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  • Stuttgart, Jun 20, 2018 - Today, due to current developments, Daimler AG has made a new assessment of the earnings potential for the year 2018.
  • Elverlingsen/Kamenz , Jun 20, 2018 - Daimler AG and its cooperation partners, the 100% subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, GETEC ENERGIE AG and the technology company The Mobility House AG, have put a further innovative battery storage plant into operation.
  • Stuttgart, Jun 20, 2018 - Good and bad luck are never far apart in racing, especially when a championship is as strongly contested as the DTM. Pascal Wehrlein describes how this has affected the first races of his DTM comeback and what his expectations for the Norisring are.
  • Stuttgart/Luxemburg, Jun 20, 2018 - Now in its fifth year of production, the C-Class is the most successful model series from Mercedes-Benz and boasts a wealth of enhancements. In terms of looks, the focus of the redesign work was on the front of the vehicle as well as the design of the headlamps and tail lamps.
    Fuel consumption combined: 9.8–4.5 l/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions: 223-118 g/km*
  • Stuttgart, Jun 20, 2018 - With four body variants, three output levels and two drive types, the C Class is the most versatile and most successful model series from Mercedes-AMG.
    Fuel consumption combined: 9.8-9.3 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 223-213 g/km*
  • Brackley, Jun 19, 2018 - Looking ahead to Round 8 of the 2018 Formula One season, as the French Grand Prix returns.
  • Nürnberg, Jun 19, 2018 - The standout event of the season has come around again. Since 2000, Mercedes-AMG Motorsport have won 15 races in Nuremberg. Now, in the team’s 30th anniversary season and after two years without a win, they are intent on returning to their previous Norisring form.
  • Stuttgart/Almeria, Jun 18, 2018 - Working where others take their holidays: Spain is the next stage for the Mercedes-Benz EQC on the road to series production maturity. No chance for relaxation, however: part of the heat testing for the overall vehicle takes place on the Iberian peninsula.
  • Berlin, Jun 18, 2018 - Berlin is the digital capital: with some 20,000 participants, over 150 speakers and 120 side events the TOA (19 to 22 June at the Funkhaus Berlin on the banks of the Spree) will once again be one of the biggest German tech festivals in 2018.

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