Services: Intelligently networked charging solutions

The Concept EQA can be charged via induction or wallbox and is also ready for rapid charging. The EQ brand goes far beyond the electric vehicle. EQ ("Electric Intelligence") stands for a comprehensive electric ecosystem of services, technologies and innovations. One example of this is the vision of "seamless charging": this Mercedes me-based service is designed to make it easy for the customer to recharge at any charging station and simply pay online within the Mercedes-Benz ecosystem.

Mercedes-Benz already offers an extensive charging infrastructure for electric cars, including a wallbox as a rapid charging option for the home, the free "Charge&Pay" app for convenient recharging at public charging stations as well as – for home-owners and businesses – stationary energy storage units for the power generated by photovoltaic or solar systems.

In future maintaining the power supply will be even more straightforward, thanks to charge management and the intelligent charging station search. The vision of "seamless charging" goes a step further: in future it will be easy for customers to charge their electric vehicles at any charging station and to pay without having to register for various different portals or hold a range of different charging cards. With Mercedes me-based charging, the customer remains within the Mercedes-Benz electromobile ecosystem and gets all of the services from a single source.

The Concept EQA can be charged at home or at the workplace and is also ready for rapid charging while out and about. In future, Mercedes-Benz energy storage units could form an ideal symbiosis with the cordless induction charging system or the wallbox. Households that have their own photovoltaic system and which store their surplus solar power in a Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit can thus benefit from a "green" source of power that is extensively independent of the energy market.

Intelligently networked charging solutions form an integral part of the Mercedes-Benz Cars electric mobility initiative, as customer acceptance of electric mobility is closely associated with the availability of a comprehensive infrastructure.

In spring 2017 Daimler AG became lead investor in the US charging solution provider ChargePoint Inc. The aim of this strategic investment is to significantly expand the portfolio in the area of intelligent charging solutions and to provide the customer with an all-embracing, premium electric mobility service. Currently offering more than 33,000 charging spots, ChargePoint is the world's leading provider in the electric mobility charging solutions segment and is the market leader in the USA. The plan is to expand the business to the European market.