor)

Paintwork                 Enzian blue

Mileage                     225 600 km

Tyres on vehicle       front: Michelin 315/70 R 22,5 TL STRASSE "L"
                                 rear: Michelin 315/70 R 22.5 TL TRAKTION (M+S) "

Tank capacity           Diesel tank, left, 720 l
                                 Diesel tank, right, 430 l
                                 AdBlue tank 75 l

Trailer                       Krone Profi Liner Efficiency


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