Road #4: e-Mobility services: The mobility of the future will be more flexible and networked

Daimler has for years been developing from an automobile manufacturer into a mobility provider. The focus is no longer solely on the car as a product, but also on services related to mobility. Electric- and plug-in-vehicles, for example, include a Mercedes-Benz Wallbox installation service, and also exclusive Mercedes me connect functions. Another aspect of the corporate strategy is to offer new, innovative services for flexible and networked mobility. moovel provides the fastest connection between two places, taking all means of transport into consideration. With more than 1.3 million customers, car2go is the world's leading carsharing company, and mytaxi is now used in 40 European cities.

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox offers a private charging station for the home or business premises, even installed if the customer so wishes. The Wallbox in a Mercedes-Benz design impresses with an AC charging capacity of up to 22 kW (depending on vehicle), and can be installed inside or outside. Different variants of the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox are available from Mercedes-Benz dealers, and can be purchased there.

Mercedes me: Exclusive functions for electric vehicles

Mercedes me provides digital access to the world of Mercedes-Benz. Customers can use the portal to access services, products and lifestyle offerings from Mercedes-Benz, Daimler and cooperation partners. Once registered, Mercedes-Benz drivers have access to personalised content – as well as to their own vehicle.

With the exclusive Mercedes me connect and the Remote Online functions available as standard, customers can conveniently view the state of charge, available range and nearest charging station on their smartphone.Other Mercedes me connect services, which are available for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles include Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call*, Accident Recovery*, Breakdown Management*, Maintenance Management*, Telediagnostics*, Live Traffic Information*, Mercedes-Benz Apps*, Tracking services*, Remote Door Locking and Unlocking*, Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status*, Programming of Auxiliary Heating*, Sending Navigation Destinations directly to the Vehicle*, Concierge service*, Car-to-X Communication* and Online Map Update* (*depending on the level of equipment).

moovel - Search mobility, book and pay with just one app

Multi-mode mobility platforms like moovel help to make urban transport simpler and more sustainable. This intuitively operated smartphone app allows customers to compare different mobility services and find the best possible way from A to B.

The free smartphone app for Android and IOS consolidate what is on offer from different mobility service providers. The result is a transparent and intelligent mobility network. In the process, moovel links urban public transport with individual transport and compares the connections in terms of time taken and cost. Throughout Germany, car2go and Flinkster, mytaxi and tickets from the German railways can be easily and directly booked and paid for using the moovel app. Since April 2016, tickets from the Hamburger local transport system can be bought directly on the moovel App. For the Stuttgarter local transport system this is already possible since November 2015.

moovel transit: Leading mobile ticketing solutions for transport operators in the USA

On 14 April 2016 the two US companies RideScout (Austin) and GlobeSherpa (Portland) were merged and renamed moovel North America (N.A.). In the USA, moovel Group GmbH bases its operations on the two products moovel transit and RideTap. The mobile ticketing application from moovel transit is used by the principal transport operators in many US cities, and enables their customers to book and pay for urban public transport tickets using a smartphone. In April 2016 alone, over 1 million urban public transport tickets were sold using the moovel transit mobile ticketing technology. In 2016 the mobile ticketing application from moovel transit is to be introduced in further North American cities.

car2go: time rental of a smart in 30 cities worldwide

With the flexible mobility package car2go, customers are able to rent a smart at short notice at any time, and after use simply park it anywhere within the relevant business area. 1400 purely electrically powered smart fortwo cars are in operation in three locations.

The customer finds the vehicle using a smartphone, and only pays for the rental time which is exact to the minute. Parking fees, fuel costs, taxes and insurance are already included. This is not only good for the wallet, but also for the environment – after all, the smart fortwo is a particularly eco-friendly car. In selected cities car2go also uses electric vehicles. In this way the pioneer in flexible mobility concepts provides an opportunity to try out electromobility for oneself.

The worldwide carsharing market leader currently has more than 1.3 million customers, and is available in 30 cities and ten countries in Europe, North America and China.

charge@work: employees driving electric cars

The "charge@work" project, which was launched back in October 2013, offers employees the use of electric vehicles for both business and private use, and has been developed alongside the company's charging infrastructure. Since its launch, they have been able to hire a smart fortwo electric drive from the car pools at the company's Möhringen, Untertürkheim and Sindelfingen sites. The offer has been enthusiastically received and taken up by employees:

Now Daimler is upscaling electromobility to management level: in future the company's management personnel will drive electrified company cars. The arrangement applies to the company's senior levels of management, and focuses primarily on plug-in hybrids. In a pilot project in the greater Stuttgart area, managers at various levels have already been driving the B 250 e since April 2015.

Did you know that...

…Mercedes-Benz not only offers electric cars, but also electric power? Mercedes-Benz is offering a green energy tariff in cooperation with EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW). It provides customers with electricity from 100% hydropower - clean energy from Mercedes-Benz.

… the app "Charge&Pay für Mercedes-Benz" simplifies charging and payment at public charging stations? For the whole of Germany, the app shows the nearest unused charging point at a charging station – whoever the power provider. The logbook function enables all charging processes, charging times and debits to be recorded. And after charging, cashless payment can be conveniently made by PayPal using a smartphone.

…B-Class Electric Drive drivers can borrow another Mercedes-Benz vehicle free of charge, e.g. when holidaying by car? The "B flexible Package" includes comprehensive credits for the free use of Mercedes-Benz Rent vehicles as well as free minutes for the car2go car sharing provider.The "B flexible Package" is an exclusive addition to every privately concluded leasing or financing agreement for a new B 250 e.

…in the greater Stuttgart area alone, Mercedes-Benz has already put 556 charging stations in place for the electric cars of its managers and employees? All in all, the company is making a short-term investment of 30 million euros in expanding the charging facilities in many of the company's locations.

…Mercedes-Benz issues a battery certificate for its plug-in hybrids, guaranteeing a minimum operating life of six years or 100,000 kilometres for the high-voltage batteries? In the S-Class, the guarantee also applies to the plug-in components, e.g. the electric motor or power electronics. For the electric B-Class, Mercedes-Benz guarantees that if the contractual terms are complied with, the maximum energy content is no less than 19.6 kWh. This guarantee is valid for a period of eight years or up to a mileage of 100,000 km - whichever occurs first.